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What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight? “Archive” The Quarrel

After a man and a woman quarrel, must the man apologize unconditionally? What to text your boyfriend after a fight? 

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What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight? “Archive” The Quarrel

In the two-person world, friction is inevitable, and few people part ways because of one or two quarrels. What to text your boyfriend after a fight? 

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
1. After a man and a woman quarrel, must the man apologize unconditionally?

Psychologists believe that 80% of the happiness of a family is dominated by the hostess of the family. After a man and a woman quarrel, do men have to apologize unconditionally?

When two people get along, quarreling is inevitable. So what is the root of the problem? Men prefer to analyze problems from an objective and rational perspective to find out the mistakes of both parties. Women tend to pay more attention to men’s attitudes from an emotional point of view. The starting point of the two people is different.

One is venting emotions and creating conflicts, the other is looking for the starting point of the problem in reality. This led to the situation why couples cannot communicate normally when they quarrel.

Some people even suggest that unconditional admission of mistakes by boys is a manifestation of incorrect values.

This statement is wrong.

The two sides did not think from the other side’s perspective and did not know what the other side wanted. When the two quarreled, it was the girl who vented their anger, hoping to get the man’s listening and comfort through this rough communication method, and finally satisfied with an unrelated right or wrong agreement.

At this time, men rationally analyze the faults of girls and think they are solving the problem, although, from the perspective of a third party, they are solving the problem. But from the woman’s point of view, it just added fuel to the fire, and then led the problem to an “explosion”.

Regardless of whether the quarrel is long or short, it is always venting and verbal abuse at the beginning, unable to get useful information, until one of the parties says “I’m sorry, I was excited just now, I apologize first.” From this point on, communication is effective. Yes, women will start to listen to men and will be willing to understand. And this role of apologizing first is more effective with a more rational man.

Regarding the question of “Should a man apologize for a couple quarreling“, “Apologizing is not necessarily humbling, it is not necessarily confessing one’s mistakes without conscience. The most important thing is to convey: no matter how angry we are, the person I care about the most is after all It’s you”.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
2. Two interesting examples

To help you think of two sentences about “how to reconcile” after a couple of quarrels:

① Is my phone is broken? Why can’t I receive your message?

② The world is too complicated, I just want to say good night to you. GOODNIGHT.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
 3. The correct way to deal with “quarrels”

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
(1) “Archive” the quarrel

Don’t rise to break up when the argument is still over, you can “archive” the content of the argument.

Don’t quarrel about things that are not necessary. Regarding the issue of principle, there is no result at present, so we will discuss it after a period of time. During this period of time, each other’s knowledge and understanding have been increased. If you look back at the quarrel at that time, you will feel that the way you are very stupid.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
(2) The breakup cannot be said casually

Especially girls use “breakup” to coerce men. This kind of behavior may give a man some sense of crisis and pressure at the beginning, stimulating him to recover. But if every dispute comes to the end, every time it ends with “breaking up” and threatening the other party. The other person will think that you don’t care about the relationship very much. It even led to a real breakup.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
 (3) After the quarrel, try not to speak ill of him to others

After quarreling crazy telling others about the quarrel between you and your partner will make you more into negative emotions. When talking to people, it is easy to “rationalize” our behavior and magnify the other party’s shortcomings. In the description process, you will automatically be brought into the role of “victim”.

When most people hear complaints and bad words, their normal reaction is to scold him with you and comfort you. In fact, most people just want to solve your emotions at the moment, rather than objectively and rationally solve the problems between you (after all, the former has a low time cost).

So your complaints may vent some of your emotions, but the side effects are even greater.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?
4. How to deal with emotions after a quarrel?

(1) Watching interesting variety shows.

(2) Organize the room and clean up the housework. One is to divert attention, and the other is to establish your inner order through the arrangement of the external environment. In the process of tidying up the room, you may find some unexpected little surprises.

(3) Eat delicious things, especially the things you want to eat but he doesn’t like to eat. Enjoy this feeling of freedom. (Don’t overeat)

(4) Sleep. There is nothing that cannot be solved by waking up.

(5) If you are a sensitive and suspicious person and your emotions are difficult to control, write down your mood or make a vlog to commemorate it. While recording, you can also reflect on why things have become like this. So as not to make the same mistake the next time or in the next relationship.

What To Text Your Boyfriend After A Fight?

To put it simply, there is a bottom line when arguing. After quarreling, learn to enjoy the rare freedom. Letting go of yourself can also make your relationship more comfortable and longer.

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