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Ten Performance Of Low EQ In Relationships

When falling in love, many people’s personality defects will be exposed. When falling in love, it can best reflect a person’s high Eq. the low EQ will make the other party feel very uncomfortable, and even feel that you are very upset.

Ten performances of low EQ in love

1. Thinking without transposition

The first performance of people with low EQ is that they don’t like empathy and don’t care about other people’s feelings. They are always self-centered and treat others with double standards. They want others to go according to their own wishes, but they can’t achieve the imagined standard.

2. Belittle others

The second point that people with low EQ show is to raise themselves through the shortcomings of others, to show off their small things, and even to raise themselves by belittling others. This kind of people often like to impress others.

3. One thing must win or lose

In a matter, people with low EQ always like to win or lose, like to argue, even a very small issue he has to argue, must prove that what he said is correct, even if his own unreasonable, but also in the language, tone, tone of voice better than others.

4. Negative emotions

The third point of people with low EQ is that they are easy to have negative emotions, or to be guided by negative emotions. This kind of people not only have very negative energy, but also feel unhappy, as if the whole world is sorry for her / him, and many of them are easily led by other people’s negative emotions.

5. Always feel right

This kind of people never feel that they are wrong, never reflect on their own problems, never feel that they have done something wrong, think that they should do everything, and others should do it according to their own wishes.

6. Like to expose the shortcomings of others

This kind of people always like to expose the shortcomings of others, always want to know the recent situation of others, so as to raise their own, always feel that others are not good, she / he will be very happy.

7. Like to tell others about their lives

This kind of people are usually very male chauvinistic and like to point out other people’s lives, as if other people will suffer losses if they don’t live according to her / his opinion.

8. Care about the outside world

They are very concerned about the views of the outside TA, strangers may be an unintentional look, can make him unbearable.

9. Double faced man

This kind of people seem to live in their own world. They always have the best attitude towards people outside, but they have a very poor attitude towards their closest relatives.

10. I don’t have a position of my own

Do not have their own position, weak expression ability, can not clearly express their own ideas, easy to be influenced by other people’s views.

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A woman with high EQ will pretend to be confused when she is in love

1. On the privacy of your boyfriend

No matter who has more or less a little privacy, no one wants to expose their privacy to the public, even the most closely related people. A smart woman will let men’s little secrets go, and will not go to the bottom, because she knows that once she goes to the bottom of these secrets. On the one hand, men will feel that there is no private space for them, on the other hand, they will feel that women are unreasonable. So, smart women don’t get involved in this personal problem of their boyfriends.

2. Getting along with your boyfriend’s family

No matter whose parents, the problem is that their children are always good. No matter how good others are, they feel that their sons suffer. Therefore, when a woman with high EQ gets along with her boyfriend’s family and is a little harsh with her mother-in-law to be, she will smile at her if she doesn’t hear what she says. On this issue, women with high EQ will always show their elegance and magnanimity, making others feel ashamed.

3. My boyfriend’s private money

As a matter of fact, both men and women are very keen on the issue of private money. They can dig it out bit by bit so that when they need to use it, their waists can be straightened out. If too much pressure on men, men hide a little private money are confiscated, men will feel that they have been oppressed in the heart, serious disobedience to you. If their girlfriends have high EQ, they won’t pay too much attention to men. As long as their boyfriends don’t go too far, women can accept it.

4. Understanding that her boyfriend doesn’t answer her phone

Another pronoun of women with high EQ is empathy. For men who don’t have time to answer their phone, they won’t be too fussy. They will fully understand the hard work of men, men work all day in order to make you have a better life. Therefore, they won’t make trouble with their boyfriends even if they work hard all day.

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