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What To Text After No Contact Period Examples?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:What to text after no contact period examples

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What to text after no contact period examples? We must remember that the first chat after breaking up should weaken your purpose, blur your intention, don’t look for trouble, and don’t talk nonsense with your ex.

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There are three situations

What to text after no contact period examples? 1. We can be friends now

The so-called mutual now can be friends, that is to say, the current state of the two sides is not when they are very emotional when they just broke up. The mentality of the two sides is relatively calm and the mood is relatively stable.

Two people have been able to communicate, but each other’s attitude is relatively cold.

In this case, don’t put a low profile to beg the other party, in addition, you don’t chat with him about some boring topics, ordinary chat will let the other party alienate you, even arouse his defensive heart to you.

After all, you have broken up, and the frequency of his chatting with you, including your world, is no longer intersecting.

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If you don’t chat with him so often, he will think that you have evaporated from his life and realize that he has lost you. At this time, he is likely to miss you.

But if you have something to do and have nothing to do, you can chat with each other and expose all your state to him. Your sense of mystery will disappear. Then the other party has been adapting to this state. At the same time, he is looking for new goals.

Therefore, in this case, you can choose the following two ways to start the multiplex,

What to text after no contact period examples? Option 1: let it be, connect and recall together

You can connect through some common memories and say they remind you of each other. But keep this message in mind and be relaxed. And it’s better to add a little humor to make the other person think that you’re not here to pick fault or get back together.

It is worth noting that such memories are as natural as possible.

For example: “today, I happened to see the restaurant we used to go to, and their facade was redecorated. I saw the new dishes on the sign at the door. Have you been there again?”

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In addition to relating memories, you can also relate recent events that happened to each other.

For example: “recently, an old friend of mine was ill and hospitalized. It is said that he has been admitted to ICU. He is also a doctor. You doctors are really tired. You must pay attention not to be too tired. Protect your body. Do you still have stomach pain often?”

What to text after no contact period examples? Option 2: seek advice

The way of seeking advice must be used with caution. After all, when you seek help, you belittle yourself. Therefore, the problem you want to seek advice must be of value and level, and the other party is good at it.

When you ask a question to anyone, be true and don’t let the other person think you are deliberate.

There are still many ways of multiple links. I won’t list them one by one here. The methods and strategies are a reference for thinking. Don’t copy them mechanically.

Here I would like to remind you that in the process of chatting, you keep infiltrating. My chat with you is random, not that I sincerely want to chat with you, but that I need your help.

And to moderate to clarify their motivation, I am not to find you compound, this can greatly reduce each other’s defensive heart.

In this way, even if the other party doesn’t want to talk to you, he will reply to you. Because if he doesn’t come back to you, he will be narrow-minded.

For those who have been separated for a long time, remember this secret: you don’t even admit that you want to get back together, and if necessary, throw the pot away: you think too much

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What to text after no contact period examples? 2. The relationship between the two sides is in a state of fuzziness and repetition

In fact, this situation is in a middle state. The predecessor’s attitude is very complicated and vague. He occasionally has thoughts about you, which is why he will contact you after drinking in the middle of the night.

But at the same time, unhappiness still exists. He still has a shadow on you. He wants to intersect with you and is afraid of intersecting with you.

Therefore, at this time, the predecessor will have two attitudes — tend to compound, or tend to continue to break up.

In this case, we should abide by such tactics: if the enemy doesn’t move, I won’t move. Instead of showing the cards you want to talk about, we should first test whether the other side is willing to contact you.

Therefore, you can try to find an objective reason to contact. There are several better ways:

What to text after no contact period examples? (1) Emotional bond method: pets you keep together, concerts you agreed to go to, etc;

What to text after no contact period examples? (2) I just found this in the general cleaning. Do you want to wait;

What to text after no contact period examples? (3) Simple help method — my express mail is wrong, or recently I am on a business trip, but I have a very important express, I want to send it to you first?

What to text after no contact period examples? (4) Knock on the side method — find a middleman, in front of him, pretend to mention you inadvertently, test his attitude.

What to text after no contact period examples? 3. Strongly disagree with compound

The predecessor is still in the immediate effect of hating you. In his impression, you are still the one with only shortcomings, and he has too many emotions to vent.

But at the same time, now you are in a very uncomfortable stage, you have not accepted the fact that you broke up, so now you will often talk about it, trying to persuade your ex with truth + oath + reason.

Your behavior will make him more and more angry, and finally make the other party feel unreasonable, so the other party gave up communication.

The tactic of this situation is that the enemy will not move. You have to let the other person talk first. Moreover, most of your conversations are emotional. The more your predecessors talk, the more information will be exposed.

If you make a lot of mistakes before and after the breakup, it is not advisable for you to act like a nobody and send messages to the other party according to the above method to restore contact.

At this time, the “elephant in the room” script came into use.

In “the elephant in the room”, the script consists of three parts

What to text after no contact period examples? ·1. Apologize for the behavior during the breakup.

What to text after no contact period examples? ·2. Express the fact that you have accepted the breakup.

What to text after no contact period examples? ·3. Tell them how you changed.

Once you send the “elephant in the room” script, you have to disconnect for at least 1-2 weeks before the other multiple scripts mentioned just now.

What to text after no contact period examples? Finally, I would like to say that we should never try to recover him by persuasion or reasoning, but we should influence him imperceptibly.

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