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20 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

Do you want to make her fall in love with you? Heartbroken people know that there is no magic that can make someone fall in love with you (or come back to you). However, you can refer to the following simple tips to increase the chance of your dream lover’s affection for you.

20 ways to make her fall in love with you | make a girl fall for you

1. Be good at listening

Women like to explore their own problems. All you have to do is give her an ear to listen and resist the urge to offer solutions or urge her. She just wants you to listen to her, explain or joke.

2. Praise her

Many women try to dress themselves up to be beautiful when they are in love. If you can appreciate her time, she’ll be glad you noticed.

3. Be her loyal fans

To be the cheerleader of her life. Support her choice, feel, no matter success or failure, she will appreciate (and rely on) you as the most loyal fan.

4. Gentlemanly demeanor forever

Open the door for her, open the chair for her and wait for her to sit down. Let her feel that she is a lady who never passes away.

5. Pay attention to her wholeheartedly

Look at her with interest, but if you look at her too much, it will make you bored and rude.

Tips on making her fall in love with you

6. Leave a message

Whether this is your first or tenth love, leave a message to tell her that you enjoy being with her and can’t wait to see her again soon.

7. Cultivate your love

Send her flowers, on a particular day or any other day. It’s better to send it to the place where she works to make her feel beautiful and grateful.

8. Pay attention to personal hygiene

You may not know that every time she sees your exposed nose hair or long nails that haven’t been cut for a long time, she feels worse.

9. Become a music man

Learn to play guitar or practice your voice. It’s easy for women to like cool stars who are free and a little bad. You say you don’t have music cells? So show your passion in a hobby you are interested in.

10. It’s funny

Use your sense of humor to make her feel comfortable. Relax. It’s OK to be a little silly.

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You can make her fall in love with you by these ways

11. Calm enough

Don’t stick to trifles in everything. In the face of crisis, we are still at ease and calm.

12. Integrate into her network

Enlist the support of her friends and family. Her circle will be the first to judge whether you deserve her attention.

13. Consult with her when something happens

Seek her advice, even if you don’t really need it. Consulting her can show that you agree with her and make her feel useful and comforting.

14. Be cautious

If what you are going to say is not a compliment to the people in her circle, you’d better not say it. This may make her immediately disgusted with you, you know those people appear in her life much earlier than you.

How to make a woman fall in love with you

15. Keep your space

Although you put her in the first place in your life, you can’t do nothing except her. Take the time to communicate with others or do your own things to make your heart miss her more.

16. Create a romantic atmosphere

Invite her to a slow dance whenever possible. In a romantic co-worker’s wedding or a friend’s party on Friday night, she suddenly appears in front of her while she is eating dessert.

17. Punctuality

Be sure to be on time for an appointment. Even though being late for traffic and miscalculation can be forgiven, being always late is like telling her that her time is not as important as yours.

18. Be a family man

Introducing her to your family shows how important she is in your life. What’s more, she will anticipate your performance in love by the way you treat your family.

19. Surprise

Let her guess and get excited with a coat she used to stare at, a message on her work phone, or a lunch that popped up on her desk.

20. Pay more attention to her when you are sick

When she’s sick, give her medicine or chicken soup, or just a simple reminder. She may not be the best (or the best looking) at this time, but it’s time for you to show your care and win her heart.

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