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Use Your Love Tonight To Your Lover

I just wanna use your love tonight:

You are standing on the bridge looking at the scenery.

The people watching the scenery are looking at you from upstairs.

The bright moon decorates your window.

You decorate other people’s dreams.



Share a warm love story with you.

I just want to use your love tonight.

In her junior year, she liked to sit behind him and listen to his lectures.

He looked at the blackboard, she looked at him, and the handsome side face made her drool.

One day in class she asked her sister next to her: I want to pick a day to confess my love, which day is good?

The sister replied: May 20, 520 I love you.

But on 520 she struggled for a day and did not dare to go to him.

She received a phone call at almost 12 o’clock, the other party’s voice sounded so good that she trembled: “You said you would confess.”

“What about the confession you said you would make? I’ve been waiting for a day.”



Expression of love


1. Learn to love people in order to reap the happiness of work and life – Use your love tonight

I just want to use your love tonight. Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., a psychologist at Harvard University, said in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important than Intellectual Intelligence In his book “Emotional Intelligence: Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important than Intellectual Intelligence”, Daniel Goleman, PhD, of Harvard University, says that love and work are the dual competencies that mark a person’s overall maturity.

Learning to love people is an important ability that applies not only to everyday life, but also leaps into the workplace.

Harvard University started tracking 268 Harvard undergraduates in 1938 and continued to track them for 76 years to see “who would be the winner in life”, which is the famous “Grant Study”, and the data obtained from the Grant Study showed that The data from Grant’s study showed that the 58 people with the highest scores in “intimate relationships” had an average annual salary of $234,000, while the 31 people with the lowest scores had an average annual salary of less than $102,000.

Psychiatrist Joe Valiente, who directed the study from 1972-2004, said that love, intimacy, and the ability to make a good living were the most important factors. I just want to use your love tonight. Love, warmth and intimacy have a direct impact on a person’s “coping mechanisms,” says Valiente, and everyone inevitably encounters challenges and setbacks. frustration.

Regardless of age or culture, intimacy is likely to be the most important source of life satisfaction and emotional well-being for a person.

Putting aside the utilitarian desire to be a winner in life, life is so short that we need to devote more time to love, to express it well, and to be nourished by it, which is a lifelong practice and homework.

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2. How to love people? Understanding is the prerequisite for love – Use your love tonight

I just want to use your love tonight. Sometimes, we wonder why the couple next door looks harmonious and sweet, but we turn from love to indifference?

In fact, in this world, even the happiest marriages are said to have more than 200 times the idea of divorce and 50 times the urge to beat each other in their lifetime, so how can we seek common ground and agree to make the intimate relationship last like honey? Lose your love tonight: The heart of the matter is: understanding is more important than love, and expressing love in a way that understands.

I just wanna use your love tonight. Nowadays, we are always used to thinking rationally, too far from our feelings, and perhaps we have had negative feelings such as sadness, grief, pain, etc., which we habitually ignore.


So when the other person says their sadness, sadness, pain, we can no longer remember what it’s like to feel this way, so it’s hard to really understand.

So, when you can understand yourself, understand yourself, naturally, you will also go to understand another person.

Because of love, I want to understand you, because of understanding, to give you better love.


3. Communication skills: 3R expression method – Use your love tonight

Life is such a firewood, oil, salt and vinegar tea, two people get along for a long time, will gradually lose passion, but we can mobilize enthusiasm, using the 3R happiness method to express love, with words to make each other feel “you understand me”, “you are very concerned about me”, “I am different from others in your eyes”. “I am different from others in your eyes”.

I just wanna use your love tonight. The 3R happiness method is to split the words that bring happiness into 3 parts, which are reason, reply and result, for example, the simplest “you are great” can be split into: “Honey, your soup is so good, one sip of it is a day’s work. You are great, it’s great to have you!”


I just wanna use your love tonight.

The 3R happiness method embodies the complete logic of a person being focused on.

Reson, focus on the origins.

It does not make the feelings you want to express seem abrupt and does not embarrass the other person or yourself.

Respond, is to focus on the impact.

Express more about the effect of what the other person did on me, so that the other person can build a sense of concern and accomplishment for their feelings.

Result, is to focus on the conclusion.

Present the other person’s perception or status in my mind, so that the other person feels that you care about her.




1. Getting along – Use your love tonight

No matter what kind of relationship you’re in or how long you’ve been together, everyone can benefit from these final suggestions.

Turn off your phone/computer/TV.

I just wanna use your love tonight. Have you ever been out with your partner and suddenly realized that you’ve both been playing on your respective phones for the past hour and a half? Yuck! It’s definitely not romantic, but it does happen. Show your partner that you value the time you have with them by putting your phone away and focusing on them single-mindedly.


2. Never go to bed with anger – Use your love tonight

It’s as simple as that. It’s a daily way to show love and respect for your partner and never let disagreements, big or small, stop you from kissing, communicating and making up before bedtime.


3. Don’t forget your manners – Use your love tonight

I just wanna use your love tonight. Do you believe that the ultimate way to show appreciation is actually something you learned when you were still in diapers? It’s true! Never forget manners and use “please” and “thank you” often to show your appreciation for your partner!

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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