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Slow Down Let Me Love You: Love Worth Waiting For

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Slow down, let me love you, there is a kind of willing warmth called “waiting”

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Love is actually very simple, do not need hype, light years, I want to love slowly! There is a flower waiting to bloom in my heart. Please don’t ask me how long it is and whether I have tomorrow. In the unknown world, there is a kind of willing warmth, along with the most simple confession in my heart, waiting for my so-called love.

Slow down let me love you: There are always some people who say that I always don’t fall in love because I have too high vision and too picky. Every time I hear such words, I always have nothing to say. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it. I also hope to meet people who are good to me. I don’t want to make do with it. I want to wait for the right one to appear. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have to think so much about love. Who knows? Maybe we will meet at a turning tomorrow!

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The love I long for is the slow love that can stand waiting, so slow down and let me love you.

Slow down let me love you: I think I’d rather be the guardian of love. We meet a lot of people and fall in love with some people; In this way, we walk, experience, hurt and heal between trying and missing… But even so, if we don’t try again, how can we know if that person is the right one? I am willing to make mistakes for love, as long as the last one is you!

I hope to spend some time to find love. If love comes, I also hope to enjoy all kinds of taste of love like bread slowly fermenting. So slow down, let me love you. “At that time, there was no e-mail that could arrive in a second. Waiting for a letter was as long as life, but slow down could write elegant and romantic words, slow down could carefully look for the love that I hope.”.

Slow down let me love you: Sometimes I wonder why we can’t meet so many single people in this city. We don’t live in dreams all day, as others say. We just hope to find someone we can talk to, have dinner together after work, watch a movie, have someone to share when we are happy, and have someone to rely on when we are crying.

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Slow down let me love you: It’s not that we don’t need love, and it’s not that we are not good, but that we understand more and more what we want. We know that the right one is the best! So slowly let me love you, delicate food is not as good as bread, dressed up to be praised by others, it is better to wear a warm coat to be comfortable!

Meet you, is a beautiful spring

Slow down let me love you: [about cohabitation]

Before I saw an article saying that a girl had not lived together with her boyfriend for more than a year, and then her friend said that she was “so conservative in her old age.”“ Now there are so many men and women cohabiting, cohabiting is also to witness whether a person has the ability to live a good life with you. ” This girl insists on her principle, because she thinks that the degree of liking between the two people has not reached the point of cohabitation at all. She wants to take her time to have dating, running in, understanding and surprise. So slow down makes me love you. Slow down doesn’t matter. If this person is yours, he won’t run after all.

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Let me love you slowed down: Life or love, fast has fast rhythm, slow also has slow experience. I don’t know about love, but I know that the love I want is the love that ferments slowly in the light years! Two original families and people who have different experiences before, from acquaintance to love, if you can slow down, light, they should go a little further, and become a love that is not warm or hot in the years.

Slow down just let me love you: Light time, I am willing to wait slowly. I know that you may be crossing thousands of rivers and mountains, waiting for me in the pavilion in front, or laughing in a peach forest. I will slowly wait for the unexpected moment, meet you, will be a spring, incomparable beauty!

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