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The Mastery of Love Summary Taught Us What?

The master of love summary. To draw a charming picture of love, to perform a beautiful love drama, we must master the knowledge of love, we must understand the art of love. I read The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship, and got a lot of inspiration about relationship. I wrote some of the inspiration in this article, but a short article can’t express my feelings. I will write it slowly in the future.

Although both men and women are in love at the same time, there are obvious differences in their external expression and internal psychological mystery. These differences are determined by social conditions and are caused by gender characteristics. The differences between men and women in love psychology are as follows

The master of love summary – differences between men and women in love psychology

1. The master of love summary – The difference between fast and slow

From the aspect of love germination, generally speaking, men come faster than women. Men are more intense at the beginning of love, and have a certain blindness. This is because men’s ability to distinguish the object of love is worse than women’s, and they are more careless, often unable to examine women’s psychological response. Men lack the ability to defend and resist the external temptation of sex appeal. Generally speaking, they only rely on their directness, and will soon be strongly attracted by the appearance of women. A woman’s pretty face and beautiful figure will make her interested and love her. Especially when the woman shows a good feeling for him, she will soon fall in love, and then can’t wait to express her love to the other party.

Women, on the other hand, tend to be cautious about the relationship between the two sexes, especially heterosexuality. They will carefully observe the trend of each other’s feelings, and at the same time have a preventive psychology. Women are willing to have a longer time to get to know each other, and do some testing and testing appropriately. Therefore, we should take a steady and reserved attitude towards love, be able to control our emotions, and not show our love easily.

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2. The master of love summary – The difference between active and passive

From the aspect of love momentum, men usually take an active attitude, take an external way, and play an offensive role. Once they find the woman they love, they will take advantage of all kinds of opportunities, find all kinds of reasons and try their best to get close to her. If the other party doesn’t feel disgusted, he will advance an inch, make more contact, and be gallant to win the favor of the woman and show his sincerity. Men also like to show themselves in front of women, to show their strengths and strengths, to show their charm. At the same time, try to cover up their weaknesses and shortcomings, in order to get the favor of the other side. This point has been mentioned many times in the book The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship.

Women generally take a passive, introverted way, and play a defensive role. Although she likes a man, she is shy and hard to speak, lacking courage and courage to pursue. Only in the appropriate time to do some hints, but eagerly looking forward to the other party to pursue themselves. When they are pursued by the people they love, they deliberately dodge and show self-esteem.

3. The master of love summary – The difference between forthright and implicit

From the aspect of love, men are generally more straightforward and exposed, and even rude. Once they are burned by love, they can’t wait to make some intimate actions, such as kissing, hugging, touching each other, and even strive to break through the defense line of sexual relationship. In this respect, it is very important for women to have a good sense of propriety.

Most women are formal, reserved and shy when it comes to the relationship between the two sexes.

They need to be close to each other psychologically, rather than physically, and pay attention to spiritual enjoyment. Only when they are in a certain degree of heat, they are willing to accept men’s hugs and kisses and actively cooperate with them. Most of them take a serious attitude towards sexual relations and achieve chastity and self love.

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4. The master of love summary – The difference between valuing him and belittling him

From the aspect of love clothing, men and women love each other, love each other, and generally pay attention to clothing, but there are differences in attention. Women tend to focus on themselves, while men pay attention to each other. Any man, without exception, likes a woman with beautiful dress, pleasant hairstyle and fragrance.

On the contrary, women generally don’t care about their lovers’ clothes and don’t like their lovers’ deliberate dressing. They think that the men who spend a lot of time to decorate themselves are mostly dissolute brothers, who are vain and show contempt for confession. Of course, this does not mean that women like men who are disheveled and disheveled.

The differences between men and women in the above aspects of relationship are only common, but their individual psychology is very different. The so-called thousands of appearance, thousands of temper, in love is also the case. A woman may be enthusiastic, a man may be restrained. But after all, men and women are two different hemispheres, and the differences in their love hearts really exist.

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