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5 Things On He Just Wants To Be Friends

What does he mean that he just wants to be friends? Why does he text me everyday if he only wants friendship? When a boy says that he just wants to be friends with you, you may ignore the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

How to tell if he likes you or just wants a fling? Does my ex want me back or just wants to be friends? In a relationship, it’s hard to judge your relationship easily by what the other person says. Most of the time, you need to observe the other person’s performance in daily behavior to determine his feelings for you.

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When a boy really likes you, there will be the following performance. At this time, you should not easily believe that the other party only wants to be friends with you. Maybe he is just testing your attitude towards him. What are the signs he wants to be more than friends? If he say he just wants to be friends, you need to pay attention to his attitude to you.

When he says that he just wants to be friends, pay attention to those behaviors

1. When he says that he just wants to be friends, whether he is hard to calm the feeling

A boy’s love is an irresistible instinct.

In the face of you, he will become at a loss, can’t help. He will not come up with the old way to treat you, because he does not want to tarnish his pure love. On the surface, he seems to be indifferent, but his behavior is cautious, always for your sake, and afraid of causing you bored.

If he just wants to be friends with you. He may take the initiative to chat with you and ask you out, but you are not only his only option.

The purpose of making friends is to make yourself comfortable. And for a person who likes, boys are more willing to make each other comfortable, even if they sometimes hurt themselves.

Potential inferiority complex

2. When he says that he just wants to be friends, do you know what scares boys the most?

In fact, If he just wants to be friends with you. This also means that men in front of the people they like, even if he has been unlimited scenery, but still secretly inferiority. He’s always asking for your opinion, always trying to make you happy.

Sometimes, if he just wants to be friends with you. He bought you a gift to see your surprise. He chats with you, is afraid you are alone. He sent you home because he was afraid of your danger.

And a boy just wants to be friends with you, and he is looking forward to the reward.

The purpose of buying gifts is to receive your gifts as well. He chats with you because he is afraid of being lonely. He took you home, maybe just because he was on the way.

It’s no taboo to say that the key to maintaining a friendship lies in “equal value exchange”. Once you don’t offer benefits in return, the friendship will fade after a long time.

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3. When he says that he just wants to be friends, does he is considerate to you

If he just wants to be friends with you, you should know that a boy who really likes you, many times, his behavior makes you feel helpless and lovely.

For boys, if they are not needed by the people they love, it will undoubtedly lead to “chronic death”. He always thinks that “he has to do something for you” to be worthy of his own and like it.

When you say that you are thin, his first reaction is not to praise you for being good-looking, but to blame you for “eating well”.

Suddenly, it’s overcast. His first reaction is not to fasten his buttons, but to take off his clothes and put them on you;

You said you didn’t need him to clean you, but he still picked up the broom and helped you clean it spotlessly, even though his own room had been in a mess for a long time

Boys who just want to make friends with you won’t make trouble for themselves. Friends make fun of each other instead of making trouble for themselves.

And a boy who really likes you, they will take the trouble to get things for themselves, sometimes in the eyes of girls may be “superfluous”, but for them, they are not tired of it.

4. When he says that he just wants to be friends, does he curious about you

If he just wants to be friends with you, you should know that if you send a message, he will figure out your mind behind your back. If you share a song, he will listen to all the songs secretly. If you send a sad message, he will think, “are you unhappy? How do you manage your emotions? “

You will be surprised to find that “he seems to understand the things you are interested in”; He can always find similar restaurants for what you like to eat; You like to do things, and he likes it very much and has patience.

But to tell the truth, there is no such coincidence in the world. It’s just that he prepared his lessons in advance.

And a boy who just wants to be friends with you, he will not cultivate things that are not interested in just for you. You talk about each other’s common interests, and what you eat is what both sides love to eat.

This also means that “he doesn’t have too much curiosity about you”. The purpose of his dealing with you is just to chat with each other, that’s all.

If he just wants to be friends with you, you also need to know that it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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