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The Weeknd Drunk In Love: Our Love

The weeknd drunk in love:

The so-called most unforgettable is never remembered, but never forgotten.

I turned the whole world upside down just to set your reflections right.



The incandescence of love

The weeknd drunk in love: The world has a will to have feelings for each other, a feeling, emotional attachment, a free, bold sentiment, a sweet love, it is so beautiful, and so colorful, rendering a different color in the lonely pale life, life is enriched by having these beautiful things.

The weeknd drunk in love: Love is mutual, rare emotions, it is worth cherishing, need to tolerate each other, understand each other, need to adhere to, two love together to last, life can have no emotion to love to the fierce frenzy, but also no love to the romantic wonderful. True love is born from the heart, the heart and the heart of the exchange of sparks from the collision, care of love, can make the rush of years full of happy feelings, so that every second of life is filled with the breath of love, as if the goddess of love Venus exhaled, so that people are intoxicated, immersed in the world of love.




The weeknd drunk in love: Love is a roller coaster of a process, experiencing quiet waiting, full of expectation of a good heartbeat, followed by a surge of violent throbbing, as well as the careful care of the approaching parking. The beautiful soul of his / her beloved, the experience of sweet love for each other, the sweet smell of love deeply attracts every pair of Adam and Eve. Love is like a flame that never goes out, always burning fiercely and passionately between each other. Love is like a delicate rose, romance blooms in the young and beautiful years between each other.


The weeknd drunk in love: Love in the eyes of those who love each other, is happy, pleasant, is the door to happiness, there is a longing for the thought, a desire that is difficult to suppress, the eyes of the lover out of the West, hot men and women in love can often see each other like fire blazing eyes, people who have not experienced love, only more and more spiritual aspects of the empty, lonely, isolated, difficult to decompress. Love is just a seasoning for life. In real life, only grit your teeth, keep moving forward, and enrich your spiritual life, in order to constantly show the meaning of life.

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The experience of love

The weeknd drunk in love: Love is a beautiful experience, but sometimes it is also a bad feeling, and nine out of ten things in life are not as good as they should be. Life is a journey that is constantly moving forward, there is always the sunshine of the day and the dark side of the night, inevitably not as good as it should be, into the trough, but there is no need to be impatient and anxious.

The weeknd drunk in love: The same is true for feelings, not every relationship can grow old together, there is always a first quitter in unhappy love, if one party has separate ideas, you can retain, but do not have to force, the melon is not sweet, love a person, first of all, to learn to fulfill, to learn to let go, can not retain the love can end with a blessing, cherish when you have, no regrets when you lose, this may be the essence of love The first thing you need to do is to get the right kind of emotion.



The weeknd drunk in love: The most important thing to do is to learn to think, know how to think, think to make people wise, an unwise person, if you jump into the whirlpool of lost love, it will become painful, want to struggle but difficult to break free, will only get deeper and deeper, harming people and harming themselves, and even towards the extreme road. The weeknd drunk in love: Depressed, the heart is even more scarred.

And a thoughtful person, not only will not suffer, but also with a good mood to meet the new day, at least not because of the disappointment of the love field and become negative, will be able to keep the good once in the heart, not to complain about her insistence on leaving, but also to bless her, in fact, there is no right or wrong in terms of feelings, so the loss of feelings of love is not necessary to stay, love is not something that can be paid in return, today’s society so many licking dogs, who will pity them. Who will also pity them, sensible treatment of feelings, sensible treatment of love, is the positive attitude towards life.



The weeknd drunk in love: The love is wonderful, sometimes a chance coincidentally favored love, in the crowd passing by, whether you are still alone, who can walk with you side by side, and you become a pair of passers-by in the red dust, with you in the love boat, continue to move forward, straight to the other side of love. In the vast world of people, only two lovers can be happy and content.




Love is the experience of destiny

The weeknd drunk in love: In this cold world there is a kind of love called fate. In the vast sea of people meet, in the unconscious moment occurred. Love met in every corner of the world, and ultimately still feel the best feeling of first love, the most difficult to forget, this is not a coincidence, this is not a coincidence, each feeling only the first impression is the most profound, the most engraved, is the fate of the meditation. A power like the invisible winding of silk thread, in each contact to increase the probability and possibility of meeting.


The weeknd drunk in love: Trees draw nutrients from the ground by rooting, sprouting and blossoming. The same is true for people, who need to work hard to absorb the knowledge of nutrition and grow healthy and strong. The weeknd drunk in love: Especially in the middle of the love affair that wonderful moment, but also need each other’s watering, love is two people to maintain each other, two parties to protect, in order to continue to grow and become a great tree. Love is sincere, is to withstand the test of history, time will prove the sincerity of love, may every relationship can be cherished treatment, may the world true love is still long.



I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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