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What Is Transcendental Love?

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What is transcendental love“ The word “love” contains too many different interpretations and viewpoints.

I remember one time when I was giving a speech to teenagers, I asked them what love is: “can you give a definition of” transcendental love “. However, the scene was silent

Then I suggested, “let’s put it another way. I’ll give you some definitions. Can you answer whether you agree with my definition?”, They all agreed.

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“Love is a feeling in your heart when you meet the right person -” after hearing this, everyone raised their hands to express their approval. At that time, I thought silently: This is the reason why many love relationships gradually fade. People start a relationship because of their physical attraction and feelings, but when these things gradually fade away, love decreases.

Eric Fromm mentioned in his famous book the art of love that people’s passive attitude towards love is the main reason for the breakdown of many love relationships.

What is transcendental love? 1So, what is transcendental love?

When you appreciate a person’s beauty, love is the emotional bond that brings you closer“ “Beautiful” may be a surprise for you. The feeling it brings to you is very rare, just as you seldom hear people say: “I am infatuated with his gentlemanly demeanor”, “I am infatuated with his magical and kind values”

Research shows that in those happy marriages, people appreciate and accept each other’s good moral qualities.

Jews believe that the flash we find in others is the flash we appreciate in ourselves. Whether it’s appearance, character, intelligence, diligence or talent, what you see in others is what you care about yourself.

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Like all things in life, love is actually a choice, a good choice to find others. Once you find others’ beauty, you have the ability to love others.

So how can we strengthen our relationship with others?

This needs more action to achieve. As human beings, our actions have a huge impact on our feelings.

For example, if you want to feel compassion for someone, you can start to imagine that feeling. But if you do it directly through giving, it’s faster than just imagining.

Love is the same, if you want to make your love more profound, then try to use the way of love to act, to pay! Many people think that there will be love to pay, but the fact is on the contrary, we only pay, the feeling of love will appear.

What is transcendental love? 2What is giving?

A boy bought a new bag as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. Is it a gift? On the surface it seems to be, but in fact it is not! A father gives money to his children to buy toys. Is it a payment? It looks like it, but it’s not!

Real giving is to know what the other party really wants and needs, far above the material needs, more emotional needs, we need to care about the happiness of others, just as we care about our own happiness.

Real giving is based on caring for others and thinking from the perspective of others. This will help us to go into each other’s world, so that we can find each other’s beauty more easily, and love him / her just as you love yourself. This is giving, and love comes from it.

11 years ago, I first met her, my classmate. At first, I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, but every time I helped her solve the problems in her life, gradually I became more and more infatuated with her, and finally she really became my girlfriend.

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The more we give, the more we love each other. That’s why our parents love us more than we do, because they give more than we do. Similarly, we love our children more than our children love us.

Deep and intimate love relationship needs mutual understanding and effort to produce, it can not be achieved overnight, in other words, love requires us to pay time and unremitting efforts!

What is transcendental love? It’s also a time for scientists to study what children understand about love. They ask children aged 4-8.

What is their answer? Here are some special and touching answers:

What is transcendental love? 01.

When my grandmother got arteriosclerosis, she could not bend over to paint her nail polish on her feet. My grandfather will help her to paint. Even if Grandpa is sick, he will help grandma paint her nails. This is love. Rebecca, 6 years old

What is transcendental love? 02.

When someone loves you, he will call your name in a unique way. When his name comes out of his mouth, you will feel that your name is the best protected name in the world Billy, 4 years old

What is transcendental love? 03.

Love is that when you go to a restaurant to eat, you will give all the chips to each other without asking for anything in return Kristy, 6 years old

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What is transcendental love? 04.

Love is when someone smiles at you when you are tired Terry, 4 years old

What is transcendental love? 05.

Love is when my mother makes coffee for my father, she will taste it herself to make sure the taste is just right Danny, 7 years old

What is transcendental love? 06.

Love is when you tell a child that he has a beautiful shirt. Since then, he wears that shirt every day Noel, 7

What is transcendental love? 07.

Love is when your eyelashes start to beat up and down, and there is light in your eyes Keren, 6

What is transcendental love? 08.

Love is when a puppy licks your cheek excitedly even if you leave it at home all day Mary Ann – 4 years old

What is transcendental love? 09.

If you don’t love, you can never say “I love”, but if you love, you can always talk about love, but people always forget this truth Jessica, 8

Some scientists try to find the child with the highest EQ according to the reaction of each child. So which child can get the highest award of EQ?

It’s a 4-year-old. His neighbor lost his wife, and when the child saw his neighbor crying, he went into his garden and fell on his knees. When his mother asked him what he had said to his neighbor, the child replied, “nothing. I just helped him cry.”

After listening to children’s understanding of love, how about you?

What does love mean to you?

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