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5 Signs Your Man Is Texting Another Woman

At the beginning of love, you two are sweet. You want to stick together 24 hours a day. You don’t want to chat with each other and share your life all the time. Until you find some signs your man is texting another woman.

Because the longer the time, maybe this strong feeling will slowly fade. How can it slowly start to give birth to other thoughts and other ambiguous girls. You know, many emotional crises begin with some very small changes.

When these signs just appear, you can stop them in time, which is more effective than waiting until they are lost. When you find these five signs your man is texting another woman, most of them are having an affair with others, you should be careful.


How to know if he is texting another girl

First, when he gets home, his mobile phone is muted. He never answers calls and returns messages in front of you
Generally, when it is inconvenient to turn on the mobile phone at work or at other times, we may mute the mobile phone, but once we get home, there are no restrictions, we can turn on the sound or put it to the maximum. If you go home and your mobile phone is muted, it’s probably something you don’t want to know.

We don’t have to avoid our girlfriend when we answer the phone. We answered the phone and didn’t say anything shameful. If we say that his text messages never answered in front of you, you must pay attention. Maybe your man is texting another woman.

The reply speed of instant message is very important. Although it doesn’t need to reply in seconds, it should reply in time.

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Second, when he goes shopping with you, he will hold his mobile phone in his hand and take it out for a glance from time to time
Generally, when two people go shopping for dinner and date, they want to talk and exchange feelings with each other while holding hands. If he still holds his mobile phone in his hand at this time and takes a glance from time to time, it can only prove that although he is by your side, his heart is not here at all.

There are more important people in his mobile phone than you. Maybe your man is texting another woman, so he pays so much attention to his mobile phone all the time and doesn’t want to take it out secretly all the time.


Third, he can’t help smiling when he looks at his mobile phone.

If your man can’t help smiling when looking at his mobile phone, it may be that he sees something interesting, but if you come up and ask him what he is looking at or who he is chatting with, he subconsciously hides his mobile phone and is angry with you, there must be a problem.

If there is no special person, so that he doesn’t need to hide his cell phone and get angry with you, what can he be angry about? It’s likely that he is texting another woman.


Fourth, his response to your message becomes very slow

If he has nothing to do, but the speed of replying to your message becomes very slow, it is mostly to prove that he is texting another woman, so there is no time to reply to your message immediately.


Fifth, in fact, you don’t know his unlock password at all, but he is still very sensitive to his mobile phone. He reacts strongly when you touch his mobile phone
You clearly don’t know what his mobile phone password is, but once you are curious about her mobile phone and accidentally encounter it, you may have a fierce reaction. He is particularly sensitive to his mobile phone. Anyway, he doesn’t leave his body, and you can’t get close to it at all.

These are 5 signs your man is texting another woman. You have to know.

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