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Someone I Love Is In Heaven – Emotional Diary

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Someone I love is in heaven

Hello, I’m Cynthia, an emotional writer. It’s a great honor for you to click on this article. This article comes from Firstdatingadvice, hoping to bring you life and emotional guidance.

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This article is a letter from Ms. Hannah. Her husband died, so she would write down her feelings in her diary from time to time.

Someone I love is in heaven. But if I could, as long as he was alive, I would be happy even if I married another woman and had children.

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Someone I love is in heaven: Day 837

In my life, I’ve been very satisfied. I know your name, I’ve heard your voice, I’ve held your hand, I’ve kissed your lips, I’ve been in your arms, I’ve had your tenderness. As for the future, three miles breeze, three miles breeze, step by step breeze, no more you. Why can’t the tears in the eyes stop flowing.

Someone I love is in heaven: Day 966

You left me or a good life, a person living two lives. You are still tenacious on me after you stay for many years. Even if there is a long night ahead, I will live a good life by myself. Maybe it’s helpless, but it’s even more beautiful.

Love is armor, love is weakness. Love makes a man strong. I love you, or love you, will always love you, love you more every day.

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Someone I love is in heaven: Day 1051

In fact, I don’t need to see your face to like you, or hear your voice, or know what news you have. All I know is that I think of you in the rare moments of life when fireworks rise, snow falls, people come around and hug me.

I guess you’re connected to all the good things in the world. So I want to try to see something good, that’s how I love you.

Someone I love is in heaven: Day 1130

I’m a little sleepless. If you’re still here, we should have just had your birthday.

I have a cat named Barbie. It is very sticky, like to rub me, so lovely, so good, brought a ray of sunshine to my ordinary life, vacant heart for a long time was filled with a lot of “warm” things, looking at him, I feel my heart is softening.

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I feel better and better. My senses are all opened. I can feel all the subtle beauty. It’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t know how long it will last, but now I want to shed tears for it. The emptiness of the world can contain the color images of all things, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the rivers, the earth, the springs, the streams, the vegetation, the jungle, the evil people, the good people, the evil law, the good law, the heaven and hell, all the sea, all the mountains, are always in the air, so is the emptiness of human nature. My love, I will love everything with my heart.

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Someone I love is in heaven: Day 1355

I see a lot of friends give me messages and private messages on the Internet, which may be self evasion. I dare not read them. But thank you, and wish every dear stranger, may you get warmth in this world.

I hope every one of you will be happy in the end. I don’t know where to start, too many things happen in the world, too many parting. I restrained myself from thinking of you often. In such a heavy rain late at night, missing finally broke the dike. The flowers I planted upstairs are all in bloom. On the day of spring, I want you to come and see me.

Someone I love is in heaven: Day 1422

I really want to thank everyone who encouraged and comforted me. I have read every message seriously. It’s just that sometimes I don’t know how to reply. I have a bad life. How can I motivate others?

Only hope that everyone can refuel, and also hope that everyone can get their own stable happiness in the secular world. Today, I had a company dinner and had a few more drinks. Looking through our group photo, I saw a picture of us hugging and kissing each other on the top of the mountain.

Someone I love is in heaven: Day 1478

I remember that when you were still there, we went to climb the mountain together and just met a meteor shower. I remember it was the first time that I made such a devout wish to God. I said in my heart: God, please give me and the boy around me a gift. In this life, whether it’s poverty or wealth, health or disability, birth, aging and death, let me be with him. I am willing to give up all the good luck in my life, just ask you to protect me and him together.

After making a wish, he asked me what my wish was. Instead of saying, I asked him what his wish was. I remember we looked at each other and laughed, and then we had this picture. Maybe I have no good luck in my life, so even if I am willing to give all my good luck, God can’t hear my prayer.

Because someone I love is in heaven: It’s been 1573 days since you left. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy.

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