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Tarot: Page Of Swords Love

In fact, everyone can feel that life is not all love and light. Page of swords love: Tarot cards provide us with an inner treasure box to deal with and understand the various experiences and emotions we may face. Page of swords love reading: It’s like in the maze of life, we always have moments when we don’t know what to do or stand at a junction and are afraid to choose, and the moment of Tarot divination is more like giving us courage and motivation to move forward, the guidance it gives is also telling us not to dwell on the useless emotions of the moment, but to choose to act and move forward.


However, very often, I often meet people who are skeptical about tarot cards, or people who are curious about tarot cards, so let’s answer a few common questions today.




What is the Tarot?

Page of swords reversed love: It is called “the library of nature’s mysteries”, is an ancient Western divination tool, popular in Europe since the Middle Ages.

Tarot is the crystallization of human wisdom and the epitome of all the archetypes of human consciousness, it is also like a mirror that can map your inner subconscious to send messages.

Page of swords love: There are 78 Tarot cards, including 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards, which can be used separately for divination or a mixture of 78 cards can be used together for divination.

Page of swords love reading: It is worth mentioning that the Tarot is not a fixed kind of card, in fact, there are many different kinds of Tarot cards, at least thousands of them, but most of them are actually extended from the three major Tarot systems in the world as a model. Initially used only for games and entertainment, the cards were gradually studied by a group of French and English people as a divination tool. Page of swords reversed love: Nowadays, there are three popular Tarot systems: the Werther system, the Marseille system, and the Tarot system. Marseille and Tarot are more often used for spiritual practice, and the most commonly used divination is the Werther system.

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What is the principle of Tarot divination?

This issue will be very complicated to explain, and even as a thesis to expand, here I will try to tell you in a simple way.


1. Co-temporality effect

Page of swords love: There are always a lot of strange coincidences in life. For example, when I was thinking about whether I could lose weight successfully, I happened to see a very fat cat, which corresponded to my situation at that time, which was a very bad symbol. As a matter of fact, I was not successful in losing weight; when you think of someone, they call you on the phone; you and your friends say the same thing by coincidence, etc. Page of swords love: These random coincidences can constitute a connection between the self and the external world, forming a certain natural law. When I drew a few cards out of 78 cards, just like the fat cat, it can also correspond to your current situation and future development.


2. Cosmic Holographic Theory

Page of swords reversed love: The universe is a unified whole with holographic correlations among its parts, which are similar to a large extent in terms of matter, structure, energy, spirit and function. For example, you can guess what kind of tree it is by a fallen leaf; a wine taster can guess the grape variety, origin and even the year of a glass of wine by its color, aroma, taste and so on. Page of swords love reading: Similarly, the 78 cards of the Tarot are a reduced model of the universe. From a few pieces of information, you can infer the “universe” of the inquirer and the direction and development of the “universe”.





Is it really accurate to use tarot cards for divination?

Page of swords love: This is a question that many people will often ask, but I personally feel that you cannot simply say that tarot divination is accurate or not. Tarot cards are only tools for divination, accurate or not lies in the ability and practice of the diviner himself.


And no matter what kind of prediction, there is no 100% accuracy guarantee. Page of swords love: The only thing that remains the same in the world is always changing. So the environment we are in, including ourselves are constantly changing, are complex, even if absolutely accurate reading of tarot cards, it shows not a fixed and unchanging event, but patterns and possibilities. That is, for the moment, if the characters and the situation remain the same, things appear to be this way, and such events may occur. Page of swords reversed love: It is important to keep in mind that the Tarot reflects the current situation and its direction. If the external circumstances change, or if the person changes course, the outcome will not be what is shown on the cards.





Is there a soul in the Tarot?

No, there is no need to associate tarot cards with something scary.

Page of swords love: It is more like a life GPS that gives you the general direction and always leads you to the right path. If you compare life to a game, then Tarot is more like a pass book.

However, what everyone must know is that tarot can help you know what you want to know, but not help you accomplish what you want to accomplish.




Can I use tarot cards to divine myself?

Of course you can, but whether you can interpret the information of the spread objectively and relatively accurately is a matter of testing each person’s ability.

Page of swords love: However, most people can only interpret the meaning of the cards mechanically and cannot “connect” with the Tarot cards well.

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