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What Does Being In Love Mean: Is Happy?

What does being in love mean?

In a person’s life, there are few opportunities to fall in love, because love is not like the fallen leaves in autumn, overlooked, it is like the fallen snow at the junction of the cold and tropics, only occasionally appear.





What does being in love mean? When love comes, except for a few cases, it is mostly just a feeling of one person, not both, and even if this love is later responded to by the other person, it can still be divided into first and last.

So love develops in two ways: one receives a response and the other does not.

The former is a successful love, and the latter is unrequited love.

There is love that receives a strong response.

There is love that receives a reluctant response.

Some love is simply unresponsive.





What does being in love mean? I believe that of the countless times that love happens in this world every day, most of them go unrequited and only a few get a response.

There are many secular reasons, of course, family background, educational background, appearance and body, age and gender. The main reason is the degree of compatibility between the two temperaments and souls.

What people call “fate”, of course, also includes those secular factors, but more importantly, it is the kind of telepathy that can be understood but not expressed.





Since most love is not reciprocated, should one allow oneself to fall in love?

What does being in love mean? My opinion is that one can deliberately allow oneself to fall in love, even if one knows that it is impossible to get a response.

Why is that?

Simply because of the beauty of love itself.

What does being in love mean? When one falls in love, it is like being drunk, in a slightly drunken state, with a pure, pleasant, intoxicated state of mind, a very happy, very joyful, very graceful state, just like when you see a beautiful flower, you admire it, you are enchanted with its beauty, you fall in love with it.





Although the flower does not respond to your love, you still get the pleasurable feeling of being enchanted and obsessed by its beauty.

What does being in love mean? People always think that unrequited love is more bitter than sweet, but this is not true, because the other party will at most just not respond, can not respond, and will not hate your love for him, but only through your love to become more aware of their own beauty and charm, just as a flower does not hate the appreciation of others for it.

What does being in love mean? If the object of your love is really disgusted with you, it only means that he is not as good as you think, he feels that he is not so good, is not worthy of others to love him like this.

If this is the case, you should give up your love, because he is indeed not worthy of your love.




What should it feel like to be in love?

It must be cheerful.

What does being in love mean? Her shadow jumps in front of your eyes all the time. When you see a passerby walking, you will think of her walking; when you see a child’s smiling face, you will think of her smiling; when you see a cleaning lady, you will think of her busy with housework; when you see a book, you will think of her thinking; when you see a painting, you will think of her praising; when you see a dress, you will think of her putting it on When you see someone arguing, you will think of how she looks when she is angry.

What does being in love mean? When you look up at the sky, the azure screen is full of her name; when a breeze blows in your face, the fragrance of flowers is full of her smell.

Ah, the whole world is her!

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What does being in love mean? You look over and over again with her chat records, over and over again to recall with her said every sentence every expression, clearly there is nothing wrong, then, and how always feel that she does not love you enough?

Is it because you are tired? Is it boredom? Or …… has fallen in love with someone else?

It is not enough to trust, but once the whole life into love, the sensitivity of the nerves will be magnified numerous times.

You desire her to be as crazy as you are, but forget that everyone’s expression is always different.

And love itself is originally an unfair thing, it will make you blind, it will make you impatient, it will make you low to the dust.



What does being in love mean? 

You have no way to reason with it, and there is no way to insure it, at a certain moment, it will make you gloomy, but you always have a hard time resisting it.

More often than not, falling in love is beautiful.

You fall in love with her and learn to give, you are willing to pay with your life for a smile from her, even if humble to the dust can bloom a favorable flower.

You have to go through the chat records with her over and over again, over and over again to recall with her every word and every expression, clearly there is nothing wrong, so how do you always feel that she does not love you enough?



What does being in love mean? 

You meet at a certain intersection in life, waiting for the green light gap, you look at her, she looked at you, time seems to flow as if the stream gently crossed, red light a flashing, and you and her, deliberate whether each other have fate.

In the blink of an eye, the green light comes on.

You can’t bear to miss it, and she can’t let go.

You hold out your hand, she stopped her feet, and together they guarded the time when a flower bloomed.


What does being in love mean? Some people walk and scatter, some people look back at the moment is eternal.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

This is love, right?

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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