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What Is The Purpose Of a Relationship? 5 Reasons

Sweet or not sweet, you don’t know until you bite it;

Love or not, you don’t know until you try it.

Why fall in love? What is the purpose of a relationship? I didn’t know until I talked about it.

Although different people have their own love, for some people, a relationship is not a necessity in life. They think that a person can live a good life and save a lot of trouble. But if a person has not experienced relationship, then life will lose a lot of color.

Relationship is also an experience of life, although sometimes the process may be hurt, but it will also bring some harvest to our growth. So we might as well fall in love.

What is the purpose of a relationship? It can be considered in these aspects:

1. What’s the purpose of love: broaden your mind and horizon

The process of love is like opening a window to expand cognition, which can let you know a wider world, expand your thinking and diversify your circle. Most people in love before and after the love of people and circles will be different, different circles will bring different thinking and understanding, perhaps after love you will find that life is better than before.

2. What is the purpose of love: to understand the opposite sex

To know more people, to know more people, to find out what kind of person the opposite sex is, whether he is sincere to you, or whether you are just one in his list of love objects.

You know, in fact, the current social atmosphere is very civilized, so many times we will inevitably hear about a scum man in our life or from others. Therefore, no matter when we make friends or fall in love, we should learn to distinguish what kind of boy is reliable, because only in this way can we avoid being hurt in our feelings.

For girls, if they fall in love more often, they will know more about the opposite sex. In the face of some scum men, it will be easier to identify, which is also an effective way to protect themselves.

3. What is the purpose of love: recognize your needs

As we all know, in fact, when we fall in love, it is inevitable that there will be some contradictions. Because two people come from different families and growing up in different environments, it is very normal that there will inevitably be some differences in the face of some problems.

If we can fall in love more, then after a long time, you can know what kind of person you like, or what kind of person you are suitable for. Because only when you know what kind of person you are suitable for, can you find the right person in the next relationship.

From a small scale, if you know what you want, you will lose a lot of trouble in future love. Moreover, when it comes to talking about marriage, you can be more firm in your inner choice and understand what kind of lover you want to live with in the future

4. What is the purpose of love: learn to be human from love

Love is also a knowledge, can let you learn how to deal with things, learn how to consider other people’s feelings and ideas, learn how to love others, can also learn how to be loved by others, to enjoy the happiness of being loved, let you learn how to get along with others better in the process of love.

5. What is the purpose of love: improve yourself and become better

This is not to say that people who are not in love are imperfect, but that in the process of love, people can absorb nutrients, eliminate the coarse and extract the fine, sum up a period of experience, and resolutely discard what they don’t need and don’t fit. It’s not only to clean up those things, but also to say goodbye to your past wrong vision and vulgar taste, So as to let oneself gradually mature.

What is the purpose of a relationship?

On the other hand, relationship is what everyone needs. Some people are afraid of being hurt, so they simply don’t start, but only those who have experienced it will face it more calmly.

Love is a woman’s biggest weakness, just as sex is a man’s biggest weakness. Who takes off the weakness first can really survive and prosper for a long time. This soft rib is invisible and can’t be touched. It hurts when you get sick. It hurts when you take it off, but no one can touch her.

Only when love is enough and love is cool, can women who can really get love and personality freedom no longer fall into the weakness of love.

If you love more and are loved more, you will not be afraid of all the attacks and injuries in this world.So if you want to take it up and put it down, let the soft rib become armor, and become an independent free body that is not influenced by feelings.

The above tells us that as long as you start, no matter good love or bad love, you will get harvest in your life.

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