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What Is Puppy Love? Refusing To Love Like A Dog In A Relationship


What Is Puppy Love? Unconsciously, many people will fall into such a state of affection, willing to sacrifice everything for each other, giving everything for love, but in the end, they only touched themselves.


Among the many students I have saved, one student and his girlfriend are in a state of “dog-licking love”. He is the party of “kneeling and licking”. What Is Puppy Love? Abandoned him cruelly and plunged into the arms of others. I clearly remember that when he called me, he cried and choked up after a few words. When he reached the pain point, he couldn’t say anything uncomfortably. He asked me over and over again: “Why don’t you give me so much? mercy?”


Actually, What Is Puppy Love? I can understand his feelings. There is nothing in the world that can’t be obtained by hard work, except love. There is no reward for paying, after all, love is not a reward for work.


What Is Puppy Love? At that time, it took me a long time to calm his emotions. Indeed, this is the appearance of love to the extreme, and it is also the appearance of love to the humble. What Is Puppy Love? This kind of love makes people feel distressed and sad.


What Is Puppy Love? Love can never be obtained through humble begging. If you lack attractiveness and the framework is too weak, the successful love will soon be lost.

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However, why are so many people unable to withdraw in this state? What Is Puppy Love? In economics, there is a term called “sunk cost”, which just explains this state.


What Is Puppy Love? Sunk costs refer to expenses that have occurred in the past but have nothing to do with the current decision. When we are doing something, we need to look at two aspects, one is whether it is good for us, and the other is whether we have invested in it in the past.


If we have already incurred unrecoverable expenditures for a person or an event, such as time, money, energy, etc., it is difficult to withdraw. The greater the cost, the higher the withdrawal cost. What Is Puppy Love? So Many people are willing to continue to give, and do not want to believe the fact that “he doesn’t love me”.


What Is Puppy Love? From another point of view, this type of people are usually unconfident, inferior, often self-denying, and dare not ask others to love themselves. Therefore, in love, they will take flattering methods. Come to please each other, What Is Puppy Love? And then lose your true self.


What Is Puppy Love? Although, there is no right and wrong in love, but this kind of behavior itself is unequal. Your humbleness and flattery can’t be exchanged for true love and care. Your moths are fighting the fire and desperate, and in the end, it is likely to be just a self-moving drama. What Is Puppy Love? At any time, you should not lose yourself, you should not lose your dignity, if you can’t even love yourself, no one will agree with you.


Love is equal, and people are equal. What Is Puppy Love? There is no distinction between high and low. The value of life is the same. The same is true for love. If you can’t get a balanced return, it’s better not to.


There is no need to bow down and ask for anything, What Is Puppy Love? The love obtained in this way comes quickly and goes quickly. A person can only gain the attention of the other party if he enhances his own value and owns his own attraction. It is too humble, has no bottom line, and will not win the respect and recognition of others.


What Is Puppy Love? If you are in this kind of “dog-licking love”, remember to stop the loss in time, hope you have your own frame, always maintain your charm, and meet true love. In the relationship, every word and deed of the other party can make you doubt, and will repeatedly confirm in your mind whether you have done something wrong. You will feel that the more you care, the more humble you will be.


Especially for people who lack self-confidence and low self-worth, this kind of self-doubt and low self-esteem is particularly obvious. What Is Puppy Love? Not only do they often deny and doubt themselves at work, but they also have self-blame and guilt in their marriage feelings, believing that it is because of themselves that this situation is formed.


This unhealthy self-recognition and value system generally comes from life experiences such as childhood family environment, parental rearing styles, one’s own personality, and the evaluation of people around. What Is Puppy Love? In a person’s childhood, parents have great expectations of their children and strict discipline. When they do not do well, they will severely criticize the child, and rarely praise or encourage the child.

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What Is Puppy Love? This will make children think that they are really not good enough, because of themselves, parents are so angry, and eventually develop the psychological habit of self-doubt and low self-esteem; What Is Puppy Love? For introverted and sensitive children, he Will carefully observe, feel and explain the behaviors and words of people around them, and engrave them in the mind, not easy to disperse.


This will cause them to over-negatively interpret external environmental information, thereby avoiding or over-reacting in order to protect their image and value. What Is Puppy Love? In a relationship, low self-worth can easily hurt yourself and put yourself under too much unnecessary psychological pressure, which will lead to gains and losses, too much thinking and lost opportunities.


At the same time, this low sense of self-worth will also hurt others by mistake, because you will continue to do something or say something to verify the ideas of both parties, What Is Puppy Love? will bring pressure and trouble to the other party.


Therefore, What Is Puppy Love? Whether it is before the establishment of the relationship or after the emotional breakdown, we all need to learn to build a solid wall of self-worth for ourselves, recognize and appreciate ourselves, so as not to be crushed at will and become Self-rejection or impulsiveness or violence.

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