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30 Romantic Love Words To The Man I Love, Let Him Move!

How to love a man? You can write some words to the man I love. How to get a guy to like you? In addition to men to men love, you can also tell him all the following love words, so that he will be deeply moved by you, and then like you very much.


1. To The Man I Love-I just hope that in your ideals and hopes, I can add a little encouragement to you, and give you a little strength and hope when you are frustrated and tired in your life. Anyway, please don’t forget that you still have my confidant.


2. To The Man I Love-I want to see your smiling face during the day, my gentleness at night, I want to hold your hand when I walk, I want to push your waist up the mountain, I want to see you dance when I sing, I want to work with you , Happiness wants to share with you!

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3. To The Man I Love-With you, I became the second happiest person in the world! Because I will work hard to make you the happiest person! I want you to be happier than me!


4. To The Man I Love-Women like to choose to marry a man when a man is successful in his career. When a man has setbacks in his career, he will have the idea of  marrying


5. To The Man I Love-I give my love to you to the blue sky, and the clouds to marry the sky; I give my love to you to the earth, and the flowers to the green grass; now I take my love back to you , Will you marry me?


6. To The Man I Love-If there are only ten minutes left, I will remember the wind and rain with you, if there are only three minutes left, I will kiss you, if there is only one minute left, I will say I love you again! “


7 To The Man I Love-I am in a foreign land, and I am concerned about you in the distance. A greeting represents my heart. I hope you can understand and understand. Slippery road in rain, drive slowly


8. To The Man I Love-It’s sour when you are thinking about love, just twitching a nerve, like a dart, every time you breathe, it twitches once, but you can’t stop breathing!


9. To The Man I Love-My heart beats for you every day in my life, I worry about you every second, I love you every moment and think about you


10. To The Man I Love-Happiness is when the passion fades and the appearance is aging, and the hands that hold you with no regrets; when the wealth is gone, the heart that accompanies you is still the heart that does not look back; when the disaster When sentient beings stay away, what warms you is still the uncool feeling. Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime.

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11. To The Man I Love-Buddha said that the five hundred times of looking back in his second past life, in exchange for the passing of this life. If it is true, I would like to spend 10,000 times in exchange for encounters with you, and I can tell you: “I want to love you well.”


12. To The Man I Love-Love is exchanged bit by bit, love is accumulated one by one. Missing is gathered drop by drop, and concerns are linked together. I cherish life and cherish you more; I love life and you more.


13. To The Man I Love-In the sky after the rain, a rainbow is called longing; in a silent night, a shooting star is called a wish; in the station of time, a wish is called forever; in a warm harbor, send A true love is called waiting. My dear, a long journey in life, this life and this life, I just want to know each other and be with you!


14. To The Man I Love-The fish said to the water: You can’t see my tears because I am in the water. Shui said: I can feel your tears because you are in my heart. How to fall in love with a man, just fall in love with a man.


15. To The Man I Love-You and I are two little goldfish in the fish tank, roaming in our romantic little world.


16. To The Man I Love-Looking at you all the time, I always feel that I cant see enough. I dont feel enough to stay together every day. I always want to hold you in my arms, making love to a man, and melting you. In my love.


17. To The Man I Love-a face sings the history of love, a fan draws a poem of love, a wave of ripples touches the sensibility of love, a moment of experience of love encounters, a sky widens The vision of love, a heartbeat that touched love.


18. To The Man I Love-The first time I saw you, my state of mind was like boiled water filled with red wine. There was a kind of mild excitement. Life without you is like potato chips without ketchup. I hope you can Understand my heart. How to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you? Just send this sentence out.

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19. To The Man I Love-What is helplessness? Three words “my love”, you are not there at the most beautiful moment; what is love? The two words “love love”, the love of life and death only brings you to love! What is happiness? The word “you” is my only favorite in this life! 321 Always line up, I want to love you forever!


20. To The Man I Love-Your affectionate eyes let me remember, your bright eyes like autumn water let me worry about it, your icy and clean face makes me obsessed with it, and your curvy and curvy posture makes me linger. I am willing to melt slowly in your deep, fiery love!



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