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What’s the performance of being single for a long time

There are such a group of people called single nobility. Whether they are men or women, there will be some changes when they are single for a long time. It’s not a good thing to be single for too long. Here’s a summary of the feelings of some single people.

What’s the performance of being single for a long time

1. It’s hard for someone who likes to take that step

At the beginning of a love relationship, we simply like someone and have no rational pursuit. We will become the most active role in this relationship, caring for each other and taking care of each other. We all try to give her the best things, let her really feel our existence, feel our feelings. But when you are single for a long time, you will find that you don’t know how to love and how to take that step. We have long been used to cooking, living, working, shopping and eating hot pot by ourselves. A person to do all the things, but suddenly found that a person broke into our life, you will become uncomfortable, afraid of not suitable, afraid of being rejected, afraid of not getting response, so it will gradually become more and more dare not to face, also dare not bravely take that step.

2. I can’t tell whether I feel lonely or like him

When you are single for a long time, you may meet a person who makes your heart beat at a glance, but then your brain will start to think wildly, and even doubt yourself. You start to be at a loss and start to be at a loss. You can’t tell whether it is because you are single for too long or you really like each other. This kind of feeling begins to blur, but no matter what Lonely or like, these two feelings are the most real experience in our hearts, and there is no standard to distinguish each other, so we might as well take this step bravely and try bravely to know our heart.

3. Single for a long time, more used to waiting

People who have been single for a long time are looking forward to love, but they are not so urgent, because they are used to loneliness, getting used to being alone, getting used to waiting forever, waiting for the person coming towards them, instead of pursuing happiness by themselves.

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5 symptoms of being single too long

1. Too independent

Su Qin once said: “a person for a long time, will be more and more picky. Because too dependent on themselves, so get along less and less. Many people always feel that they can’t meet the right person. In fact, they are all single for too long and can’t find the feeling of mutual dependence. It’s too independent. It’s also a disease. ” Life, always learn to rely on a person, do not put all things on their shoulders, slowly you will feel tired. Therefore, if a woman is single for too long, she can only solve problems by herself, but she ignores how to rely on others, so she is prone to be too independent. Do you have any idea?

2. I have a bad temper

After living for a long time, one lacks the opportunity to practice his communicative ability, and it is difficult to adapt to two people’s lives. Because two people together, if you want to maintain a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, you need mutual understanding and tolerance. But the woman is single too long, has not contacted with the human, therefore slowly does not need to endure others, also forgot to consider the question from each other’s angle, own disposition also more and more does not know how to restrain. If a woman is single for a long time, she will have no patience when others don’t understand her. She thinks that she has her own character and doesn’t need to adapt to others, so her temper will be worse and worse!

3. Lavish spending

A person’s life is always leisurely, because there is no need to face the pressure of another person. It doesn’t matter if you have money, even if you spend it, no one is waiting for you to support. So, I gradually formed the habit of spending money freely. I can buy whatever I like, and I don’t have to worry about another person’s idea. Life, but also enough to eat and drink their own good, no burden, they do not need to save money to do anything. And consumption is also a way to relieve loneliness, because no one can chat and no one can accompany him to go out to play. Therefore, shopping in a crowded place like supermarket can always make him feel lively!

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4. Too introverted

Because I haven’t been in contact with the opposite sex for a long time, it’s easy to be too introverted and too restrained when I come into contact with the opposite sex again. This is because I have been single for a long time and don’t know how to get along with the opposite sex. I always feel that I can’t let go. Want to move forward, but afraid of injury, no courage, and step back, will feel missed too much pity. Sometimes, maybe he is the man he is looking for, but women who have been single for too long often fall into this dilemma. In fact, such women just don’t know how to establish feelings with men, they need to adapt slowly. So, if a woman is single for too long, she tends to be introverted when she comes into contact with the opposite sex. Do you have any?

5. Life is casual

As the saying goes, “women are the ones who please themselves”. When women don’t have men they want to attract attention to, it’s easier to go their own way in life. For example, dress casually. You don’t need to meet the person you think is the most important. You have more time for yourself. Work and rest are usually very casual, because there are no restrictions, so when to rest depends on your mood. It’s also easy to be careless and don’t pay attention to some small details. Women don’t need to get a good evaluation from anyone, and they don’t need to worry about others. If they are single for too long, they will be more casual.

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