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40 Things I Love About You

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: 40 things I love about you

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40 things I love about you 01. I want to go to the concert with you.

If we are in the front row and are swept by the big screen, we must embrace and kiss generously, and let others see our love in public.

If we were in the back row, we would hand in hand and wave the fluorescent wand together to listen to the songs that we used to listen to alone. If you can sing, I think your voice is more authentic than the songs on the stage.

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40 things I love about you 02. No matter what season, let’s walk hand in hand at night.

If we are tired of walking, we will go to the convenience store to buy a few cans of beer, sit on the road or overpass, and see the cars coming and going and the prosperous world.

We can talk face to face and cuddle up to go home. After all, before you came, I was walking alone at night, and those lonely memories should be replaced by you.

40 things I love about you 03. I want to take the chocolate you bought for me and watch many movies together.

If it wasn’t for the huge pile of ticket stubs in my family, I didn’t realize that I was always watching movies alone before.

40 things I love about you 04. I want to go shopping together and make breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I love sleeping in, not eating breakfast, eating irregularly. Maybe you used to smoke and drink, work overtime and eat instant noodles.

Then we must supervise each other and eat three meals a day together. I’ll study and learn how to cook the food you like. You should pay attention to the food I like and laugh together to clean up the mess.

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40 things I love about you 05. Travel together.

If time is limited, plan a trip for both of us. You can walk in the neighboring city, or you can go to another beautiful place in the country or the world.

Watch the sea, watch the sunrise, lie on the beach or lawn and watch the blue sky. In the past, they used to take photos of themselves and scenery. When you have them, you have to take photos of two people.

40 things I love about you 06. Wear clothes with the same color tone with you.

We all have our own favorite styles and clothing, so we should wear them with matching colors. Wherever we go, it will be a scenic spot.

40 things I love about you 07. Want to visit IKEA together and choose the tableware and home decoration we all love.

Whether it’s a high-end five-star hotel or a cheap hotel, we prefer to visit IKEA with people we like. It’s an impulse to get married right away.

40 things I love about you 08. Want to drive together at the weekend.

Let’s get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a look at the beautiful scenery on the edge of the city. You will be waiting for the traffic lights, turn around, smile and hold my hand.

40 things I love about you 09. If we are busy or lazy, we should go out to explore delicious food together.

It can be fresh and high-end dishes, or it can be unknown food. Although facing some unhealthy risks, Mexican barbecue, Korean fried chicken with beer can also occasionally walk back.

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40 things I love about you 10. Besides delicious food, we also need to keep fit together.

Morning run, night run can be, bad weather together in the gym.

40 things I love about you 11. Wear AJ shoes or my favorite ewing33 together and play on the court.

If you want to wear your favorite shirt, you can shoot with me. I can also sit on the sideline to watch you play and wait for you, let others look at us enviously and say: look, other people’s girlfriends are really enviable.

40 things I love about you 12. Tell the other party a lot of love words you have saved before.

In addition to I love you, I miss you, there are many love words in my heart. Like in “the first love of a millionaire”, write some words on a small note, put them in small capsules and put them in bottles.

If you are unintentionally “hurt” by me, you must remember to open “eat”.

40 things I love about you 13. I want to brush my teeth in the mirror together in the morning, and then kiss each other on the cheek when my mouth is full of bubbles.

You can blow my hair, I can shave your beard. Or stay in bed together for a long time.

40 things I love about you 14. Want to take a lot of style photos together.

Funny, serious, artistic, and wedding photos. We all have to pick a good-looking picture and put it in our wallet, and then expect a baby to join us.

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40 things I love about you 15. Want to go to the playground together.

Can play exciting roller coaster, can also sit sweet carousel. In order to prevent us from getting separated, we need to buy a big cartoon balloon and tie it to us.

40 things I love about you 16. I want to go bungee jumping, diving and parachuting together.

In this extreme sport, I must be full of you. So be sure to hold each other tightly to bungee jumping, experience a high-risk fun, and all you can see is the other side.

40 things I love about you 17. Tired, together in the sofa watching TV, playing games.

I lie in your lap or arms, even silence is not boring.

40 things I love about you 18. Before having a baby, let’s have a pet together.

Cats, dogs, rabbits, fish can, if we are very busy, then raise a lot of green plants.

40 things I love about you 19. Watch the snow together in winter, and then hold each other.

