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True Love Soulmate: 11 Tips To Meet The One

True Love Soulmate – True love and soulmate are the same things. Soulmates are real. Who are your true soulmates? Tell you today how to meet your true love. “You are so close to me, never far away from me for a moment.”

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True Love Soulmate: 11 Tips To Meet The One

True Love Soulmate

True love and soulmate are the same things. Soulmates are real. Who are your true soulmates? Tell you today how to meet your true love.

True Love Soulmate
Who is your ultimate soul mate?

True Love Soulmate
1. We meet because of the same frequency

Soul mates appear appropriately following our growth needs and evolutionary levels.

Carefully observe the people and things that appear around us, the same frequency can attract each other, it has nothing to do with age, beauty, or ugliness.

We will respect and admire some people, but we just won’t get close to them, because they have different frequencies. Some people know that they don’t need to touch, but they are attracted because they are at the same frequency level.

High-frequency vibration will affect the change of low-frequency, just as hot sunlight can dry a pool of water, and a cup of water can extinguish the small fire of a candle.

True Love Soulmate
2. Trust in attracting kind soul mates

In the human world, the most important basis for soul mates is mutual trust. First, you can find your soul mate by believing in yourself.

All truths, goodness, and beauty, are created by the trust. If you trust yourself, you will trust your choice, and you will naturally attract a soul mate who trusts your choice. Both trust each other in their own choices, so naturally, there is no doubt.

However, for some people, this process is reversed, first trusting the soul mate, and then improving themselves.

We trust a person, no matter what the other person does or makes us feel good or bad, we always find a reason for the other person to be kind, and always believe that what the other person does has a higher meaning.

This kind of object that allows us to generate fundamental spiritual trust is the best soul mate, a kind of inherited light of consciousness, a kind of manifestation of sun and moon Tai Chi, and the shock of the connection between the core of the universe.

True Love Soulmate
3. The dissolution of kindness is the biggest characteristic of a soul mate

No matter in any situation, our soul mates are compassionate beliefs in all our words and deeds. How much joy and trust we have, we echo the same frequency objects.

When we radiate the idea of perfection with ourselves as the center, we can also achieve the relative channel of perfection. With the length of our evolutionary stage, if the other party cannot grow at the same time, they will separate kindly and move forward separately.

Therefore, you can choose to set a soul mate who grows up with your mental age.

True Love Soulmate
4. The true soul mate is yourself

The soul mate is within oneself. The external soul mate is an external figure drawn through the frequency of ideas based on the image of the material world projected by one’s internal needs.

He is internally similar to his current needs, but he is not a real need. We just look at ourselves as we are through the words and deeds of our external soul mates.

Therefore, no soul mate is fixed and can meet your life needs, because our hearts are changing, and the other party is also changing. Everything is a continuous change.

This is why we always feel that no matter how close we are to others, we still have a distance. No matter how perfect the soul mate is, he is still him, not myself.

Soul mate is a nutrient, but it cannot fill our lack. Our lack can only be filled by ourselves.

True Love Soulmate
5. Soul mates are not necessarily inseparable from us for life

His characteristic lies in the trust and understanding of each other’s hearts, and it is easy to gather or disperse, and to bless each other. But the hearts are always together.

A compassionate soul mate appears, cherish the blessing;

The departure of a compassionate soul mate is also a cherished blessing.

True Love Soulmate
A letter to soulmate

True Love Soulmate
1. Fiery burning requires a clear consciousness to observe

According to legend, when souls are created, they are in pairs. After thousands of years of reincarnation, there is an eternal sense of intimacy between them.

When we are lost in the world and have yet to find a soul mate in life, there will always be a lonely black hole in our hearts to fill up the unevenness, and the other pains of life are insignificant compared with it.

Once the soul mate meets again in the vast sea of people, at the moment when the eyes meet each other, the current of true love runs through every nerve fiber in the body, and every cell can’t help but sing and cheer.

We will tell him all our inner secrets in less than a day. Many things that others would not understand after saying a thousand words, he would understand with just one look.

The flame of the joy of love is like a supernova, exploding violently in an instant, quickly ascending to the peak of ecstasy, radiating high heat and bright light into the dark universe! We will feel that the body and mind are beautiful and unspeakable, the person in front of us is perfect, and everything is magical!

However, such a fierce burning, if there is no clear consciousness to observe it, it will quickly dim and cool down.

If the personalities of both parties are not mature enough and there are still many gaps in the hearts, the heat of love will fade faster.

