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Tall Women Short Men: 3 Benefits

Tall women short men: Love does not distinguish between height.

The following are some of the benefits of being with a low boy as said by tall girls.




Mixing clothes without pressure – Tall women short men


To say that one of the biggest advantages of falling in love with a short guy is that the clothes can be mixed.

Tall girl short guy: It is often said: boys wear women’s clothing only 0 times and countless times the difference. In fact, girls wear men’s clothing is also. oversize clothes cover the body can definitely make us feel full of security and freedom.

Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend: Compared to the delicate fit of women’s clothing, wearing not too big boyfriend clothes definitely does not look oddly dressed but can be set off more slender.

I have a couple of friends, boys cry girl’s punishment is to wear a female clothing to his girlfriend. Later, the girlfriend took a photo of the legs to send a circle of friends, attracted a bunch of wild praise. But the result, the legs are real legs, but it is her boyfriend’s.

Obviously the height is about the same, the weight of women is still light, but people’s legs are legs, can be too envious!

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The actual body and mind comfortable together – Tall women short men


Tall women short men: If a tall boyfriend can have a full sense of security, then a short boyfriend is undoubtedly comfortable.

For lazy people, not because of the fear of tall boyfriend down to see dandruff and wash your hair every day, but also do not have to carry out every now and then to hurt the neck head exercise, simply not too good!

And short guys in love, whether it is holding hands or hugging, there is no impact, and there will not be a father with his daughter shopping the same feeling.

Tall girl short guy dating: What’s more, you can also wallop your boyfriend, touch your head to kill, think about a little bit of excitement. After all, such an opportunity in front of the height difference is not rare, there is an opportunity to be sure to grasp.




More respectful and more family-oriented

Tall women short men: The short guys are more likely to have low self-esteem or be ridiculed because of their height, so they can understand the plight of others and are less likely to attack them.

They are more compassionate and respectful of women, and they know that their girlfriends must have chosen them because of love, so they will cherish each other more.


Tall women short men: They know that they are not tall enough, that there must be other advantages to come together. If a short guy is willing to confess his love for a tall girl, it means he must like you a lot, so he can overcome his inner inferiority complex and show his love bravely.

Sometimes, it is worth putting aside the stereotype of height and try to understand each other’s character and soul.

If you really like a person, how can you veto him because of the height issue? The clean appearance and interesting soul is enough to make people ignore the not so tall height.





What do you need to pay attention to when you are in love with a tall girl?


Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend

1. When you open the door and get out of the car,

you should help her to protect her head.

The taller you are, the more likely you are to hurt yourself.


2. If a guy is shorter than a girl!

Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend

Don’t force yourself to the girl’s shoulders!

The whole person is pulled down the feeling really unpleasant!


Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend

3. Tall girls wearing skirts easy to go naked

As a boyfriend you have to bring an extra dress to the girl.


Tall women short men

4. Tall girls actually want to wear high heels

Please allow her to wear once or twice

You should not be macho.


Tall women short men

5. Don’t think tall girls don’t know how to be pampered

Just be nice to her and love her.

She will show you her cute side


Tall women short men

6. She wants to be down-to-earth and feel safe.

Don’t compare her with a short girl’s!


Dating short men

7. Although she looks like a mature queen at her height

But you.

You have to spoil her like a child.

To love her like a child!  

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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