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We Fight But We Love Each Other Quotes

We fight but we love each other? Is it normal?

It’s the best that love and being loved happen at the same time, and it’s normal for two people to quarrel after confirming their relationship, not only for you, but for most couples. This is also the so-called running in period. As long as the two people’s hearts can be maintained together, and on the basis of quarreling, they can do something to accommodate and adapt to each other, Then two people will be more and more inseparable from each other.

In fact, two people from acquaintance to acquaintance, and then to love, this process is from favor to like, in the process of transition to love, this will inevitably experience the period of hot love, running in period, flat period. If you really love each other, then the period you are in now is the period of hot love and running in. They love each other like tea, but they are not used to each other, so they will quarrel because of the conflict in thought and behavior. In fact, this is a process of adapting to each other, understanding each other, and the relationship will be stable after passing through.

But there are some exceptions. In fact, when two people are together, they will be influenced by each other involuntarily. Either you become better or you become worse. When you become better or worse, you will have a rational or irrational heart. When you tend to be rational, you will consider whether you are suitable or not; When you don’t tend to be rational, what you consider is whether the other party loves you, or whether you love the other party, or whether the other party is willing to accommodate you because of loving you, or whether you are willing to accommodate the other party because of loving the other party. If you don’t accommodate each other, there will be a lot of contradictions.

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We fight but we love each other

Take the real cases as an example, most couples break up either in the stage of hot love or in the period of plain love. The reason for breaking up in the period of hot love is that “although I love each other, I can’t stand each other’s character”. The reason for breaking up in the period of plain love tends to be rational, that is, although I love you, you go on like this all the time, and you and I have no future, There is no future. Therefore, it’s normal for you to quarrel before, and it’s necessary for the contradictions between you to exist, because this is the running in period.

As for the reason for your quarrel, I think you, as the party concerned, should be more clear than us. No matter what the reason is, there must be a reason. The reason lies in whether you correct it, whether you are inclusive or not, and whether you understand it. If both parties can tolerate and understand it, they will go further. On the contrary, they have to think about whether they are suitable or not.

In the process of love, the more people who love each other, the more they will quarrel. Why we fight but we love each other?

1. We fight but we love each other – people themselves are full of conflicts and contradictions, but some are hidden and some are avoided. 

Sometimes, at the beginning, both sides hide their own shortcomings for communication, rather than doing whatever they want at home, burping, farting and picking their feet. Although it’s exaggerating, it’s certain to hide yourself. Although the contact time between two people is getting longer and longer, there will be some contradictions, and then they need to adapt to each other. This process of adaptation is accompanied by quarrels.

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2. We fight but we love each other – differences in family background and educational environment lead to quarrels.

 If two people come from different families, the interaction mode will naturally be different, and there will be places they can’t stand each other. It’s just like one person comes from Mars and the other from earth. Is there a big gap? So what? Need to make the other party change! So there will be disputes, there will be a needle to the wheat, the occurrence of a quarrel is a good thing, but, it should be noted that the argument is good!

3. We fight but we love each other – the boundary between the two sides is vague. 

Although everyone has privacy, when they are in love, many people think that you are mine, I am yours, and I need to know everything about you. Even the former people, why did they break up with their predecessors? Why do you keep your ex’s phone? These are to get involved in the rhythm of each other’s life, that is to say, the communication boundary between the two sides gradually disappears, and the result is a quarrel. How do you know your predecessor? I didn’t even ask your ex! It turned out to be a fight.

This is the young man. That’s good! You can also quarrel over these little things. Will you quarrel with each other over this?

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