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40 Sweet Love Letters

What are the sweet love letters or sweet letter to my best friend? There are some love stories for boyfriends. When you fall in love with someone, you want to use the best words in the world on him, or you want to retrieve all the words that match him to express your love for him. Here are some sweet love letters, love words or cute letters to boyfriend that you can use to send him or sweetest love letter for your girlfriend.

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40 sweet love letters

1. Don’t look at the sun and moon, you are the star.

2. I see that all living beings are plants, only you are green mountains.

3. There are thousands of beauties in the world, but you are the only one I love.

4. I’ll pawn again in the next life, and I’ll make a blood alliance with you in the next life.

5. I’m only lucky to meet you. Next, I’ll try my best.

Sweet love letters

6. I have tens of millions of miles of mountain light to tell you that the stars along the way also want to be picked up and handed over to you. Can you wait for me.

7. I am willing to give up everything to miss you all my life.

8. When you ask me if I love you, you should know that love is not worth it.

9. The moon at the bottom of the sea is the moon in the sky, and the person in front of you is the one you love. Always the heart is a spectator, but no one is a dramatist.

10. My heart is a bird of the wilderness, finding the sky in your eyes.

Sweet love letters

11. To the world, you are a person; But for someone, you are the world.

12. You are my warm coat, cold beer, white shirt with the smell of the sun, which is my dream day after day.

13. On the day I met you, I didn’t want to separate.

14. You don’t need to distinguish the southeast from the northwest, you just need to go in the direction of me.

15. If you can give me a future, then I will give you a lifetime of happiness.

Sweet love letters

16. Every time I miss you, a grain of sand falls from the sky and the Sahara is formed. Every time I think of you, a drop of water falls from the sky, thus forming the Pacific Ocean.

17. I believe we can work together and wait for our hair to turn grey.

18. Knowing you is a kind of fate, falling in love with you is a kind of beauty, and accompanying you is a kind of blessing. I am willing to walk this beautiful world road with you.

19. I like the moment when I hold you tightly. It’s like getting the world.

20. The day with you is called time, otherwise it’s just the meaningless swing of the clock.

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Sweet love letters

21. I love three things in the world, the sun, the moon and you. The sun is morning, the moon is night, and you are forever!

22. I’ve been desolate all my life. I can only remember when I was with you, laughing wantonly and crying heartily.

23. The most romantic thing in my heart is to grow old with you.

24. I like that kind of coincidence that I like you and you like me.

25. I don’t want to wander far away, I just want to be a hooligan beside you.

Sweet love letters

26. How long is a lifetime? A lifetime is how long I love you.

27. I want to hold your hand and go to a place called forever to see the scenery forever and taste the taste of withered sea and rotten stone forever!

28. In fact, the happiest fairy tale in the world is just the one who spent the time with you.

29. Some roads are very long, and they will be very tired. But, do not go, will regret.

30. Miss a face. So do I. close my eyes and my mind is full of your appearance.

Sweet love letters

31. If you love me, I will accompany you; You don’t love me, I give you freedom. This is the silly me, the one who cares about you.

32. If many people know each other at another time, they will have a different ending.

33. My biggest extravagant hope in this life is to wash my feet in the same basin with you every day. I’ll stay with you until I’m old – so old that we can’t go anywhere

34. The time that you are my most fatal.

35. When everything goes with the wind, those special moments become eternity.

Sweet love letters

36. My love is like the sound of the wind blowing across the sea. If you are willing to listen, every sentence is that I love you.

37. I like to be content with the status quo and the future. When there is you, be content with the status quo. When there is no you, the future can be expected.

38. Write your name in the palm of your hand. When you open it, you miss it. When you hold it tightly, you are happy. Like this, hand in hand to give you a gentle life; Like this, shoulder to shoulder to give you a lifetime of happiness!

39. I’m nothing special. I just like you very much.

40. When it’s hot, I want to be the cloud on your head. When it’s windy, I want to be the wall beside you. When it’s raining, I want to be the umbrella in your hand. I want to be everything about you. I want to protect you and make you happy.

Know these cute love letters for him or sweet letters to your crush, you should know that it’s never easy to meet the right person. Remember those sweet love letters and make these sweet love letters to make your relationhsip better. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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