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8 Common Sweet Dreams Love

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In many people’s dreams, the dream of love often appears, but it is difficult to share with others. Behind it, there are many real ideas. The American magazine “Yueji” published eight most common sexual dreams, and invited a number of psychological experts and sexologists to interpret them.

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Sweet dreams love Dream 1: dream of intimacy with superiors and colleagues

Common sweet dream love: Leslie, a 26 year old single female teacher, doesn’t usually have much contact with her colleagues, but she often dreams of a male colleague taking her to ride a horse outdoors. In her dream, the stimulation of the saddle made her enjoy pleasure and even groan. Leslie is often embarrassed by this.

Dr. PAM spall, an expert in interpersonal psychology in London, UK, said that dreaming of a superior leader or a colleague does not mean that you subconsciously want to have a relationship with him or her. It mostly means that you admire the person’s ability and hope that he or she will give you guidance and help. Horses often appear in women’s sexual dreams. Women who like masturbation may dream of touching horses.

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Sweet dreams love Dream 2: dream of sex in public

Common sweet dream love: Dina, 29, dreamed that she met a strange man at the airport. After the man chatted with her, he pulled her into his arms and they began to make love in full view of the public. What makes Dina feel most funny is that she didn’t see the man’s face clearly in her dream.

Carol L. Cummings, a dream analyst in Arizona, said that such dreams reveal an open mind, indicating that you are looking forward to a new relationship and are enthusiastic about a new love life“ “Can’t see a man’s face clearly” is a kind of self-protection, indicating that the heart is still preparing for the arrival of new feelings.

Sweet dreams love Dream 3: dream of making out with the same sex

Common sweet dream love: Jane, a 37 year old nurse, dreamed of meeting a woman in a coffee shop. When she was drinking coffee, the coffee froth splashed on her mouth, and the woman smiled and kissed her lips and neck. In reality, Jane has no homosexuality.

Dr. SPAL said that dreaming of having sex with someone of the same sex does not mean that your sexual orientation has changed. It just means that you expect more care and consideration in sex. You want your partner to act more gently. It also shows that you expect to get the same-sex understanding in your life.

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Sweet dreams love Dream 4: dream and celebrity sex

Common sweet dream love: Cathy, 34, said that during the “Titanic” hit period, she had many dreams of crazy sex with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in broad daylight, even if her family found out.

People often have sex dreams about celebrities, especially women. Dream of having sex with a star, in fact, is to expect their other half to have a certain quality reflected by the star, such as bravery or romance. In the dream, there are family members who do not stop, indicating that she is very confident in sex.

Sweet dreams love Dream 5: having sex at home as a child

Common sweet dream love: Mary, 39, dreamed that she was having sex with a man in her mother’s house, but she didn’t like the man and even resented him. Many of her sex dreams happened in her childhood home.

Dr. horoway said that dreaming of home as a child shows that the current concept of sex is greatly influenced by the family, and that he hopes to return to a simpler life as a child. Dream of sex with disgusted people, the reality may have encountered some difficulties have to face, need to communicate with people around.

Sweet dreams love Dream 6: having an affair

Common sweet dream love: Liz, 31, has repeatedly dreamed of having an affair with her husband’s brother or close friend. In the dream, sex is very natural and Liz enjoys it very much. But such a straightforward and real dream also made her feel “guilty of cheating.”.

That dream doesn’t mean you want to cheat, says Dr. spall. Maybe it’s just that your life is too flat. Having this dream over and over again shows that you are tired of some part of your marriage (not necessarily your sex life). At this time, you should take measures to rekindle the passion of your husband and wife.

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Sweet dreams love Dream 7: dream of old love reviving

Common sweet dream love: Stephanie, 37, is a mother of two. She often dreamt that she was crazy and passionate with her tutor whom she secretly fell in love with when she was in University. Her tutor’s profound knowledge and connotation conquered her.

If we have a strong emotional connection with someone, we may dream about that person in our sexual dreams, Dr Cummings said. It’s very common to dream about your old love. It may be something that symbolizes your connection with him or her. Stephanie’s dream about her tutor shows that she misses the youth, freedom and thirst for knowledge she had at that stage.

Sweet dreams love Dream 8: dream that sex is interrupted

Common sweet dream love: Katie, 39, dreams of having sex with a man she likes, but it ends before she reaches orgasm. She often has sex dreams like this. The foreplay is excellent, but she is always interrupted near the climax.

Dr Cummings said that on the one hand, this may indicate that Katie’s sexual needs have not been met, and on the other hand, she is dissatisfied with the status quo of her life. If you always dream that sex is interrupted or unable to reach climax, it may indicate a lack of trust in your lover or fear of intimate sex.

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