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How To Sure True Love Never Dies?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: True love never dies

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How to sure true love never dies?

If one day, your partner becomes a very fat woman, will you stay with her? A 33 year old woman living in the United States, weighing 765 pounds, can be called “the fattest woman in the world”. But recently, it has been reported that she has got true love and is determined to take part in reality TV show and lose weight by surgery in order to marry her 22-year-old boyfriend. Many netizens will think: This is really true love. What is the performance of a man who really loves you? As a woman, how to get true love?

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Men really love your performance

True love never dies 1. He thinks what you have is the best

He usually laughs at you for not having a chest or a buttock. He points to Yang mm and says, “look at other people. That’s how you look.”. When you are depressed because of his words, thinking about the beauty of women for themselves, and having the idea of going to plastic surgery, you seriously say to him: many people go to breast augmentation, and you also want to go, he will be very angry and say: don’t be silly, it’s so good now.

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True love never dies 2. He calls you without any reason

When you are still at work, or at home, or at any time, he called and muttered that he didn’t have anything special, just wanted to have a few words with you. If he is in the office at this time, you may hear his other phones ringing one after another, but he turns a deaf ear and continues to finish what he is eager to say to you.

True love never dies 3. He pays attention to your every move

When talking to you, he will focus on your eyes and lips. When we go out to eat together, he will not carefully look at the beautiful girls in and out. Sometimes, his eyes will look at the distance, it is just to sort out his ideas.

True love never dies 4. He cares about your health

The man in your heart, care about your health, he will urge you to go to bed early, get up early. You tell him: wake me up early in the morning. In the morning, you have to stay in bed, he called several times, you can’t get up, finally get up late, you have to blame him for not calling you. He was very innocent, said: I see you sleep so well, do not have the heart to call you. He just wants you to sleep more, even if it’s just for a while.

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True love never dies 5. He will not hang up at any time

Men will be very tired of your phone when they are busy. Many men will be impatient and perfunctory to urge you to hang up the phone, regardless of your feelings. Let alone if both sides are making trouble.

The man in your heart will spoil you all the time. Don’t hang up on you at any time. Please wait patiently for you to hang up even when both parties are disputing and angry. When a man hangs up, a woman will be very disappointed. In fact, as long as the man does not hang up, the woman will feel that she has a sense of security. Even if the man is very angry, she will feel that you are just a knife in the mouth.

What should women do to get true love

True love never dies 1. Attack boldly

Expert comment: at this time, women are as quick eyed as fishermen with a fishing fork. In the face of hesitant men, the simplest way is the most effective. Some men immediately submit, secretly happy that you have made a decision for them. But there is also a drawback, that is, when you adopt a man’s way, you will scare away other men.

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True love never dies 2. Don’t pester each other

The stars, the moon and the sun all have their own trajectories. Similarly, she will not circle around him. When her chart indicates that his mercury is moving away from her Venus, she will not date him again. She won’t pester him or spy on him. He’s not the center of the universe.

True love never dies 3. Attract him with intelligence

Expert comment: this way is very suitable for those women with fair appearance and excellent intelligence quotient. Men generally believe that the beauty of intelligent beauties is like wine – the longer they stay together, the more lasting their charm is.

True love never dies 4. Mysterious

There is a difference between integrity and honesty. She’s honest, but that doesn’t mean she needs to confess everything. She doesn’t put her own cards on the table. She knows that close is not inferior – too familiar will plant the seeds of disrespect, and even the seeds of boredom.

True love never dies 5. Don’t let him see his embarrassment

She tried not to communicate with him when she was confused, and she tried not to communicate with him when she was upset. When he is clear headed, he can express it in a concise way.

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