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25 Teenage Love Quotes

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Teenage love quotes1

Gentle and right people are always difficult to survive, because the world is neither gentle nor right

Teenage love quotes2

Efforts will not betray themselves, although dreams will betray. Efforts may not be able to realize the dream, but the fact that they have worked hard is enough to comfort themselves.

Teenage love quotes3

To unite a group of people, we need not wise leadership, but common enemies

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Teenage love quotes4

No expectations, no disappointments, no fetters, no injuries.

Teenage love quotes5

I hate gentle girls. Gentle girls are actually gentle to all people, but I will mistakenly think that they are only gentle to me, and then they will be complacent and overjoyed, and finally they will break up in discord, and both sides will be hurt– That’s why I hate gentle girls.

Teenage love quotes6

Lonely people don’t hurt others, they just hurt themselves constantly.

Teenage love quotes7

There are few good and bad people in the world, most of them are ordinary people. Usually drift with the tide, critical moment will be out of self-protection and exposed fangs – but it is precisely because of this terrible.

Teenage love quotes8

Help each other, succeed together, be happy together, it’s just an ideal. In reality, if someone is happy, someone must be abandoned. If someone is bright, someone must be covered with mud.

Teenage love quotes9

Only the weak like to get together. The problem is that most people are weak.

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Teenage love quotes10

As long as you say hello a little bit, you will think wildly. If you send messages to each other, you will have waves in your heart. You will giggle at the call record all day when you receive the call from each other. But I know that it’s just gentleness. Those who are gentle to me are also gentle to others. This kind of thing is almost forgotten. If the truth is cruel, the lie must be gentle, So tenderness is a lie. It’s expected and failed again and again. I don’t know when to start, so I don’t hold hope anymore.

Teenage love quotes11

What is really important is invisible to the naked eye.

Teenage love quotes12

Lonely people are very good at thinking. As the saying goes, “man is a thinking reed”, we think all the time, and loners don’t need to share their thoughts with others, so they can think more deeply. Therefore, we lonely people have different thoughts from ordinary people, and from time to time we have extraordinary thoughts.

Teenage love quotes13

The “good man” in the girl’s words means “the person who is good in every way” at first, no matter how good it is, it only means “the person who is convenient and easy to use”. In other words, no matter what

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Teenage love quotes14

Loneliness refers not to the density of the surrounding population, but to the spiritual level of the individual. No matter how close other people are to you, if they can’t feel like they are the same kind of creature, then the dry heart can’t be satisfied.

Teenage love quotes15

The real strong don’t live in groups. The loner is always opposite to the whole world.

Teenage love quotes16

The so-called “change yourself, and the world will change” is impossible. It is impossible for the formed self-evaluation or the existing interpersonal relationship to change in a positive direction. People’s evaluation of people is neither a bonus nor a minus. It’s just a fixed idea and an existing impression. People can’t see reality as it is. We can only see what we want to see and what we want to have.

Teenage love quotes17

Because it’s important, because I don’t want to lose it. Hidden, disguised. That’s why we are bound to lose. Then, will bemoan starts to lose. It’s better to lament than to lose or not to get. If you regret to death when you leave your hand, it’s better to give up at the beginning. In a changing world, relationships that have to be changed probably exist. There must be something that can be destroyed and cannot be retrieved again. So, no matter who is lying.

Teenage love quotes18

It’s totally different to be evaluated in action and personality. It’s like you can’t judge a person as a good person based on just one act of kindness

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Teenage love quotes19

It’s just the way of thinking of the strong that we can’t escape. It’s the world that demands such things that has problems

Teenage love quotes20

People who have self-knowledge can understand irony. People who don’t have self-knowledge don’t speak too much. It’s a waste of effort. Don’t understand and don’t exist are synonymous

Teenage love quotes21

Each voice must have its own meaning, but it is meaningless when countless voices gather together.

Teenage love quotes 22

If human beings are really afraid of something, they will not care about others, even if they sacrifice the people around them

Teenage love quotes 23

80% of the men in the world have “does she like me?” That’s why I need to tell myself, “never think your sister likes you.”

Teenage love quotes24

Misunderstanding is just misunderstanding, not truth. Well, as long as I understand. It doesn’t matter who thinks it. Every time I want to solve the misunderstanding, I will go in a bad direction. I’ve given up explaining– Big teacher

Teenage love quotes 25

Language is the source of misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is inextricable. Life can never be repeated at any time. The wrong answer must always be wrong

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