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Can Successful Relationships From Affairs Last?


Do you think Successful relationships from affairs exist? Many people think that extramarital affairs are a product of disloyalty and an interpretation of human desires. Many people do not even think of having an extramarital affairs under moral constraints, but this is sometimes the case for extramarital affairs. You may not want to encounter it but you accidentally encounter it. In fact, marriage is not the criterion for judging Successful relationships from affairs. Love exists in people’s hearts. You can get married without love. In the same way, you don’t necessarily have true love if you get married. This is a fact, and it is also the helplessness of life. So does Successful relationships from affairs exist? How long can successful relationships from affairs generally last?

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01. From a male perspective, see whether Successful relationships from affairs can last

As we all know, Successful relationships from affairs are like just falling in love, and the confidentiality of the relationship cannot be maintained for long. And only sneaky. Moreover, this requires time and effort. The most important thing is that there is no shortage of money, especially men. Without money, extramarital affairs cannot be maintained for a long time, because the reality that spiritual food cannot solve the problem of food and clothing is in front of us.


Let’s take a look at men who have affair outside marriage. After the divorce, did he come to an end with their mistress? From the perspective of the mistress, the mistress was with a married man. What is the picture? The small three are mostly pictures. One is a picture of feelings, and the other is a picture of money.


03.. From a female perspective to see whether Successful relationships from affairs can last

Some women like to intervene in other people’s marriages, saying that we are true love, he does not love his wife, he is very satisfied with him, and he is willing to divorce my wife and I, obviously he has me in his heart.


However, there are many people who divorce their original wife for the sake of Xiaosan. Lets think about this. Does everyone have true love for Xiaosan? Everyone knows that men who look for Xiaosan in marriage are trying to make up for his marriage. Something missing. Do you think he will always love you? Don’t be silly! Successful relationships from affairs is just that you think he will always be successful.


In my opinion, most of the so-called Successful relationships from affairs in the mouths of men are freshness. Judging from the possessive instinct, the so-called Successful relationships from affairs in women’s mouths are different from those of men, because men cheat, they often cheat their bodies, and women cheat. Yes, she usually cheated on her body and fine sleeves. In other words, men rarely express true feelings after marriage. They are all looking for fun, and then they all want to go back to the family.


04. In the four stages of extramarital affairs, which aspects depend on whether the successful relationships from affairs end sooner or later?

1. Successful relationships from affairs stage-psychological preparation stage

When an extramarital affair begins, it is usually not the initiative to look for an affair on its own initiative, but it may just be my own fantasies. Successful relationships from affairs usually show that they will be attentive and cordial in their actions before they are born, or use their status to attract each other, and it is not really necessary to have a sexual relationship with each other, but they will have the freshness that they want in their fine sleeves. This is the important reason why the addiction gradually falls into it.

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2. The stage of successful relationships from affairs-the stage of physical and mental investment

Before the extramarital affair began to grow, both parties initially speculated that they often had face-to-face work together or other opportunities, and they could spend a lot of time talking and exchanging work experience. Next, I will talk about personal understanding and feelings. The two are like normal friends in ordinary contacts, but there is an added layer of knowing ambiguity, and both of them enjoy the warmth of excitement. At this time, as long as there is a problem with one party to the marriage, the one who plays the role of the lover will easily assume the role of the guardian at this time, while the other party will easily shake their will in the comparison between the two parties, from enjoying to being guarded. Lost the bottom line with a momentary impulse. At this time, Successful relationships from affairs will no longer succeed.

3. The stage of successful relationships from affairs-the stage of development and differentiation

If an extramarital relationship is maintained, it may be noticed by the other side of the marriage. Quarrels and cold wars are unavoidable. If you are in a dilemma, you will be caught between your lover and your marriage and present a protracted tug of war. More importantly, most people involved in Successful relationships from affairs will find that the freshness of the affair, the passion and the growth of feelings will gradually fade over time, the romantic love will begin to disappear, and people will enter a situation similar to their own marriage. . The original high-style love, now you will find that the relationship with the affair is only “repetition” rather than “better”, that is to say, the so-called Successful relationships from affairs will be difficult to maintain balance at this time, and will develop towards the end.

4. The stage of Successful relationships from affairs-the end or postponement stage

Slowly the extramarital affairs entered the finale, and the ending usually presents three situations. The first situation of an extramarital affair is obviously that Xinhuan who had an affair defeated the original partner, because Xinhuan provides a better prospect, or is really the so-called “dream lover”. The second kind of extramarital love situation is that the third party has to leave in a daze. It may be difficult to find a partner after the age of marriageable age, or, after losing, begin to continue romantic and boundless love. As for the person involved, because it is an old husband and wife, it is not difficult to get back together. The home is still home, and the children are still children. The third situation of extramarital affairs is that the person involved returns to be single, and there should be a new beginning, but the third party and the original partner are in a difficult situation.


05. There are several endings of extramarital affairs, are there many Successful relationships from affairs?

1. Not Successful relationships from affairs-a silent and plain ending. It is also relatively common to come together in a suitable environment, after the passion retreats, return to their respective lives.


2 Not Successful relationships from affairs-Broken family, various tragedies occur. In the days of extramarital affairs, both parties will wake up in the pleasure of showing and flesh, but the paper cant hold the fire. Once discovered, the original partner cannot accept being taken. In the case of cuckold, there will be emotional impulses to retaliate and cheat because of resentment. There are many such things.


3. Not Successful relationships from affairs-Xing Shanying only. After being discovered by the original spouse, the other party continues their marriage, and perhaps the other family cannot accept the fact that they choose to divorce. Even if there is no divorce at the time, it will leave a lot of hidden dangers for future life.


4. It is not Successful relationships from affairs-love gives birth to hatred, but turns against each other into hatred. In this case, either the party in the extramarital affair wants to break the relationship, and the other party refuses to compromise, which will trigger conflicts and even lead to bloody crimes.

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