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What Are French Men Attracted To: Here

What are french men attracted to?

When most people mention French men, the word “romantic” must come to mind.


So what kind of girls do romantic French men love the most?


1. To face everything in a natural and open attitude of the girl

What are french men attracted to? Playing the role of a male pleaser is never the best way to attract guys! On the one hand, guys will immediately realize that you are not being yourself; on the other hand, this will not bring you any benefits, because the relationship is initially based on a lie.

It’s the natural gesture that catches their eye, and it’s especially important that you show yourself, so they won’t be disappointed when they get to know you better. People who really like you will love you for who you are on a daily basis!


2. A girl who is frank

What are french men attracted to? A girl who argues or gets angry for no reason can quickly make a guy’s head spin! Learn to relax, get to know what he craves, and avoid asking too many questions. Be smiling and listen with a sideways ear.

This is a golden rule. Remember, it’s hard to attract a girl who is too condescending, a girl who is stingy with her smiles, a girl who carries all the suffering in the world on her fragile shoulders.

Yes, the French language gentleman is reminded of the Chinese saying: “A hot face on a cold ass”. No guy will like a hot face on a cold butt. Everyone likes to spend more time with a girl who is quick and cheerful.


3. Good at talking girls

What are french men attracted to? A girl who is lively and cheerful, and who is involved in a variety of topics, makes men have the desire to get to know her. In addition, your network of guys will become larger and you will become a girl who leaves a good impression. Guys like girls who are thoughtful and good at talking.

Also, guys prefer to talk about themselves. Remember, if necessary, to show a friendly side, to listen well, boys like those who are interested in them.

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4. Clean and beautiful girls

What are french men attracted to? As we all know, the inner beauty of a girl is the most important thing. But the first thing that boys see is really the outer beauty! Appearance determines the first impression you make on a guy. You don’t need to dress up like Beyonce, but a good girl knows how to take care of her appearance so she can attract more of the opposite sex! Black nails and greasy hair are a total no-no. Dress yourself up carefully!


5. Independent girl

What are french men attracted to? Do not add to his workload, you have to show him that you can be independent without him. Do not always cling to him, he will hate! You can use the “you chase me to hide” strategy. In short, don’t be tempted. In any case, you can’t live without him. Let him be hungry, he will want to know you better. Let him know that you have a lot to do, that you have a full schedule of activities and that you are living your life every day.


6. Humorous girls

What are french men attracted to? Guys love girls who can joke around, they will feel great, have fun when they think about the time they spent with you and will miss you. Humor is a sign of intelligence, so don’t hesitate to make them laugh! Or self-hatred is fine, this will get the boys going!


7. Girls who love to eat food

What are french men attracted to? The kind of girl who always says “I don’t like this, I don’t like that” will be difficult for guys to get along with! Why not try some new perfumes, new flavors, explore some new things together.


8. The right time to send gifts to the girls

What are french men attracted to? You have released a clear signal: you like him! You want to give him a gift that will touch him. Yes, you will make him happy, and that’s a positive thing. He’ll feel valued, and boys love that!




How to tell a French guy is fond of you

1. French guys will often praise you

What are french men attracted to? French men will respect girls, but it does not mean that he will be fancy to say nice things to girls, after all, if you really like a woman will know how to take the right amount of time.

No man will try to coax a woman for no reason, unless he likes the woman. Therefore, once the French man once often sincerely praise you, such as praise women wearing, hair quality, eyes, etc., especially when the frequency is getting higher, then the probability can be determined that the French guy is like this woman.


2. If it is a cross-border relationship, French boys will show the desire for the other country

What are french men attracted to? If a French guy takes the initiative to learn the language of the other country, not for work, life, but to have more topics and communication with each other. Then, the French man is likely to really like each other.

To know, unless from the heart of love, otherwise who will be for no reason to understand a strange country, and want to learn the language of the other country so as to communicate more smoothly, this is also a sign that he is serious about the relationship. 


3. Will persistently pursue each other

What are french men attracted to? Some girls are shy or don’t understand the characteristics of French guys, for French guys clearly expressed like mistaken for polite words, and rejected the pursuit of French guys. But in fact, once a French guy opens his mouth and says he likes it, he really likes it.

Even if the other party has repeatedly refused, the French guy will not be easily discouraged. As long as the girl does not resent, he will still persistently pursue each other.


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