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The Social Skills Guidebook: To Pursue A Girl

The social skills guidebook: Want to know how to get a girl’s attention and make an impression on her in the first place? Use these tips wherever you are, and she’s sure to be interested!

You want to impress her at first sight, but the tricky part is that you barely have a few seconds before she makes up her mind about you. So how do you make a good impression on her? And what can you do to grab a girl’s attention and give you a second chance, if not more?

The social skills guidebook: Trying to get a girl’s attention depends a lot on first impressions. Guys are always attracted to girls who look good and have a happy vibe.

And girls are no different. While a well-defined chin and rock-hard abs may not be the only criteria for a girl to be attracted to a guy, appearance and first impressions play a very important role right from the start. Especially if you want to get her attention, and her interest.


If you are walking down the street or sitting in a cafe and a girl walks past you, what is the first thing you notice about her?

The social skills guidebook: You will definitely notice her face, her body, her dress and the way she acts. If she had any outstanding qualities, you would surely see them too!

Just like you, a girl will notice something about you. The social skills guidebook: It’s instinctive, considering that the first thing a girl can do is notice you and “measure” you, and she’s bound to judge you based on her sight and your appearance, at least at first glance.

When you talk to a girl, how do you get her attention?

So you probably already know the girl, or maybe, you’ve approached her perfectly and now you’re having a conversation with her. Well, so far, that’s good news! When you are around a girl, here are a few things you need to remember to get her attention and keep her interested in you.

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1. Compliment her

The social skills guidebook: Pleasant compliments are the way to a girl’s heart. A girl will never forget a sincere compliment. If you want a girl to think of you, say something nice and add a little naughty or flirtatious words to set it off.


2. Be a gentleman around her

Behave like a real man around her. Be dependable and make her feel protected around you. The social skills guidebook: When a girl feels safe around you, she will enjoy spending time with you. As a reminder, don’t accept all her requests or enter her circle of friends by acting like a sore loser around her like this. Always respect yourself.


3. Make her happy

The social skills guidebook: Build your sense of humor with an upbeat approach to life. But you don’t have to act like a clown. Just be yourself and find humor in your surroundings. Check out this guide on how to be a funny person and make people enjoy your company for all the ways you can be funnier without using any type of self-deprecating humor.


4. Shine the spotlight on her

The social skills guidebook: When you are talking to a group of girls, or if she is with another friend, make it clear that you are interested in her. Of course, you need to give everyone attention because you don’t want to bore her friends or make them feel left out. But make sure you save all your flirtatious words and compliments for her.


5. Tease her

On the one hand, you have to make it very obvious that you like her. But at the same time, don’t turn into a wishy-washy person. The social skills guidebook: Don’t try too hard to please her, or your overzealousness will turn her off.

Tease her occasionally by pulling her leg and flirting with her so her friends can join in the flirting. Smile, make her laugh, and subtly get her to flirt back with you.


6. Make her like you without asking her out

If your feelings are right, don’t ask her out yet and don’t reveal your feelings for her. When you invite a girl to hang out with you, you are making it difficult for her. Once you ask her out, there’s no turning back. She may even avoid you or feel awkward around you if she’s not ready to go out with you.

Instead, focus on getting her to fall head over heels for you in the first place. That’s the trick, every time. The social skills guidebook: Never show your cards unless you’re pretty sure that luck is in your favor.

The social skills guidebook: Once you understand what is the key to making a lasting impression, then you will naturally know how to get a girl’s attention, wherever you are, as long as you remember what is important.


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