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What Love Got To Do With It Movie: Chocolates

What love got to do with it movie?

Love is such a wonderful thing that you can’t stop thinking about it. I would like to know how it is actually produced, so I looked up some information to share, Well~ No wonder men want to give women chocolates ……

The most basic kind of love substance is called “phenyl ethylamine“, or PEA for short. Whether it’s love at first sight or love over time, as long as the mind produces enough PEA, then love is also produced, as the saying goes, the feeling of “call” is the work of PEA.




Now that we’re talking about it, the next small noise to say why chocolate is always related to love.

Chocolate. Science shows that under normal circumstances, the phenylethylamine in the human body is in a fairly stable state, and people who are often depressed, most of the body is low in phenylethylamine. Resulting in depressed mood, resulting in a state of depression. And chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine. Can help lift the depression state, reduce depression symptoms.

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What love got to do with it movie?

Recently, a food called lost love pills are hot in Germany. If you have fallen out of love, if you are in Germany, then you can go buy a red “love pills”, it will help you! You may think that “love pills” is a ridiculous thing, but anyway, recently, in Berlin, Germany, it really sold out! It’s just chocolate covered in pink candy, but no one is accusing it of being a “fake drug”, instead more and more people are buying it to heal their broken hearts with this special chocolate. Instead, more and more people are buying the special chocolate to cure their broken hearts.



What love got to do with it movie?

It is said that the idea of “lost love pills” came by chance. A person in charge of the manufacturer once used the chocolate to give to a female friend who had fallen out of love, and the response was good. Later and repeatedly tried and failed, so the manufacturer boldly decided to change its face and promote the market. In fact, scientists have long known that chocolate can make people get rid of depression.

Many ladies suffering from bad mood or premenstrual, will especially want to eat chocolate, this is because chocolate has a calming effect, chocolate’s unique taste, texture and smell of the combined effect of stimulating the happy center of the human brain, so that people feel happy mood. There are also lettuce, ginseng, walnuts, assorted fruits and so on.


What love got to do with it movie?

Interestingly, when a person is in danger, tension can also make the secretion level of PEA increase. In other words, when people are in danger, the possibility of love will be increased.

In fact, PEA is a neurostimulant, it can make people feel a feeling of extreme euphoria, so that people feel more energy, confidence and courage. Due to the role of PEA, a person’s breathing and heart rate will be accelerated, heartbeat is accelerated, palms sweating, face red, especially whether the pupils will be dilated to determine the best criteria for true love or perfunctory.

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What love got to do with it movie?

Perhaps in some future day, people no longer have to prove their love to a picky lover and worry, and Ran also do not have to sing like the song between themselves “true love is who”. Just like doing a medical checkup to the hospital to do a simple test, the person who makes your blood flow instantly rise, is your true love.


People in love like to swear by the sea. I would like to catch the moon for my lover on the nine heavens, under the five oceans to catch a turtle. What love got to do with it movie? This really can not be said to be an intentional deception, because at the time of commitment, a deep love network will really believe that they have the ability to do so. The unprecedented expansion of self-confidence is one of the side effects of PEA.

Another side effect is the ability to become biased and obsessed and to lose the ability to think objectively. The belief in the right choice and the ability to see only what you like.



Chocolate commercials are always full of tenderness.

–getting you is the happiness of my life!

–Love the different you!

–Only for the one you love the most!

In fact, chocolate is the best food for love, it has the most PEA content of any food. So, there is a scientific reason to give your lover chocolate.




4 parts of the brain create love


What love got to do with it movie?

Researchers have found that love response areas do exist in the human brain. When viewing photos of lovers, there were four different areas of the brain that showed significant activity, which did not occur when subjects viewed friends of the opposite sex in general.


What love got to do with it movie? These four areas of high activity include the “insula” in the middle of the brain, which gives rise to “electric sensations”; the cingulate tract in the front of the brain, which is linked to feelings such as joy; and the nucleus accumbens and caudate nucleus, which are closely linked to the occurrence of both positive and negative emotions. The cingulate and caudate nuclei of the brain, which are closely related to the occurrence of positive and negative emotions.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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