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What’s Love Got To Do: Anything

What’s love got to do?

The probability that a person will meet about 29.2 million people in their lifetime and meet the one they love is 0.000049. When two people meet, get to know each other, fall in love, and then enter into marriage and become a couple, such a process is also known as the world’s small probability event about happiness.

What do you think love is when you meet the person you love, or when you expect true love?

What s love got to do with it?

For Robert Sternberg, love consists of three components: passion, intimacy and commitment. Of these, passion is is the emotional component of love, referring to emotional fascination, mainly including deep emotions and sexual desire; intimacy is the motivational component of love, referring to psychologically preferred feelings, mainly including a sense of connection, closeness and fondness; and commitment is the cognitive component of love, referring to heart or verbal expectations, mainly referring to the decision to enter into a long-term relationship with another person.

Love is the mingling of two people’s hearts and minds, mutual understanding and tolerance, a relaxed mood and kin-like feelings.





Love is:

What s love got to do with it tina turner? Love is knowing in each other all the shortcomings and advantages after each other, and then will heartily like. In front of each other are able to completely relax, willing to open their hearts, willing to expose their vulnerability, willing to expose their own shortcomings without having to worry about each other belittling and ridicule.

What’s love got to do? The actual love is not necessarily a perfect match in the eyes of others, but a mutual fit between the hearts of people who love each other.

Love is the commitment of two people who love each other, put into a lifetime to complete, is to accompany, is to keep each other.

Love is the mutual attachment between two people, mutual love, mutual understanding, and mutual empathy between the heart.

Love is what you are.





What’s love got to do?

The actual answer to what love is, no one has a standard answer, there are just different people’s understanding of love. The people who are in love will feel that love is very good, and the people who are not in love will feel that love is very bad. However, love is always good, as long as you can experience it with your heart and mind. The following 6 explanations of love, although not comprehensive, but very much in place, to see if you have these good in love.


1. Your sadness someone to share for you

What s love got to do with it? Everyone has experienced single, have experienced a person hard to resist the time, you should know very well, when you are sad how miserable. But in love is different, your sadness can have your loved ones to help you share, so then the big sadness, divided into two, it is not so sad. Especially the love of suffering together, the most able to experience this.


2. Your happiness can become a double

What s love got to do with it tina turner? Single, even if there are more beautiful things, even if you are happy, but also just a person’s carnival, no one to witness your happiness, no one to share your happiness, happy after you will be lost, happy how big, how big the empty gap in the heart. Especially those who have been in love and become single, can better understand the sadness and joy of the pain. But when you have love, your happiness can be shared with the people you love, a happy can become a double, and the double happy add up to far more than your happy alone. This is why people who have fallen in love can smile when they recall the good things they once did together, because it is really sweet and beautiful.


3. You like to eat will be more delicious

What’s love got to do? If happy is too abstract, then food should be specific enough! A person tasting food and two people sharing food together, the feeling will be completely different. After all, eating alone is called loneliness, and love to share food with people called happiness. With the seasoning of love, you like to eat will be more delicious. Especially after two people eat full together shopping, together home, looking back at each other’s small movements when eating, happiness will be born.

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4. You like to play will be more interesting

Similarly, after falling in love, not only do you like to eat will be more delicious, you like to play will also be more interesting. What’s love got to do? Two people play games together, go to the playground together, go to the movies together, no matter what you like to play, to be able to have someone who loves you and you crazy together with the waves, the kind of fun presented in the process of playing will be doubled.


5. Your life will be full of sunshine

What s love got to do with it? Love can meet the dual needs of people physically and psychologically, the life of a single dog and the life of a couple is certainly not the same, even if the single dog can entertain themselves, but never as happy as a couple together. With the company of love, you will be looking forward to every day, life will be full of motivation, even if it is raining days, your life will be full of sunshine.


6. You know how to appreciate the beauty of the world

Why do two people who are in love like to travel? It is because love stimulates the curiosity of the world, with love as a support, a person’s perspective on the world will change, will be more in pursuit of beauty. What s love got to do with it tina turner?  When you are single you may be cynical and feel that the world is full of darkness, but with love, you will find that the world turns out to be so beautiful, there is a warm sunrise, a warm spring breeze, the company of family members, a lover’s unfailing love, you did not notice before things may be noticed because of love, this is the magic of love.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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