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Smarties Love Hearts: True Love Is Wisdom

Love should give the other person freedom, and then make him willing to come back and like Smarties Love Hearts. You have to treat your lover as a pigeon, let him go out to fly every day, and wait for him to come back, absolutely not as a dog, put a collar and rope around your neck, always pull it on your hands, fearing that he will run away. This is not Smarties Love Hearts, but Smarties Love Hearts is yourself. You should never give up yourself. You have to believe that you are beautiful, intelligent, motivated, ethical, and tolerant.

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Friends or students often come to me and tell them that they are crying and sad because they are in love, and they feel unable to live. I will ask them: “Do you think you have ever been happy with this person?”, are you sure Is your love Smarties Love Hearts?


I think that in many moments, we need to be reminded by Smarties Love Hearts, and we should also remind ourselves often. Smarties Love Hearts is the person I love. He really loved me, was kind to me, and loved me. Is it because of some small mistakes, or he left me, I will start to hate him, retaliate against him, let He went from being 100% good to being 100% bad?


Many people will hate at the end of love. Smarties Love Hearts is because he feels that the vows of love will never change. Smarties Love Hearts said that the sea is dry and the stone is rotten when they are in love. It should be until the sea is dry and the stone is rotten to change their hearts. This is really the case. ?


Just as the monogamous system has been established now, we are also used to using this system to think about love, but we must know that people are never Smarties Love Hearts.

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Don’t think that a marriage contract can protect Smarties Love Hearts, only Smarties Love Hearts can protect love. Marriage is the law. It can guarantee monogamy. If one party fails to fulfill it, the other party can sue him and demand compensation. The law can convict him. But you cant use the law to coerce the other party to love you and guarantee Smarties Love Hearts.


Marriage is different from Smarties Love Hearts. The law is not valid for love. But we often confuse them. Have you encountered such a problem in your life? In a love relationship, doing all you can to Smarties Love Hearts in exchange for indifference and carelessness; in parent-child relationships, mothers are indifferent about everything, but the childs incomprehension is exchanged; in husband and wife relationships, the wife revolves around her husband. In exchange, the husband doesnt care…


Where did Smarties Love Hearts go wrong? Ming Ming Ai worked very hard and earnestly, but in return it was indifference. One is wronged in love, and the other is overwhelmed by the other’s love. One was wronged, the other wanted to escape. Smarties Love Hearts, there is no problem, but you must love wisely, do not kidnap in the name of love, and the most important thing is not to lose yourself.


What exactly are Smarties Love Hearts? Smarties Love Hearts is a kind of vitality, a kind of giving to others, an attitude of being responsible for oneself. The original meaning of love is to have deep feelings for people and things. Smarties Love Hearts is more of a feeling, love is the sublimation of like, we like a person does not mean that we love him. Love is giving, giving, not possessing. As it is often said in TV dramas, to love someone, you don’t have to get him, as long as he has a happy life is enough. This is how parents love their children. No matter what the children do, they will only give without asking for anything in return. Smarties Love Hearts is a responsibility and a responsibility. If you love someone, you must take responsibility for them, and you can’t play with feelings or half-heartedly. To love him is to take care of her, protect him, and become better for her. The great writer Lev Tolstoy once said that there is no so-called love at all, only physical and psychological needs. Indeed, when hormones are causing trouble or feeling lonely, we need love more.


How should we love? Smarties Love Hearts should do what they like, not give them what they want. Boys tend to chase girls very well, and they even sum up the experience of “courageous, thin-skinned”. We must learn to observe words and colors, and we must do what we like. Especially girls, when they go shopping, they see something they like, although they say no, but if the boy buys it and delivers it to the girl, the girl will be especially happy. Girls also need to learn to do what they like. When a boy is tired, don’t talk endlessly, just stay with him quietly.


Conflicts often occur in Smarties Love Hearts. This conflict is neutral. It is rarely related to the fact itself. Most of it is related to a person’s interpretation of the fact, and the angle and perception of the fact. However, men and women, parents and children, and friends have different views on the same thing due to differences in brain structure, growth environment, and living environment. At this time, we need to do the following:

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1. Smarties Love Hearts-learn to observe, learn to listen, to understand the truth of the facts instead of hearsay and random guessing.


2. Smarties Love Hearts-Use the language of “I”. For example: Don’t accuse others at will, but explain how the other person’s behavior makes you feel.


3. Smarties Love Hearts-express “sandwich”.


Smarties Love Hearts-Affirm each other’s strengths and advantages


Smarties Love Hearts-Express your thoughts in “my language”


Smarties Love Hearts-Thank you again, dont be stingy to say love languagesuch as gratitude to your intimacy.


Any relationship that loses oneself is incomplete, healthy Smarties Love Hearts-Yes: I can live well without you, and I will be happier with you… To achieve this state, the most important thing is to know yourself and persevere. Learn to improve self-worth.

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