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12 Things To Do For Girlfriends Birthday, Make Her Cry


Do you know what kind of Things to do for girlfriends birthday should be made? Having a girlfriend and doing some romantic things to do for your gf on her birthday is an enviable thing, but every time you spend some important days during the Chinese New Year, it makes people a headache. Today, this article talks about some of my personal experiences. These Things to do for girlfriends birthday will move your girlfriend very much and are for reference only.

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1. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-confirm her birthday.

When you first start a relationship, you usually know it, either you ask or the other person tells you. Only a few sensitive people are unwilling to reveal their birthday. Now that society has progressed, people rarely care about this, so we can easily get our girlfriend’s birthday. Once you get it, you have to remember it so you dont make a mistake and waste money. This is the premise of doing something to do for girlfriends birthday.


2. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-understand her mind-what does she want?

What girls want will be exposed in daily life. If you dont pay attention, you can just ask “Hey, baby, what do you want?” If you think this is too direct, you can also be indirect. Say your friend wants to buy a gift for your girlfriend, and ask her what is better? Know what she wants, then you can buy one for her. If you need some advice on Things to do for girlfriends birthday, this is a good choice.


3. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-there must be gifts

Some girls will feel sorry for you to spend money, and then tell you she has nothing to want. Here you may have to ask, “How is it possible, isn’t such a girl extinct?” No, there are such girls, but they are relatively few. If you encounter it, it is your luck. If this is the case, you can buy one based on your strength. Accessories, cosmetics, clothes, chocolates, flowers… just buy one, you must have a gift. Buying gifts is a must, Things to do for girlfriends birthday


4. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-make a list of “why you like her”

In the gift you gave her, put a piece of paper, press 1234 and write down the reasons why you like her, and make a list. It doesn’t matter if the word is ugly by hand. It must be handwritten. This is a problem involving the soul-printed, no soul. Both girls and mature women like to be praised and list it.


5. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-a card.

If you just like her body, there is not much reason to write a list. Then write a card and write some sweet words on the card. It is best to write a poem. It doesnt matter if it sucks. Its true (if you really dont know how to write poems, then write a paragraph and divide it into small lines and small lines. OK, it is poetry). This Things to do for girlfriends birthday is very romantic.


6. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-You must wrap the gifts!

This Things to do for girlfriends birthday looks grand and has a stronger sense of ritual. People rely on clothing and politeness depends on packaging. A gift without a package, just like a bride without a wedding dress, feels not valued. So it must be packaged. If you dont know how to package it, you can find someone to help you package it. Let her feel your seriousness (for a woman, the process of opening a gift is more joyful than the gift itself).


7. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-In addition to giving things away, you can also take her out to do things you don’t usually do.

For example, go to a restaurant she has never been to. If it is too expensive, then prepare a romantic picnic for her. Don’t forget candles and flowers (wildflowers picked by the roadside or in the park are also fine).

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8. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-On her birthday, she is the queen.

This must be kept in mind. Many young couples, no matter how important the day, can be upset because of a little incident, but after a long time of preparation and anticipation of this day, it is instantly ruined. Therefore, you have to keep reminding yourself that today, she is the queen and can’t make trouble, otherwise she will hold grudges for a lifetime, and your efforts will be wasted. This is a cute thing to do for your girlfriend’s birthday.


9. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-write a love letter

This is a cute things to do for your girlfriend on her birthday. It’s as convenient as email and WeChat, but handwritten love letters are more sentimental. Letters tend to be more romantic and intimate. If you find it embarrassing to say it face to face, then your girlfriend will also like to hear these words on paper.


10. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-Send flowers

Try a surprise method that never goes out of style. Boxed chocolates, toy animals, jewelry, or a bouquet of her favorite roses, this is the most classic romantic gift. Be careful not to buy things at will, but to choose what she likes. This is a cute things to do for your girlfriend’s birthday.


11. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-accompany all day long

Things to do for gf birthday, companionship is a good choice. Do something she likes, even if it’s not something you like to do. For example, you can take your girlfriend shopping all day. If she doesn’t like shopping, you can take her to a drama or concert she likes, or try to accompany her to the places she mentioned.


12. Things to do for girlfriends birthday-Make a memory photo album

This is a fun things to do for girlfriends birthday. Make a photo or memory album. An album full of good memories of you and her will definitely surprise your girlfriend. The easiest way is to give her a simple photo album filled with precious photos of your past. If you want to do better, you can make a richer memory album, which includes your thoughts about each photo, or your appreciation of her.


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