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3 Signs You Are Being Played By a Woman

What are the signs you re being played by a woman?

In reality, more and more people are dolls with masks. They like to cover up some of their own things and then give others a particularly good impression. We are used to call this practice “hypocrisy”. Each of us hopes that our love can go forever if it appears, but we have to experience a lot of ups and downs in love. What we pursue forever is actually very difficult to achieve.

There is no lack of such women in love. No matter it is a kind of self-protection or naked deception, no man is willing to pay for it. We should stay away from these women who have a “playful” attitude towards their feelings. This article will show you the signs you re being played by a woman.

Signs you re being played by a woman

1. Signs you re being played by a woman: ambiguous with you, but not just with you

Scum woman’s typical performance is that she likes you very much. It’s common to chat with you late into the night and say good night to each other. She even shows that she cares about you in front of your friends. But once you say it, she just says something like “always treat you as a friend” perfunctorily, but she doesn’t explicitly refuse, Because slag women feel that the more others pursue, the better. They enjoy being held in the palm of everyone’s hand, but you are “infatuated” and never realize that you are always a second choice.

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2. The sign that you are fooled by a woman: when you give her a gift, she always shows that she cares about it, but in a twinkling, she leaves it aside

Whenever you give her a gift, she will always accept it willingly, showing a look of liking and caring. The feeling is that she will treasure it well, but I don’t know where the previous gift has been lost by her. You know, you are not the only one who gives her a gift. She has been used to this so-called “surprise”. Will she cherish it once?

3. The sign that you are fooled by a woman: never introduce or mention her family or friends to you

This kind of attitude towards feelings is like a man who doesn’t bring his girlfriend to his parents. A girl who is not serious about you will not introduce you to her friends. If she is serious about you, he would like the whole world to know that you are her boyfriend and introduce you to all the people she knows, as well as her relatives and friends, his circle of friends and your photos in the space. He would like to be together all the time, but a girl who doesn’t love, She doesn’t want to have everything about you in her life. If she doesn’t want others to know that you are together, she will hide it. It seems that she doesn’t want others to see it, or she is afraid of shame, maybe she is giving others opportunities.

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