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3 Signs: The Fighting Temptations He Still Loves Me

How do I know after the fighting temptations he still loves me?

In the relationship, men and women quarrel is a very common thing, no matter how strong your feelings, quarrel is also difficult to avoid. Quarrel is not a bad thing, sometimes it is a way of communication, some couples through this quarrel will be more understanding of each other’s ideas, but rather enhance the feelings between each other. Some will also hurt each other, after the quarrel, those who really love you man, what kind of performance will have?




1. Never in front of outsiders to say that you are not

The fighting temptations he still loves me: A man who loves you is not willing to let others feel that you are a very unintelligent person, the quarrel between you is your business, he is more willing to solve with you in private, so that will not hurt each other’s feelings. When the conflict between a couple needs to rely on outsiders to reconcile the words, it means that the concentration of this relationship is still not enough. A man in front of outsiders has been saying that you are not right, you must not be from the heart of real love, love someone should be regardless of their gains and losses, more concerned about the mood of that person.


2. Never really ignore you

The fighting temptations he still loves me: Some couples quarrel is the kind of cold war for a month or two without speaking, but for a man who has not thought about giving up on you, it is impossible to really ignore you. Because you are their soft spot, as long as you have any wind, men will be nervous to death, where will be angry with you? No emotion is better than your well-being. He can do not talk to you, but will silently help you wash dishes, drying clothes, he can not have eye contact with you, but will silently look at your sleeping face when you fall asleep.


3. Never talk about old things

The fighting temptations he still loves me: Some men are very calculating to their women, this time after quarreling with you, can be in the next quarrel in the time to turn out to continue to quarrel. This kind of day is very tasteless, because the conflict will be like the greenhouse effect under the sea level, there is no decrease. The real heartache of your man will not be so to fall in love with you, he will not always turn the past things to quarrel again, which will only let each other’s feelings quickly be consumed. The past things he will not count, this is a reasonable move of a man who loves you!

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Do not love your man’s performance

1. Quarrel after the man’s expression indifferent

The fighting temptations he still loves me: When your man changed his mind, his first characteristic is definitely indifference. Indifferent to you, indifferent to your friends, indifferent to everything around you.

Even if you work late, he will not call to say hello, not to mention the luxury of him to your company downstairs to pick you up. In short, when you hope he can care about you, you will suddenly find that he disappeared.


2. Quarrel after the man performance busy

The fighting temptations he still loves me: You have not found, suddenly from a certain day, your man began to be unusually busy. It is not today need to work overtime, or tomorrow need to socialize, even the day after tomorrow is also filled with meetings and study.

You find that the time that once belonged to you was erased from the calendar by his busy, he is not really busy does not matter, the important thing is that he will no longer be busy around you.


3. After a quarrel man performance silence

The fighting temptations he still loves me: Some men are naturally not good at hiding, when his heart no longer belongs to you, any words between you become superfluous to him.

Especially your nagging, but also let him feel annoyed, so he began to silence.

Don’t doubt it, when he starts to be impatient with your nagging, when he starts to be silent to you, his heart is no longer with you.


4. After a fight men start to forget

The fighting temptations he still loves me: When a man is in love with you, his memory will be excellent, he will remember every little anniversary between you.

However, when your man changed his heart, his memory will slowly decline. Those numbers that were once remembered in his life, from then on slowly began to dissipate.

Even if he remembers some important days, he would rather choose to forget.


5. Quarrel after the man performance selfish

The fighting temptations he still loves me: Love is great, love is able to embrace everything, so when there is love between two people, there is all the possibility of happiness.

Only, when love disappears, when your man no longer loves you, all tolerance and forgiveness will disappear without a trace.

He will forget about your rights for his own benefit, and he will try hard to do everything just to satisfy his own selfish desires.


6. After a quarrel the man shows drowsiness

The fighting temptations he still loves me: You used to be very distressed with him because he always had so little time to rest; but now you begin to wonder why he only likes to sleep when he comes home?

When you are still busy with housework, he is already lying in bed; when you want to chat with him, he tells you he wants to sleep. For him after the change of heart, home is just a place to sleep.


7. Quarrel after the man but play with the phone

The fighting temptations he still loves me: The man does not love you time, he must have new feelings, now the network is very developed, he wants to communicate with people, must be through the cell phone.

After coming home, not to communicate with you, holding a cell phone to communicate with others, but also secretly giggling, must be a new situation, to pay attention.

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