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The Progress Of Love The Pursuit

The progress of love the pursuit: In the pursuit of love, slowly learned to love themselves more important than love others. This is perhaps a kind of progress.

When a person is willing to give and take responsibility, that is the beginning of growth; when a person can manage his emotions well, that is the beginning of excellence; when a person can learn to look inward and always reflect on himself, that is the beginning of progress; when a person can learn to be grateful and thankful for everything given in life, that is the beginning of moving towards happiness!




Life is not just sitting around waiting for good fortune to fall from the sky. Even if it is destined, you have to find it out for yourself. The progress of love the pursuit: The result will be very different with or without effort. In my past experience, the harder I tried, the better I found something. When I got it, it would feel like everything was so meant to be. But if you don’t work hard for it, what you get may be something else, and that result also seems predetermined.


The progress of love the pursuit: Love yourself well and pull yourself up in bad moods.

It seems that every time you encounter disappointment, you will gently cut a wound in your heart.

One day, they completely fell into the abyss of grief, and even gave up tossing and turning, just letting themselves, layer by layer, fall down, stumbling and stumbling.

However, the abyss of emotions, really can not be allowed to fall down. The worse the emotions, the greater the damage.


The progress of love the pursuit: The lost name and profit can be fought back, love the wrong person, there will be a new encounter. Does that hurt self still have the strength it once had?

Health, courage, passion, confidence, patience ……

The progress of love the pursuit: These are the most valuable resources that wither in the bad mood, perhaps, for a long time can not be found back.

So, love yourself well, is no matter how hard, how reluctant, bad moods must pull yourself a hand.

The bad emotions pull yourself a hand, do not let it hurt yourself, the heart to raise a good, in order to start again.




Love yourself well and push yourself in slackness.

The progress of love the pursuit: There are two kinds of happiness in life, short-acting happiness and long-acting happiness.

Short-acting happiness costs less and has faster results. For example, eat some good food, sleep, play a game, reach out to touch, want to achieve.

However, when we indulge in these things all day long, it doesn’t take much effort, but it doesn’t give us deeper pleasure.

The progress of love the pursuit: Burying our heads in the sand, stepping through hardships and obstacles, shedding tears and sweating ground joy, can only nourish us more deeply.


So, love yourself, you have to let life in the casual, but also to have groveling, painstaking attainment of the arrival.

The progress of love the pursuit: Love yourself, you have to allow yourself to spell over some suffering, try hard to reach the distant shore, and let yourself feel that fullness of solidity and happiness.

The progress of love the pursuit: Love yourself well, push yourself in the slack, and let yourself steer the ship in the ocean of life. Instead of going with the flow and letting the wind and waves blow.

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Love yourself well and live each day well.

I used to think that it’s okay to be a little bitter, bitter through, the future will be sweet.

However, we went to the future of yesterday, still did not receive those savings, and thought, it does not matter, now do not have to pity themselves, good days will be in the future!

How far can people who do not pity themselves go? We think we are saving for the future, but in fact we are overspending ourselves.

The progress of love the pursuit: Every day that does not dance is a disappointment to life. Love yourself, is to live each day a good hand.

The progress of love the pursuit: Perhaps, now you are still young, not yet from life and death to see the years, but, no matter what stage of life, today, are limited edition.

You can’t go back if you’ve gone through.





Every day, every year, we are moving towards a different version of ourselves.

The look of tomorrow is hidden in the love of today.

Love yourself well, no matter what age we are walking, is the most important thing.

The progress of love the pursuit: Love yourself well, whether you are loved or left out. It doesn’t matter, when we treat ourselves badly, how can we expect others to do so?

Love yourself, whether you are standing on the top of the mountain or the valley of disappointment. Life is the ups and downs, the people at the bottom of the mountain will come up, the people on the mountain will also go down, a twist and turn, before going to the distance.


Love yourself well, whether youth in hand or gray hair. What the heart feels is happiness, and what the hand can hold is what it has.

The progress of love the pursuit: Life is like a pencil, the beginning is very sharp, experience more, it will be rounded, can not bear it will break. Don’t complain about all the things you experience, learn to bear, learn to persevere, you can draw a beautiful landscape on white paper … your energy is beyond your imagination …

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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