Write each other’s name and draw love on the foggy glass.

40 things I love about you 20. Eat hot pot together

It’s said that Chinese hot pot is very delicious. I want to eat it with you and watch each other spicy to tears.

40 things we love about you 21. I want to bask in the sun on the balcony in my spare time.

And then embrace from behind, such a simple love is not bad.

40 things we love about you 22. In addition to two people’s world, know each other’s good friends.

It’s OK. It’s good for us to have a party or a drink together. In this way, we can make up for some memories of not being around each other.

40 things we love about you 23. When we are down, we are all by each other’s side.

Can not comfort, nothing to say, just give each other a shoulder.

40 things we love about you 24. We can go shopping together, and also want to go to Art Museum and museum together.

In addition to pulling each other in the crowd, we also need to feel the atmosphere of art and history.

40 things we love about you 25. I want to record a lot of our anniversaries and interesting things, big and small.

Memorial day to have a sense of ceremony, those big and small interesting things to 40 things we love about you 26. keep old memories together.

I want to receive your present and flowers on my birthday.

I like you more than presents, and I will spend more time to prepare surprise for your birthday.

If we can, let’s make up for the birthdays and gifts that have been late for so many years.

40 things we love about you 26. I want to take you home and show my parents the good people who accompany me to take care of me now.

Finally, I can make them feel at ease and no longer worry that I will not be accompanied when I am old. I also want to be brought to my parents and family by you, and tell them that I am the choice of your final life.

You see, I will meet the love I really like and want. I hope you will do the same.

40 things I love about my husband 27. Drink together.

On a pleasant evening, find a quiet tavern and order a low degree cocktail, surrounded by soothing light music.

We don’t say sweet love words, and we don’t worry about whether you love me more or I love you more. Let’s talk about the interesting things that happened recently and the stupid things we did in college, like friends or confidants.

40 things I love about my husband 28. Write to the other party.

In this era, the screenshots of whats app come at hand, and it takes only one second to type “I love you”. No matter how many love words you say, you can’t see anything after you delete them.

So, I want to sit on a small table on the balcony one evening with a breeze and write you a letter quietly.

40 things I love about my husband 29. Study (work) together

If we are serious about being with you and want to have you around for the rest of our life, it is not enough for us to just eat, drink and have fun in our lives.

Love is the icing on the cake part of life, we must develop to do their own things before greasy crook.

We can make an appointment with the library, the coffee shop, I take my book, you take your computer, when doing something seriously is the most charming. When I am tired of learning, you will come and pinch my shoulder.

40 things I love about my husband 30. Surprise each other

Who would keep it fresh all the time? Little surprises in life are necessary.

For example, I secretly washed the fruit and sent it to your downstairs. For example, I suddenly had a packet of milk sugar in my bag. It turned out that you secretly put it in when I didn’t pay attention.

40 reasons why we love you 31. Take photos of lovers together

There is not a saying on the Internet that you are good to me. I want the whole world to know.

If I want to take photos with you, the photographer doesn’t have to make us move. It’s just our daily routine. I want to use this simplest and straightforward way to tell my friends on the list, look, this person is my other half.

40 reasons why we love you 32. Watch fireworks together

Although those beautiful things are perishable, I feel very satisfied when you accompany me in the perishable scene.

40 reasons why we love you 33. After the quarrel, take the initiative to admit your mistake

Two people are together, in addition to the problem of principle, how serious can the usual noise be?

Boys and girls will be angry, this time both sides think a little more for each other, give each other a little more face, take the initiative to apologize, take the initiative to admit their mistakes.

Although this matter, you may not have any mistakes, but you can let each other know: I really care about our feelings. After this, two people can communicate well.

40 reasons why we love you 34. Be in a daze together

In a lazy afternoon, I lean on your arms, two cups of coffee on the coffee table, do nothing, just stay quietly is also good.

It’s not required that everything in my mind should be related to each other. Maybe I’m thinking about what to eat for dinner, but what you’re thinking about is why Sino US relations have become increasingly tense recently.

I know there are you around, so peace of mind, give each other the greatest freedom, but also to their own most comfortable love.

There are many things that two people want to do together. I hope you can find one:

In the ordinary life, not only can be fun to toss, but also specially for you to create some small happiness, and willing to accompany you to the last person.

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