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What Is Love Poem? Appreciate 10 Classic Love Poems

In the history of human civilization, love is an eternal theme, and the most refined form of literature to express this theme is love poems. What Is Love Poem? Throughout the ages, there is no shortage of popular and touching love poems, and there are a large number of readers, which is true all over the world.

What Is Love Poem? There is no pattern in love. There is joyful love and painful love, pure love and depressed love. The variety of love makes the love poems written by poets in a variety of styles. What Is Love Poem? In any case, these love poems are a reflection of the poet’s concept, the poet’s appeal, the poet’s desire, the poet’s evaluation, and so on.

Love varies from time to time. Different times have different styles and social conditions, and the sentiments of love and the concept of love are also very different because of this. It is this wide range of differences that has provided poets with a rich source of creation, and the literary treasure house has also added many shining love poems. What Is Love Poem? The 100 famous poems compiled here are not only widely representative in the literary history of British and American countries, but also have a certain influence in the history of world literature. Some love poems are well-known treasures that have been handed down from generation to generation. What Is Love Poem? Readers can appreciate the charm of the original English language while appreciating the exquisiteness of these love poems.

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1. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

If you were a teardrop; In my eye,

For fear of losing you, I would never cry

And if the golden sun, Should cease to shine its light,

Just one smile from you, Would make my whole world bright.


2. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

If I were to fall in love,It would have to be with youYour eyes,your smile,The way you laugh,

The things you say and do

Take me to the places,My heart never knew

So, if I were to fall in love, It would have to be with you.


3. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Forgive me for needing you in my life;

Forgive me for enjoying the beauty of your body and soul;

Forgive me for wanting to be with you when I grow old


4. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

My river runs to thee. Blue sea,

wilt thou welcome me My river awaits reply.Oh! sea,look graciously.

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5. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

All it took was one glance.

Now all I ask is one chance, To try to win your heart.

Just give me a chance to start.I’ll show you it was meant to be To be together is our destiny


6. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Two star crossed lovers in perfect harmony Just give me a chance and you will agree.

I was meant for you. And you were meant for me.


7. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Please forgive me for falling in love with you.

Forgive me for loving you with all my heart.

Forgive me for never wanting to be apart.


8. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Without you I’d be a soul without a purpose.

Without you I’d be an emotion without a heart. I’m a face without expression, A heart with no beat.

Without you by my side, I’m just a flame without the heat. Elle Kimberly Schmick


9. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

I used to love you /Pushkin (Russia)

Love maybe

Its not completely dead in my mind,

I hope it won’t bother you again,

I don’t want to make you sad again.

I used to be silent,

Loved you without hope,

I endured shyness,

And endured the torment of jealousy;

I used to be so sincere,

I loved you so tenderly,

I hope God bless you,

Another person will love you as much as I do.

What Is Love Poem? This is love poem

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10. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Daisy / Musse (France)

I am in love and say nothing,

Just watch you smile across;

I love, as long as I feel in my heart,

Dont know what you think of me in your heart;

I cherish my secrets,

I also cherish the faint sadness,

Sorrow that never turned into pain;

I swear: I love to give up you,

Without any hope, but not without happiness

As long as you can miss it, you are happy enough,

Even if I can no longer see you who is smiling on the other side

What Is Love Poem? Love poems express people’s love


11.What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

“You in Dream”

Deep at night

Silver moonlight and silver frost

Already unclear

Under the silver night sky

Life is quiet. time

When the leaves are falling

I can only fall asleep quickly

To be able to see

I miss it so hard

You in dreams

What Is Love Poem? Does such romantic love poems bring you deep feelings?


12. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

“The Account Owned by the Soul”

My soul

I owe you an account

So I decided to Naihe Qiaotou

Don’t drink that bowl of Mengpo soup

No matter when to repay

Always keep it in mind

Is a stamp on my heart


This is the contract signed in this life

Because of owe

Deepened my sorrow

This is a rosary made of bones of lovesickness

One by one

Make life be heartbroken from generation to generation


13. What Is Love Poem-Appreciation of Poems

Your reason for sorrow will not be more mature than happiness

The night hides quietly under the wings of black bats

Eavesdropping on the rocky rock in the sound of tears

Will he be in his heart at this moment?


Head down under the eaves on the side of the road

He didnt choose to be sad at all because

He never remembers the thoughts of passing by his window

Such a soft whisper, full of tenderness

Black bat

Through the gap

Touch the news that you will never hear

What Is Love Poem, what expresses human emotions is poetry

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