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There Is Love! Good Love Is Worth Pursuing In Our Lifetime

I think love is a matter of two people. There is love! The premise of love is to meet the right person. The secret of long-lasting love is eight words: There is love, mutual appreciation, mutual need.

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1. Actually, I think the marriage life I have always longed for does not require much, ordinary, plain, peaceful, mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, and can have a harmonious and happy home. There is love, love me as though there were no tomorrow.


2. Simplicity is a kind of happiness. There is love. I never want to find a very wealthy person by myself, because I think those are not mine and have nothing to do with me, so I hope that what I have in the future will make me feel solid and real. There is love, there’s only you in my heart.


I have always felt that a person, especially a girl, has to buy what he wants, and what level of life he wants, you have to fight for yourself, take care of yourself, and live beautifully, and you are responsible for yourself. If a person can’t even take care of himself, how to take care of others. A person who doesn’t even love himself, why should others love you? There is love, there’s no way to hide since you pushed my love aside.


I just want the happiness that I can grasp, the life that I can see, the love that I love. There is love, there must be love.


3. There is love. In the past, I always complained why I had to wait so long for that person not to show up. Later, I thought he must be complaining somewhere, and I was balanced. The process of waiting is to better meet and meet the person who understands you. There is love.


4. I won’t want anything that doesn’t belong to me. I never owe anything to others, and I have to pay back what I owe, so if you want to be practical, you have to fight for it yourself. I value feelings, family, friendship, and love, and I value everything. They are my most important thing. Family is my eternal support. Friends makes me feel lonely no longer. My lover is the one I think will stay with me forever. There is love.


5. No one can tell, and no one can comfort you. Later, after discovering that you have gone through those bad and embarrassing days, you will grow up and become stronger. So I am grateful to those who have been upset for me in the years and helped me grow quickly. There is love.

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6. Life is: qualitative, governor, choose dream, meet people, choose city, and die. After meeting you, my life is left forever! There is love, there’s a ribbon in the sky that I love.


7. What I want is always, forever, for a lifetime, for a lifetime. What I want is also, holding hands will not let go. There is love, there’s no greater love than this.


8, fools, will be happy in the future. You only smile at me. Your warmth belongs only to me. So your smile belongs only to me. There is love.


9. You will be responsible for happiness in the future, and I will be responsible for happiness. You are responsible for being beautiful, and I am responsible for making money to support the family. There is love, the brilliant green there will be love there.


10. How long to wait? I don’t want to wait! When we are all ready. I have waited so long to meet us. I want a unique wedding, the thing of a lifetime. It belongs only to us. I want a wedding to allow our close relatives, friends, classmates, and colleagues to witness the blossoming and fruiting of our love until the towering trees. There is love.


11. We must all be good. Tortured each other to the end, sad and determined not to let go. Love hurts and enjoys. Being able to meet is destiny’s best arrangement for us, and I am very grateful to all those who help us. There is love.


12. Today’s rain is specially prepared for us. Haha, no matter if it rains or thunders on a cloudy day, I will be by your side. I am not afraid of you. Say good things in the same boat, talk about sharing weal and woe, talk about mutual support. There is love.


13. The best love is that you are making trouble, he is laughing, no matter what, he will not leave you, he will not be willing to make you sad, seeing you happy is his happiest thing, loving you has become one Kind of habit. There is love.


14. I am your destiny. I will walk with you in your world. There is love.


15. Not much is required. It is enough to have a lover who truly loves each other and a family that loves each other. Nothing else matters anymore. He is poor, I accompany him to drink water and eat buns, he is rich, I accompany him to enjoy himself, he is sick and I take care of him. Meeting him is the best arrangement of fate, and I will always be with him! Contentment, gratitude. Thank you for the blessing of fate, thank you for the people we meet. . I have no time to participate in your past, and I will accompany you to the end of your present and future. There is love.


16, a pious heart, walk steadily, the most true happiness, the most affectionate lover. In the days after you, in the future, I hope I can use my life to protect you, love you, illuminate you, give you warmth, and live with you peacefully, counting down this like a fleeting year. There is love. I am willing to have your company, care and love in the days to come, and I will cherish all of us and watch the flowers bloom with you. There is love.


17. A lifetime is not long, it is enough to meet a confidant. Life cannot be at the same time, I hope death can be the same point. There is love.


18. Every minute and every second in the future will accompany you and will not make you alone. It turns out that the happiest thing is to have a person who loves you the most and is always by your side. Pursue a piece of happiness that belongs to you, simple, practical, and at ease. If one day I want to get married, let’s get married! There is love, there’s too much love.

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19. What do you think is the best way for two people to get along? Respect each other and trust each other on the basis of in-depth understanding. The secret of happiness is to maintain close relationships. There is love.


20. Be the only one for your whole life, There is love.


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