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When A Guy Is Willing To Wait For You, But He’s Married

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: When a guy is willing to wait for you

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Fan Mike’s contribution:

When a man says he’s willing to wait for you, and he’s married, can it be believable. I’m married and divorced, but it’s not because other girls (not cheating) get divorced. It’s because I don’t know how to deal with all kinds of family relationships after marriage, so I can’t maintain my family well.

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After the divorce, I also met a very good, unmarried girl who just stepped into the society and was willing to live an ordinary life with me, and didn’t mind my past.

Although I would like to wait for her, we are not married. If a man says that he is willing to wait for you and that he is married, can you believe what he says? I think when a married man says that he is willing to wait for you, there will be several situations.

When a married guy is willing to wait for you 01.

If he has no children, and they are not in free love, or only one likes the other. Well, it’s very likely that the one who doesn’t invest too much is more likely to cheat. After all, most people’s desire is emotional. If it’s a man, I think the probability of divorce is about 1 / 2. Yes, only half. Well, it may be true that this man said he was waiting for you.

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When a married guy is willing to wait for you 02.

If they have no children, they will fall in love freely and love each other. In this case, there should be few women who cheat. At this time, men may be more likely to derail, the reason is that the relationship is flat, want to experience the exciting life again, there is no love between them and so on. At this time, it is also credible for a man to say that he is willing to wait for you.

I don’t want to look for reasons from the biological characteristics of men. We all understand how to expand gene transmission. I think men are brainless visual characteristics, that is, they generally like good-looking (including men and women here). As for why the answer is so simple and crude, it is because men have been the mainstream of society for a long time, and the brain has no longer given them the computing space to carefully analyze the opposite sex (or the same sex).

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So when men see beautiful girls themselves, they are attracted to them. They will think that she should be very good (seriously, some girls can’t judge like that now) – if the girl still has a little favor for the man, the man is really hard to resist.

If a beautiful girl praises you all day, even wood will feel different. Once in a while, if you can’t resist desire, you cheat. At this time, the probability of divorce is almost 0! As long as the woman forgives.

When a married guy is willing to wait for you: Vaguely remember a very good female colleague said: in the future, I will allow my husband to cheat once, but twice that certainly will not work. I believe there are men who don’t cheat! Just like I believe some girls are like gods!

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When a married guy is willing to wait for you 03.

If you have children, one of you doesn’t care about the other. At this time, the man is cheating. I think that if the woman is more harmonious with her family (not only the children but also their parents), the possibility of divorce is even less than 1 / 3.

The body and spirit of a married man have been separated. His body is a tool to make money, and it is very common for his spirit to be neglected. If a beautiful girl appears beside him at this time, how can he not cheat. But the body must be given to the family, and the spirit is to go out for air, and come back to continue to serve?

When a man makes a choice between his children and himself – most of them will give up their pursuit of happiness as adults and leave the opportunity to their children and give them a complete father and mother.

When a married guy is willing to wait for you 04.

If you have children and love each other, why do you cheat? Finally, there is no legal problem with divorce, but his relatives and friends will have questions about his divorce, especially the fault of divorce comes from the man himself.

He may lose a lot, for example, it’s difficult to sit at the same table and eat, drink and brag with relatives equally. I hope more beautiful feelings, less sad stories, I wish the girl I read happy, do not hurt you, is the last thing I can do, little fool.

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