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8 Ways: Russian Flirting

Russian flirting ways: We all know that there are many beautiful women in Russia, so how to date a Russian girl?

Dating is one of the very important elements in the process of getting involved with a Russian girl. After all, dating with Russian girls is a key window for mutual acquaintance and understanding




If you want to open this window properly, you should know a few things about dating Russian girls:

1. As a suitor, you need to take the initiative to invite the woman to a first date

Russian flirting ways: Russian girls usually prefer to be straightforward, and they want their suitors to be brave. Therefore, if you have a crush on a Russian girl and want to develop a relationship with her, don’t be afraid to take the initiative and ask her to meet you on a date!

Of course, this is for the first date, and subsequent dates are free for both men and women to do as they please.


2. Dress formal or casual, depending on the occasion of the date

Russian flirting ways: Dress in the dating process is also very important, it is a reflection of your attitude towards the date. If it is a more formal occasion, such as fine restaurants, opera houses and other places, then it is necessary to dress neatly, which also shows your respect for the Russian girl. If the date is a more relaxed occasion, such as amusement parks, tourist attractions and other places, then you can dress more casual and comfortable.


3. Know the history and culture of Russia before dating

Russian flirting ways: Since dating a Russian girl is a cross-cultural relationship, it is necessary to learn about Russian history and culture. In this way, we can find some common topics when we communicate with Russian girls on a date, and our sense of identification with Russian culture that we show on a date can also increase Russian girls’ goodwill towards us, which will make Russian girls have a better impression of us.


4. Talking and behaving appropriately when dating

Russian flirting ways: It is a universal principle to talk and behave appropriately when dating. Especially when dating a Russian girl, gentlemanly and polite manners are a must. This will definitely increase the Russian girls’ goodwill towards us.

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When you are dating a Russian girl, there are some ways of flirting that you need to know as well.

1. Don’t ask stupid questions   

Russian flirting ways: After a woman thinks you are a certain kind of person, they will not change their mind about you. So don’t ask dirty questions that will make the ladies think you are a low-life. For example, “What do you think about one-night stands?”   


2. Take care of her in a normal way  

Russian flirting ways: Most men screw up the first time they meet a woman. It’s important not to look nervous and insecure when you meet her, but to be natural and generous. As long as you can control yourself and treat all women with a normal heart, you will instantly become a powerful magnet for women.


3. Make her addicted to you

Russian flirting ways: To get a woman to chase you, you have to make her think about you all the time. You can try to refuse her date invitations and keep her head wondering why you’re not dating her. You can also say to her, “Do you want to ask me out? But I can’t seem to get away this Friday, and a woman asked me out to the movies.” This way she will think that you also have a quote and try to make you think she is better than other women.


4. Don’t satisfy her completely at once   

Russian flirting ways: A woman is a creature that likes novelty, the more often you appear in front of her, the less interested you will be. Try not to let each other see each other for too long. In the middle of a heated conversation, immediately tell him that you have something to do and need to go first. This way, she will especially look forward to your next date.


5. Be her prey  

Russian flirting ways: If you act horny, women will never be interested in you. Based on a strange psychology, women like men who don’t care much about them. For women, it’s a challenge to attract men who don’t have time to care about him instead.   


6. Show care when appropriate   

Russian flirting ways: Women like to be cared for by men, which will make them feel that you are a caring person. But never remember, don’t just keep giving them expensive gifts, which will make women think that you only want to buy her flesh. Say more sweet words to let the woman know you have her in mind. In this way, she will also think about you from time to time.


7. Do not easily say your name  

Russian flirting ways: This trick lies in letting the woman take the initiative. Don’t say your name directly to the woman you just hit on, but let her ask you. Create a strong mysterious atmosphere is the way to let women take the initiative to pursue you.  


8. Test her patience   

Russian flirting ways: This is one of the most important tricks. If you want to flip the situation around and get the woman to chase you, you have to show a gesture that you are not essential to her. You can ask her this kind of question: “What do you think makes you different compared to other girls?” This is a psychological warfare, must not lose!

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