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What If I Never Love Again? 10 Tips To Increase Passion In The Relationship

What if i never love again? Does he change back to the old one, is it useful?

Sorry, not very useful. People often think that their feelings for their lover have faded because the other person has “changed”. “He has changed, he is no longer the one he used to be.” Someone would always tell his girlfriends like this. After the love period passed, he became less concerned about his lover than before, and his lover became more and more alienated from him. So you also have the question of What if i never love again?

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What if i never love again? Many psychologists agree with this view. For example, Kelly and others believe that from the beginning of the relationship, it was the behavior that affected the changes in the relationship between the two parties. They are defined as “couples” because they have performed these behaviors that are defined as “love each other.” At the same time, these things they do, such as flirting at the beginning, to confession, to communication, these behaviors also affect their The cognition and feelings of the other party.


Therefore, when couples are estranged, when they are out of love, relationship satisfaction declines, and this is also their behavior. What if i never love again? They reduced their love behavior, the love between them disappeared, and the relationship satisfaction plummeted. So, do couples change their current behaviors and redo things they have done before, and the feeling of love will come back and relationship satisfaction will rise?


It’s not that simple. Lavner et al. pointed out in a study published in 2016 that whether newly married couples change their behavior in this relationship within three years of marriage is not related to changes in their relationship satisfaction. What if i never love again? This is still a difficult topic.


What if I never love again adele ? Therefore, the feeling of passionate love will not slip away simply because “he has changed”, and it will not come back simply because “he is the same old him again”. What if i never love again? You can do these things to add some passion to your relationship.


1. What if I never love again-confirm your thoughts

A study published by McNulty and others in 2014 pointed out that when the implicit cognition of someone has been formed, the behavior of that person will only change the intensity of our “approach-avoidance” to him, but not Change direction directly.


Therefore, What If I Never Love Again? If you want to find ways to improve relationship satisfaction, the most important prerequisite is that you really want to continue to love this person and want to maintain this relationship instead of out For other reasons. It will be the driving force behind you to seek and try all methods.

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2. What if I never love again-repair your emotional connection

Psychologist Arthur Aron has a famous study. He asked two heterosexual subjects, a man and a woman, to sit face to face, and asked them to take turns asking each other questions, such as “When was the last time you cried?” Another example was “Did you have anything particularly embarrassing?”


Experiments show that emotional connection is the most powerful connection. What If I Never Love Again? When we share our emotions, thoughts and secrets, the relationship between us can be best strengthened and stabilized. Many times our estrangement from each other starts when we no longer share our feelings. If you want to repair the relationship, just try to continue to share your thoughts with each other as before.


3. What if I never love again-connect the other person with positive things

What If I Never Love Again? They suggest that we associate each other with cute animals, or anything we want to get close to. This allows you to regain the feeling of wanting to get close to him uncontrollably. You can try to give each other a cute nickname, or do something cute together. The purpose of this is to reconnect the other party with “closeness” in your cognition. Of course, this also requires the cooperation of the other party.


4. What if I never love again-try new things together

If you want to add a little passion to your ordinary life, then you have to look at the world and each other in a different way of thinking. Dont stay at home or play old games all the time on Sundays. Get ready to go and look for new things. What If I Never Love Again? You can eat at a restaurant recommended by a colleague, watch a new online movie, or take a walk-away trip. Two people may wish to explore new and strange things together to rediscover each other’s strengths.


5. What if I never love again-a little humor once in a while

Humor can create a relaxing atmosphere. Two people watch a funny movie or watch a funny video. They talk and laugh for a day. What If I Never Love Again? When there is a conflict between the two, you can easily reverse the situation with a humorous tone. Boys should practice humor skills well.


6. What if I never love again-talk to your heart, talk to your heart

Girls have good girlfriends and buddies. When they are in a bad mood, they can share their thoughts with them. But boys can only vent their distress by smoking, playing games, and drinking. Therefore, girlfriends can occasionally act as good buddies, have friendly conversations with men, and talk about each other’s thoughts or happy things.


7. What if I never love again-transparency of income and expenditure

Money is the source of all contradictions. According to the survey, nearly 40% of couples admitted that they “lied” to their significant other on income issues. What If I Never Love Again? Experts suggest that couples should keep some space of their own. Even if the existence of a “small treasury” is allowed, both spouses should still be transparent on the issue of income.

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8. What if I never love again-keep fit and keep good body

It is also a pleasure for both parties to exercise together, and they can keep in good shape. Long-term regular fitness can improve the running state of the body’s metabolic system. Experts believe that fitness has obvious effects on increasing the interest of men and women in each other and their sexual life.


9. What if i never love again-Do not play with electronic devices half an hour before going to bed

The bedroom is the best place to enhance relationships. Wouldnt it be boring if you are all playing mobile phones and have no communication, and you only rely on your circle of friends to know what interesting things have happened to each other? And half an hour before going to bed is the closest time of the day to each other, two people can talk about interesting things they have encountered each other


10. What if I never love again-help your partner get rid of each other’s bad habits

Everyone has bad habits. Boys smoke and drink, and girls lose sight of them. Bad habits are not formed overnight, so it is impossible to change them overnight. During this period we need our encouragement and persistence.



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