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Stupid Love: Is Your Love Silly Love Memes?

1. Silly love memes-both parties are in love to death, but they want to talk about breaking up

The real breakup requires only one reason, and that is not to love. But if one day, two people are arguing about breaking up because of a dispute, and even discussing to leave each other

It’s the best choice, but it hurts to death in my heart. This kind of decision to break up with caring love is really stupid!

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2. Silly love memes-knowing that each other has a face problem, when he says “good”, he really thinks “good”

If everyone can talk frankly about each other in life, it couldn’t be easier! But life is sometimes not so simple. If you can be a human being, you just know whether you dont understand the world and whether its

Observe words and colors. Many people say that when a woman replies, “It’s okay,” it means “something.” In fact, sometimes it’s not about gender, it’s only about the present. People who dont understand each other, give

The answer is always stupid.


3. Silly love memes-love is in the nearest place

Still asking: “Why don’t you love me?”. Sometimes, we can’t help but be suspicious. For a more sensitive person, as long as there is a trace of something wrong, it shows signs of being abandoned. But many times, love is around and always there. Maybe different people show love in different ways. If the love in your heart grows like this, and you misunderstand that the kind of love the other person gives is not love, then shout in a high voice: “Do you still love me or not?” Is this also a bit stupid? What?


4. Silly love memes-two people’s affairs, but allow others to mess around

Yes, as the saying goes: “The authorities are obsessed, and the bystanders are clear.” But how do you believe that this bystander is for your good? Or do you just use your brain to think and only see what you see? How can you be sure how others see you? When others say, “You don’t seem to get along well/you don’t seem to be happy/you don’t seem to match…” Therefore, you believe the others and start a dispute between the two. Eh? My own happiness was originally good, but how could it be ruined only by the words of others?

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5. Silly love memes-For the sake of face, just wait for the other person to speak, and the relationship ends because of waiting for each other

I did something wrong, whether its a misunderstanding or really carelessness. We often find other reasons for this mistake. Everything is because of the other party. Thats why I am like this. And we

I’m always not convinced: “Why do I have to apologize first every time?” So, both sides are waiting, waiting for an apology from the other side, wait and wait, I didn’t expect a month to pass.

I didn’t expect the feelings to pass away like this. In fact, when two people get along together, there are only two words: each other, if we both care about being the first to speak, and not

Willing to take the first step, then the passing of feelings is nothing strange.


6. Silly love memes-want to be the center of the universe for the other half

This kind of self-centered person is Silly love memes. When you are in a relationship, you will want your partner to be centered on you, and everything will only revolve around you, otherwise you will feel that the other party does not cherish this relationship or does not value your feelings.

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In fact, just taking care of your own mentality can be said to be against the basic conditions for a relationship to succeed. It is Silly love memes: care and respect, have you considered the other party’s interests, preferences and needs? Don’t forget that a relationship requires two people to operate together. Give each other a little more space and a little more “self” in order to become a more true companion to each other when we are together.


7. Silly love memes-easy to knock over the vinegar jar

There is no woman in the world who can’t be jealous. The only difference is whether she can hide her jealousy. Women are inherently more sensitive to the people and things around them. Especially when they are in love, they are easy to catch things and make comparisons between themselves and others. Once you feel that your position in the opponent’s heart may be shaken, jealousy arises spontaneously, and this emotion is not only useless to others, but also sad to yourself.


1. Silly love memes-In any weird or embarrassing social situation, as long as he is there, even just an exchange of eyes can make you feel at ease.

2.Silly love memes-He can make you laugh all the time, even if he doesn’t say anything, just looks at you quietly.

3. Silly love memes-He has an incredible talent, that is to annoy you, but not really make you angry.

4. Silly love memes-He takes care of your daily life, like washing your clothes and buying sanitary napkins. You will not feel surprised at all, and you will even feel loved.

5. Silly love memes-You can share with him any thoughts that he thinks is strange, absurd or impulsive, but he will never think you are weird, only funny.

6. Silly love memes-You will never feel tired by their side, but feel that you are fully charged, even if the two stay in the same room and do their own things without talking.

7. Silly love memes-When you need a separate space, he has no problem, and there is no need to worry about hurting each other’s relationship.

8. Silly love memes-He is very good at making himself happy by teasing you, but he won’t make you feel like laughing or playing with you.

9. Silly love memes-You may think that playing with other people is not as fun as sharing life trivia with them. You think everything they do is fascinating.

10 Silly love memes-. He is your most loyal partner. Whether you are venting emotions, complaining, or cheering, you need their real advice, or even getting drunk in the middle of the night, they are your most cooperative accomplices.

11.Silly love memes-They may not have unique names, such as sweetheart or baby, he may also think of a ridiculous nickname for himself or for you, and what they think of is always so stupid that you want to laugh.


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