Most of the time, we are addicted to love, the desire to possess and control replaces the pure love at the beginning, endless struggle and pain continue. Started with sweet dreams, but ended with bitter heartbreak.

Returning from the splendid peak to the plain reality, or even falling to the bottom of grief, is often even more unbearable for the original life.

True Love Soulmate
2. The soul mate at the level of love is just an introductory state

Legends are romantic and narrow. More than a soul mate is a good match for love and love?

Only when they are inspired by love, their consciousness rises, and they see the higher nature of life, can such lovers be called soul mates. Or else, love will make us ignore the higher level of “big love”

This kind of “soul mate limited to the level of love” is just an introductory state. When the soul puts on the “ground jersey” of the body, the time to live in the material world is always short, but the soul’s pursuit of absolute truth, goodness, and beauty is eternal.

Through sitting and thinking, and hypnotizing backtracking, I found that people do continue to reincarnate, changing different roles in each life.

So I learned that all secular relationships: such as husband and wife, parent-child, lovers, teachers and students, friends, enemies… are all dressed up in costumes for a certain kind of learning course.

True Love Soulmate
3. Soul relationship is the relationship most in line with the truth of the universe

People living in the world are often tightly constrained by secular relationships. Everyone is educated: because you are my one and that, so you should do this and that. what! This is the source of people’s suffering.

I named the mysterious connection between soul mates “soul relationship.” Soul relationship is above all relationships. It is the deepest relationship between people and the most consistent with the truth of the universe.

Although sentient beings are confused and entangled in the interpersonal relationship of gratitude and grievances all day long, there is still a soul relationship between people, just unknowingly, he will not understand it again until the soul condition is restored after death.

Can people understand this truth in their lifetime? The sooner you understand, the sooner you will taste the sweetness of life.

Think about these must-have things:

● This life is only a small part of eternal life.

● The worldly relationship will change with different reincarnations.

● People are eternal learning partners.

● In the deepest place, all souls become one.

● The things that happen to each other, sorrows and joys or separation and reunion, are the most beautiful.

True Love Soulmate
4. Everyone in the world is a soul mate

Soul mates are partners who create karma and promote each other’s process of physical and mental evolution.

Those who have not yet understood this relationship, they “do it without knowing it” and unconsciously perform this wonderful task.

Some soul mates help us with positive love and care, while others help us toward the same goal in the opposite direction with hatred and persecution.

A pair of people who fully understand that each other belongs to the soul relationship. There is a subtle love between them, which is absolute love. No matter what their secular relationship is, they will always support each other unconditionally, to the end!

They are sincere and frank, there is nothing to say, nothing to let each other know.

No matter what happens on the secular level, it will only make them move closer to the “eternal unity of the soul.”

Between soul mates, there are no conditions and no obligations to love and be loved. This is a beautiful thing, and everything that fits with the truth of the universe is bound to be so beautiful.

Comprehending that “everyone in the world is a soul mate”, you have entered an advanced realm.

True Love Soulmate
5. All beings are soul mates

But we are not satisfied with this, and we have to set out to a higher peak.

It’s not just people who seem to be irrelevant, even life other than human beings have an inseparable soul relationship with us at the foundation of the soul.

I want to invite you from a higher point of view, you will see: “All beings are soul mates.”

You and I are a drop of water in the sea of souls, and the unprovoked foam makes us think that we are isolated individuals. Until the bubble of ignorance bursts, we will discover that you and I are eternal soul mates.

In the past, I was dazzled by love, so I regarded “you”-my lover-as my only soul mate.

Now I wake up, I know that you are in the form of a trillion, no matter where I go, you are by my side.

True Love Soulmate
6. I no longer look for “you” because you are everywhere

Yesterday, when I was reading in the living room, I saw that you were a cute little white butterfly, perched on the smiling flower on the balcony.

In the evening I walked into the park and saw that you were eucalyptus, linden, and kapok trees. You even play hide-and-seek with me by pretending to be dog’s liver grass or Xianfeng grass.

Today I came to the office and saw that you are my colleague, typing on the computer, printing reports, and contact numbers in front of and behind me.

I went out for dinner at noon and saw you become a noodle seller, cooking fragrant beef noodles with original sauce.

When I went home in the evening, I saw you transformed, dressed in a neat police uniform, commanding all the traffic on the main road imposingly.

At night, I looked up at the sky, still seeing you winking at me, the stars are shining!

You are so close to me, never far away from me for a moment.

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