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We Love Each Other But Can’t be Together & Why

We love each other but can’t be together: What should we do?

Two people from the encounter, acquaintance to love each other, and then let go of each other, and love again to say goodbye, love each other but can not be together the struggle, you can know the reason for this?




We love each other but can’t be together: Some people love too much, expect too much, so a variety of dissatisfaction led to disappointment, and finally even if very love very love, will also smile and say “forget it”.

Some people do not have because of the reality of the conditions, such as no life security, can not give each other the happiness they want, forced to survive the pressure of having to give up the pursuit of love, although the heart also wants to be happy, but the reality does not allow ah.


There are also people because of love to the end only left helpless, in addition to become, there is no other way. The two have experienced too much together and have to look down on gains and losses and right and wrong, about the two once, both grateful and know, although there is reluctance, but also can only respect the reality.

We love each other but can’t be together: In addition to these reasons, love each other but can not be together, there are actually some other reasons, you never thought, for example, love to the conflagration, only remaining affection.

We love each other but can’t be together: Some people are so strange, not not love, but the way love has changed, from intense to silent, from romantic to bland, no longer feel colorful, but an unbreakable habit, which is what we often say love raised to the layer of affection.

They can still get along like friends, but I’m afraid love can’t be repeated.

The goodbye is love, never absent is affection, they will still greet and care like old friends, but no longer have a strong love.

Love each other but can not be together, some reasons, you never thought.

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Love to the confusion, only the affection left


We love each other but can’t be together: Some lovers do belong to this situation, they love love have the habit of relying on each other, but they are actually loving each other, or relying on each other?

After a long time together, such companionship has long ceased to be mere love, but has a deeper level: affection.


We love each other but can’t be together: Too familiar with the lovers, but also with the change of love can not be together, because they can not tolerate the opposite sex to get along just because of affection, they want more happiness is the heart thumping, if not the heart, will throw away the enthusiasm of expectation.





Love is a permanent pain and a permanent impossibility.

Some love, just like longing, is a pain that breathes.

We love each other but can’t be together: It is not possible to give up, but it hurts to have. Some love is this way, they will be together all kinds of screwed up, belong to I love you, want to completely occupy you, do not allow you to have half of the freedom, if you have the slightest idea, it is embarrassing, have to do something out of the ordinary, let you see what is called love how deep, hate how deep.

We love each other but can’t be together: They used to love fiercely, romantic companionship, together to share the beauty and happiness, but the problems that exist between the two, but also make them unable to accept the grinding misery, how strong the love, calculating how deep, how deep the love, obstinacy on how crazy.



In love and calculating, the two people who love each other will inevitably get hurt.

Really can go the rest of life love, should not be mutual consumption and injury, but mutual success and tolerance, once the two because of love and breeding more, it is very bad, even if still love each other, but the existence of the problem, so that the two had to regret the parallel, love is true, pain to dare not approach is also true.

We love each other but can’t be together: Love is like a thorn in the heart, so that people do not dare to pull out, but also do not dare to ignore, how deep love, how long the pain.




The concept of love has changed

With the change of time and environment, people’s view of love will also change.

We love each other but can’t be together: The love of youth, to middle age, there will still be love, but no longer desire to be together, because everything has changed, the mind has changed, the environment has changed, the age has changed, even the attitude towards love has also changed accordingly.

The previous eager desire to have, but now can be frankly put down, love is still in, but no longer want to get, in addition to the concept of love has changed, people’s state of mind and the environment is also a great influence.



We love each other but can’t be together: The young love is mostly mixed with pure feeling, is the heart moved, without any reality into, not related to life, not related to life, not related to the environment, to a certain age, love is still there, but the feeling has changed, hope to continue to miss, but no longer want to be together, that is, the choice of love has long changed.

We love each other but can’t be together: A choice, the relationship between the need and desire for love. The demand for love at each age is different, time has changed, the concept of love will also change, before very love very want, now perhaps very love very into, not not love, but love to tender after, just want to let go.

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