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40 Urban Love Quotes For Him Or Her

There are many quotes about love. I have collected some urban love quotes from all kinds of sentences. Over exertion is not self-confidence, distrust, afraid of too late to express their emotions, afraid of no time to wait patiently. But in fact, it’s easier to see the heart with a long flow, calm and deep. Let’s take a look at the urban love quotes I carefully arranged for you. You are welcome to read them for your reference.

40 Urban love quotes

1. The city with you is beautiful even if it rains.

2. It’s easier to leave forever than to meet, because meeting is a fate among hundreds of millions of people, and leaving is just the end of two people. It’s hard to meet, but it’s easy to break up, but the world can’t see the bustle of fate, always think that the opportunity is infinite, so don’t cherish the people in front of you. People, always like this, need a shoulder when they are sad, and embrace the world when they are happy. What time steals is always precious that you can’t see under your eyes.

3. When we first met, I didn’t think you were so important to me.

4. The best thing in life is to find someone who understands all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still feels great about you in all aspects.

5. Do you know what accident is? I never thought I would meet you, but I met you. I never thought I would love you, but I love you.

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Urban love quotes

6. Love this scene, I have no acting skills, so I quit, I choose to wait in silence, you seem to have lost sight of me, it doesn’t matter, I will wait, when you find me again, I am still waiting for you.

7. Because I don’t want you to be bothered by my love for you, I try to smile and cheat you to say that I’m relieved, but I still pay close attention to you silently and never leave. If you are still hesitating, if you still care about me, you might as well give me a possibility and give yourself a possibility.

8. Many people don’t need to see each other again, because it’s just passing by. Forgetting is our best memory for each other.

9. Once the self righteous, now the self suffering. Once said nothing, now speechless. Once each other warm, now each other strange. Once the promise is too beautiful, now the lie is too true. Once was, now is. How many times, how many now will I have? Let bygones be bygones. Learn to let bygones be bygones.

10. You can’t wake up a person who pretends to sleep, or move a person who doesn’t love you.

11. There is no such a moment, you have loved my persistence.

12. However, the city also has the advantage of at least being free to criticize the bad names of roads and other phenomena without worrying about them.

13. Romance that doesn’t belong to you is like a kite tied to the line. No matter how high it flies, it will fall; Feelings that don’t belong to you are like sand in your hand. No matter how tight you hold it, you will have the risk of passing away; It is not my heart, like clocks with hair, no matter how long you go, there will be a day of suspension

14. It’s satisfying to sit by your side, to see the pictures you see and spend your time

15. If you like, I like you; If you don’t want to, I’ll miss you alone. Would you like to?

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Love quotes for her

16. Most of the things that have been waiting for too long are not what they wanted at the beginning. The most precious thing in the world is not what you can never get or have got, but what you have got and may lose at any time! Loneliness is that no one is listening when you speak, but you have nothing to say when someone is listening!

17. Before, I said what kind of girl I want to find. Now, I find that when I really like someone, even if she doesn’t meet my standards, I still like her so much. In the past, when people asked me the criteria for choosing girls, I could always say a lot. Now, I find that when I really like someone, even if she doesn’t meet my standards, I still like her so much.

18. Our loneliness is like a city floating in the sky, as if it is a secret, but there is no way to tell.

19. Indifference is not necessarily forgotten, but it must be alienated. They have been silent for too long, and even need courage to take the initiative.

20. No matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassed, helpless and bitter you were yesterday, it’s all gone, it won’t come again and it can’t be changed. Let yesterday take away all the bitterness, all the tiredness and all the pain, and today, I will clean up my mood and start again!

21. In one’s life, there are some unspeakable secrets, unforgettable regrets, untouchable dreams and unforgettable love.

22. I know that your signature is not written for me, but I deceive myself into taking the right seat.

23. In fact, there is no such thing as deep feeling in the world. They don’t know how painful it is if the needle doesn’t stick to others.

24. Some people can’t hurt me with ten words, but you can tear my heart and tear my lung with one word. This is the difference of your status in my heart.

25. If you like two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really love the first one, you won’t love the second one.

26. Sometimes, it’s better to turn around and leave than to insist on pretending nothing happened.

27. I’m not good, but there’s only one me in the world. Cherish or not. If one day you lose me. I won’t let you find me again. Friendship or love. If I leave, I will never see you again.

28. It turns out that some people you think are very important. If you don’t contact them, they will never contact you.

29. If you just like it, why exaggerate it into love.

30. Once the story, once the concern, once the loneliness, once the resentment, once the can’t put down, but in this tearful night quietly disappeared. Tears flow, wake up, pain, injury gone, you go, this is fate, this is share. Believe in you, believe in life, believe in me, believe in fate, believe that everything has passed, believe that tomorrow will be a good face to everything, believe that the real self will always smile.

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Urban love quotes for him

31. Love is like knitting a sweater. When you knit it, it’s very romantic and perfect. But when you dismantle it, you just need to pull it gently, and then everything is gone.

32. He said, “you’ll find someone better than me.” You smile and say, “but I won’t be so nice to people anymore

33. Maybe some people think you are not good-looking, think you are bad tempered, think you are stupid, think you read less, think you don’t know how to communicate with people, think you will lose your temper, think you wordy. Please tell him that no matter how many faults a woman has, as long as she is kind enough, she is the best woman in the world.

34. If there is a kind of instant love, there is no need for ambiguous you to come and go, and it does not take too much time to cultivate. I have no strength to play the game of guessing, because I am afraid I will be hurt. What we want is about that. You can see at a glance that it’s this person. That’s right.

35. The current situation is that we can’t see the future clearly and we can’t go back to the past.

36. In this era of promiscuous love, a dear, at best is a Hello, why take it too seriously.

37. Sometimes people will get drunk if they love too long, sometimes people will break if they hate too long; Sometimes waiting too long, people will dry up! Love too long, the heart will be drunk? In fact, love for a long time, has become a habit. Hate too long, will the heart break? In fact, love and hate only between a thought, hate for a long time, maybe another sky. Waiting too long, will the heart dry up? Although time diluted everything, but the heart is in the original position, persistent jump

38. The first button is wrong, but you don’t find it until the last one. Some things are wrong at the beginning, but they have to be admitted only in the end.

39. In fact, when I met you for the first time, I really didn’t expect to have today’s love for you.

40. When you tear open a scar, only you can feel the pain. When you draw a picture without eyes, only you can understand the loss. When you are lost in the crowd, only you stand in the same place and don’t know where to go. When you stand in a square, only you can understand that your shadow is lonely. Only you can understand everything.

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