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How To Prove That We Are In Love?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Are we in love?

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Are we in love? How to prove that we are in love? The following is all excerpted from Zizek’s “events”. By the way, this is a philosophy book

Are we in love? Short passage about love 1

Are we in love 2021: I don’t think I believe in Christ because I’m convinced by the reasons behind it; Because it is only when I believe that I can understand the reasons for this belief that this kind of persuasion becomes possible. Also… In the understanding of love: I didn’t fall in love with her for some specific reasons (such as her lips or smile) – on the contrary, it was precisely because I fell in love with her that her lips and smile seemed so touching to me.

Are we in love? Short passage about love 2

Are we in love 2021:

Yeats’s poems are inlaid with gold and silver,

And those embroidered robes of blue,

Light gray and dark black are twinkling with night light,

Sunlight and rays.

I would like to spread them all under your feet;

But I have no money, only dream,

I have spread the dream under your feet,

please walk gently, because you follow my dream. W. B. Years,  ‘He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’  (1899).

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Are we in love? Short passage about love 3

Are we in love 2021: True adultery is not extramarital love, but marriage without love itself: if adultery only violates the law from the outside, then marriage without love destroys it from the inside, because such marriage makes the provisions of the law deviate from the spirit of the law. To borrow Brecht’s style, we can say: compared with marriage without love, adultery is nothing!

Are we in love? Short passage about love 4

Are we in love 2021: This argument admits that irresolubility is the essential attribute of marriage. But the argument tells us that divorce always has a retrospective perspective: divorce not only means that the marriage is cancelled immediately, but also implies something more profound – the reason why marriage should be cancelled is that it has never been a real marriage.

Are we in love? Short passage about love 5

Are we in love 2021: French philosopher Henry Bergson (1859-1941) proposed a solution: Although we can’t change the reality (or the real situation) of the past, the past in the potential sense can be changed – when something completely new appears, this new thing will create its own possibility in a retrospective way, that is, its own reason / condition.

Some potential is inserted (or withdrawn) into the past reality. Falling in love has the ability to change the past: in the past time, it seems that I have always fallen in love with you, love seems to be predestined, is the “reality answer”. In this sense, it can be said that my current love leads to the past experiences that made this love.

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Are we in love? Short passage about love 6

Are we in love 2021: Love is no different from religious belief: I love you not because of your attractive positive characteristics, on the contrary: the reason why I think your positive characteristics are attractive is because I fall in love with you and stare at you with loving eyes

Are we in love? Short passage about love 7

Are we in love 2021: Doesn’t the same thing happen in love? Falling in love is due to accidental encounter, but once love happens, it seems inevitable, it is just like the goal of my whole life. Lacan called this reversal process from contingency to inevitability as the transition from “stops not being written” to “doesn’t stop being written”: first, love “prevents itself from being left out”, which emerges in an accidental encounter; Once love appears, it “does not hinder being remembered”. It applies the lesson of love to the lover, continuously engraves all the consequences of love in his / her existence, and constructs his / her love centered on loyalty to love events

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Are we in love? Short passage about love 8

Are we in love 2021: That’s why we never fall in love in the moment: it’s only after a (usually long) subconscious brewing process that we suddenly realize we’re in loveThe fall to love never happens at any moment, because it always has happened.

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