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Unfailing Love: Why Do You Fail In Love?


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Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? The core of emotional problems: the lack of habitual self-esteem and the weakness of personality

Generally speaking, there are several performances, which have no relation with the appearance, family background and wealth of a person. The concrete expression is “the lack of Conquest desire”. Meet the girl who likes, do not want to be the other boyfriend desire from the bottom of the heart.

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Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 1. passive

There is no desire to conquer. For example, for some people, the girl with a little bit of appearance is a little more active to him, and he starts to feel like a horse, and all kinds of ideas come out of her mind, “what does she mean by doing this?”“ What did she say that was suggesting? ” The whole person will be in anxiety and speculation.

Actually, think about how happy it is to be a man. If male led, but active talk to girls, invite others to eat, buy some gifts, even if the last can not catch up, the loss is just refused. But if it can be done, how much does a girl pay in the process“ Feelings, bodies and even pregnancy are possible, and girls are at a much greater risk.

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Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 2. cowardice

Chasing a girl, just encountered a little resistance and resistance, for example, to hand in hand, the other party refused, and never dared to touch. The behavior of the whole person is to shrink back, and start to fall into “emotional”, and gradually give up, which is the cowardice in the bone. What would the girl after think: “eh? Why didn’t he chase? ” Psychology may feel sorry, wondering, some even contact the person in turn. But the more she did, the more panicked the other person was.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 3. please

Invite girls to eat, to her all kinds of good, when sick with others, there is a need to be called, to people very pay. This is “please”, want to exchange the other party’s good feelings in this way. Even there will be more “cheap” behavior, and the idea that “can not keep her heart, but also the other party’s people” is the idea. Such people usually kneel in public, pray for each other, hope that the other party can give a little love and kindness.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 4. customary claim

Ask “do you have sex” and other opening points when you add friends to each other. Everything only thought of their own request, this behavior is also very disgusting and despised.

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Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 5. there is no way to do anything and can’t make achievements

Without achievement, if you don’t get good feedback, you will turn to yourself for excuses: “giving doesn’t have to be rewarded.”“ Giving and getting are not necessarily proportional. ” Take the pursuit of girls as a matter of view, pay does not have to have a return, but if not pay, and want to get, such things are possible?

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 6. for those who are not good at doing well and who are uncertain, they lack the spirit of repeated challenges

For example, if you encounter a problem, you don’t have to say that you can’t stop without hesitation. There will be many things in the world that are not good at. If they are not good at dealing with girls, will they not marry in their life? A typical person is not in his own field, and he doesn’t want to think about it, and he is not able to grasp it without his or her own efforts. Instead, do something you know better.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 7. I don’t know what to talk about.

People are the easiest to retreat, and the point of giving up is called “stress point”. To form a breakthrough moment, the pressure at that point is the biggest.

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For example, someone has the phobia of success. At the critical point, when chasing a girl for a long time, both sides feel very much, they dare not to go to the confession, dare not pierce the window paper, and determine the relationship. Many people never dare to touch that pressure point, which leads to a missed opportunity.

There is no chance to make up for it after the time. Another case, which is to ask for it directly as soon as it comes up, as said earlier: “shall we open a house?”“ Is it a contract. The core reason for this is to avoid stress points. When I think of pursuing girls, I feel so troublesome. I think it is better to make a direct appointment. In fact, I just bypass the pressure point and don’t want to face it. Third, please each other, stick to each other, give gifts to eat, or in the end, to escape that pressure point.

What is the pressure point?

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? It is something that makes people feel impatient, anxious and unprepared. In this case, people usually see the difficulties particularly big. This can also be called psychological threshold, for example, in today’s society, making 5 dollars a day is a very easy thing; Making $50 a day doesn’t make it hard. But if you make $500, do you feel stressed? If you make 5000 dollars a day, will it be particularly difficult? This is the psychological threshold.

So the key to stress is to dare not to face difficulties. Once you break through and get good feedback, you will build up confidence. If you give up because of fear, you will be encouraged, cowardly and feel incapable.

The logical error of emotional failure lies in: when the time is not mature, they want it, and dare not to do it when the time is mature. This is the common fault of all people with emotional problems.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 1.

The desire to conquer the other is not strong, but the desire for the other is strong

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? 2.

When you want to, but do not meet the conditions of your own ability, the following performance will appear:

Direct requirements

Like playing tricks


Flatter and flatter


That’s what we usually call a claim, a low value behavior.

You must resist pressure points.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? Many people encounter so-called stress points, the logical error is that they do not want to contact, because of the obstacles in their hearts. For example, I talk to the opposite sex on the Internet very hi, I can not speak when I meet. In fact, the reason is that they dare not contact with the opposite sex in real life, so they go to the Internet to transfer.

Unfailing love: Why do you fail in love? How to break through the pressure point? To cultivate the ability to break through pressure, it needs to start from small pressure points and gradually increase. From small to large, layer by layer breakthrough.

When you encounter something, as long as you get into negative and negative emotions, the results will not be good. Enter the state of negative energy, give others the feeling is withered, not energetic, cowardly, such people will not like.

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