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Virgo man break up-How to save Virgo and reunited with him


Virgo is a person who has been labeled a lot and belongs to a constellation of mixed praise and criticism. Some people say that they are enemies of the people, but some people are obsessed with them for a lifetime, even if they feel too depressed when they are dating, break with Virgo man Up, you will feel that you have lost a very intimate help.


The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, which symbolizes the mind and thinking, which is often referred to as Mercury retrograde. When Mercury retrograde occurs, it will cause a lot of situations in daily life, which means that Mercury deviates from its orbit and easily brings people’s minds. Caused by different reactions. Therefore, generally speaking, a Virgo with a bright mind is a type that is difficult for others to deceive. So Virgo man breaks up, is it worth saving him?

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01. Virgo man break up-Who breaks up actively is the key.

If Virgo is not the party who was broken up, but they took the initiative to break up, then it is probably because the two have had a long time of the same obvious contradiction, which accumulates over and over again, especially the most important Its that during this period of time you are still doing nothing, there is no sign of change, so you cant see hope, you cant communicate well, and there is no better solution, such as the Cold War, and over time, he made him leave. Decided.


But if the Virgo is the party being broken up, you have to have more patience, because the virgin is too troubled in this life, plus this experience, if you want him to trust you, you need to do more practical action.



02. How to avoid break up with Virgo man?


1. Avoid break up with Virgo man-a real change

To impress Virgos, it is not necessarily sweet words, but real changes can move their hearts. You can calm down for a while and disconnect for a while. This “cold” is no longer a cold war, but a buffer against conflicts and emotions. At this stage, remember to work hard to find the root of the problem and to improve yourself. Virgo is too picky or you are really inadequate, this time you should know for yourself. Only if you let Virgo see your own change, you know your mistakes, and you can or have made changes, is one of the weights to save Virgo.


2. Avoid break up with Virgo man-more gentle than before

Whether it is a Virgo or a woman, they like their lover to treat themselves and this relationship gently. Your temperament after the change at this moment is also the key to attracting him again, and an important factor that can be restored by both parties, because the delicate Virgo, Attitude determines the quality of life together in the future, and it must be an unavoidable charm.

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3. Avoid break up with Virgo man-in communication, understand empathy

If you want to get back together with him, first ask yourself, why did you break up with Virgo? The usual breakups are mostly the desire to control, excessive dependence, personality defects, conflicts of ideas, conflicting opinions, and lack of understanding of emotional management…


And breaking up with a virgin is more often due to the ending of not understanding or communicating with each other. Therefore, if you want to save Virgo, don’t beg for feelings, keep talking to yourself and explain the truths and misunderstandings you think, don’t stalker aimlessly and skillfully, and don’t go to the other’s relatives and friends or even force them to death.


Increase your empathy, and really learn how to think about problems from his perspective. The real communication is not to talk endlessly, but to express the problem in a way that the other party can understand and hear.

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4. After break up with Virgo man, don’t continue to be friends with him

When a Virgo is in love, he will treat his lover as a child, will help you answer questions, and take care of your life in an orderly manner. At that time, you are basically like a disabled person, and he will take care of you. Its very good. When you gradually lose your passion or feelings or break up because of a problem between you, he will accept all the results calmly, because he understands that what he has done is worthwhile, because At that time, you were the one he really loved and loved him deeply, and he had done his best for you. He did not owe you, let alone the relationship, so after breaking up with Virgo man , He will become very calm, since it is not appropriate, since we cant go to the end together, then break up and give each other a way out. After the Virgo man break up, they will not fall into depression and may be depressed for a period of time, but this period When time passed, he would no longer think about these things.


We all know that Virgo has a lot of thoughts, mostly because he needs to clarify all his past emotions, past feelings, and people he has known before, so that he can be free from entanglements and concerns in the future. So when he sorts out all his emotions and thoughts, you are the one who doesnt matter to him. After breaking up with the Virgo man, if you still contact him, isnt it a bit boring to find yourself, he He just treats you as an old friend and he didn’t delete your contact information because he still loves you or treats you with special treatment, but he doesn’t think it is necessary to delete it. The real deletion is forgetting.


So when you break up with the Virgo man, as the ex of Virgo, dont have any contact with them anymore. Dont even do friends. He will only treat you as a normal friend. What you have experienced before It’s as if it has never happened before. His nonchalant attitude is the most ruthless. You may not be able to do it, but he can do it. At this time, you are the one who is injured.


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