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What Men Find Attractive?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: What men find attractive

What men find attractive? Social attraction, of course.

Many girls will be puzzled after dating with boys for a period of time: “Why are you so happy chatting and chatting, but boys are getting colder and colder, why are you not enthusiastic at the beginning of pursuing me?” So the question is: How did he weaken? It’s just like the Caribbean treasure hunt to explore each other’s mysteries from the beginning when two strangers feel good about each other.

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You can hear the story of Lu Li from each other’s mouth, or you can follow each other’s experience and set foot on the land that you haven’t arrived but have been longing for for for a long time. You can all see a bigger world in each other. However, there is a saying that love begins with love and ends with knowing each other. As time goes by, the experiences of both sides converge, and the areas that can be explored will be greatly reduced.

So, you will find that when you two are together for a long time, the original passion is not so strong. May just start to stick together every day, greeting good morning, good afternoon, good night, want to be together 24 hours a day. After the relationship becomes weak, you are always not interested in meeting again. You even think how boring he is and how boring the relationship is.

In order to maintain the attraction of love for a long time, we can only constantly improve our “social attraction” and reduce the frequency of daily life, then the so-called “love preservation” can be realized.

As for keeping romantic, it’s just a dessert, because “attraction” itself is the premise. If a person who loses attraction is romantic to you, it will only bring you disgust.

So how to improve social attractiveness?

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What men find attractive? 1Maintain emotional independence

This is the basis for a woman to have lasting charm, and also the basis for a relationship to be sweet for a long time. So, what is emotional independence? True emotional independence is the realization that your partner should not be the only source of love and happiness. It’s not their job to meet your expectations and make you happy.

What’s more, if you don’t have emotional independence, it’s hard to maintain an intimate relationship for a long time. You might say, “what do I want a boyfriend for? Love and happiness can’t ask for “attention! It’s reasonable to expect happiness and intimacy from your partner.

However, if we need happiness, security, self-esteem or many other things, if they need to be realized by others, it will become a big problem. The reason why many girls do not achieve emotional independence. It’s because when we were very young, we always asked our parents to meet our needs unconditionally, otherwise we would fight through crying, complaining, coquetry and losing our temper.

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Many people treat their partners in the same way when they grow up, hoping to get a sense of security and company. But now that we are adults, we are still using the way we used when we were young to deal with the problems of emotions and needs. The real emotional independence comes from the real and full self satisfaction, full attention to self needs, and the ability to meet self needs.

How can we achieve emotional independence?

What men find attractive? ① Develop as many interests as possible

Such as reading, drawing, singing, dancing, writing or fitness… Develop things that used to bring you pleasure. When you enrich your life with these wonderful things, your happiness will be stronger and stronger.

What men find attractive? ② Make high quality friends

If you only have a boyfriend in your world and put all your energy on him, then once you quarrel and betray, you will collapse and his casual words will hurt you. And if you have a big world and enough friends.

You will find that the point that affects your emotions occupies too small a proportion in your whole world. For you, it’s just a breeze in the vast universe. Therefore, we must avoid devoting our whole life to one person. We can make more friends in peacetime.

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Making friends can broaden your horizons and bring you pleasure. In addition, having more intimate friends allows you to place your emotions on different people instead of focusing on your partner, which is a release of energy for an intimate relationship.

What men find attractive? ③ “Let love have a holiday” two days a week

These two days, you can do what you like and immerse yourself in your feelings. It’s easy to connect, but it doesn’t have to stick together. This will allow you to extend the life of love and give each other breathing space. It can also exercise the ability to be alone, especially in close relationships.

When you are independent, intelligent and full of charm and light, the enchanting charm comes from this. When you love yourself enough and become wonderful, that love will show and flow to your partner. This is really beautiful, pure feelings, love their own women the most attractive

What men find attractive? 2Increase the sense of mystery

Many girls in love will disclose themselves clearly. Tell your boyfriend all about yourself, and what kind of person I used to be, and how my previous relationship was. Explanation is very clear. In love, it’s a good thing to know each other, but if we know each other thoroughly, the mystery between each other will disappear.

At this time, you are like a piece of transparent glass. If the other party feels that he knows everything about you, he will lose his interest in exploring you. This will lead to the weakening of your attraction, which is very unfavorable to your long-term relationship.

2 Tips for keeping a sense of mystery:

What men find attractive? ① Hide your secrets properly

I understand how you feel about sharing the details of your life in love. But don’t just know a boy and feel good about him, just tell him everything, for fear that he doesn’t know how good he is. On the contrary, he will make people feel that you are insipid.

What men find attractive? ② Avoid a single and repetitive life

You can prepare a big surprise for his birthday, take him to an interesting activity, and occasionally change his dressing style and hairstyle to give him a new look.

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