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Psychologist: 16 Signs Of Obsessive Love You Need To Know


1. Signs of obsessive love-can’t help but stare

This Signs of obsessive love is mainly manifested in that you cannot look away from the other person, which is the most typical signal that love is coming. Psychologist Marc Hekster said, how could you ever want to look away from the best people in the world? Hexter explained that when you look at the person you like, you are not just looking at the appearance, you may also be constructing a beautiful picture of two people together, imagining the life of interacting with each other.

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2. Signs of obsessive love-try the other partys favorite activity

Love psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree said that if you enjoy your time with others, the reward system of your brain will make you want to get along with each other as long as possible, “you will start to yearn for their existence.”


This Signs of obsessive love is mainly manifested in that you will want to approach him in various ways and contact each other’s interests to increase the common ground between the two. “For example, you hate dancing Sao Sha, but you still sign up for Sao Sha, even if the other person is not in class, because then you feel closer to him, and you have more words to talk to him, and you may also attract the other person to get closer to you. ,” Luo Anqi said.


3. Signs of obsessive love-Do you mind if he has bad habits

When you are in love, even if the other person’s behavior is unhygienic, you don’t mind at all, you won’t even notice. Hexter explained: Just like parents who love their children, they don’t care how dirty the children are or cause them to suffer from sleep deprivation. They still love them wholeheartedly. This is a more obvious signs of being obsessed with someone.


4. Signs of obsessive love-When together, time flies very fast

Psychologist Daria Kuss said that when you are with someone you like, you will feel that time passes very quickly, just like when we do things that we like, we feel that time is always insufficient. If your date feels the same way, then this is a sign she is obsessed with you.


5. Signs of obsessive love-he is always right

Hexter said that the beauty in the eyes of a lover will also make us idealize the other party, thinking that the other party can’t make mistakes, resulting in double standards, and wearing blue and white tows is too glamorous. Hexter said: “When you are in love, what you see is an indisputable beauty that idealizes the other person.”

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6. Signs of obsessive love-you are extremely optimistic

Luo Anqi said that when you are in love, everything in your life is so good that you may become more energetic for no reason. This is caused by dopamine. The positive energy that love brings can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and make you feel better about life.


7. Signs of obsessive love-you will want to touch and kiss them

Why you want to kiss or touch the person you like has a lot to do with the love hormone oxytocin. Kus explained that oxytocin will make you happy and strengthen your positive connection with each other.


8. Signs of obsessive love-you always think of him

Hexter believes that obsessive relationship signs means that part of falling in love is to put your feelings at the mercy of another person and let them dominate your thinking. This is partly related to the oxytocin that the brain releases during intimate relationships. It affects emotions, cognition, and social connections, all of which make you feel closer to each other.

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9. Signs of obsessive love-you want him to be happy

Hexter said that being in love makes some people more altruistic than usual, which symbolizes a more mature love. He explained that this symbolizes a kind of lasting and deep love. Not only do you want to be happy, you also want the other person to be equally happy. This is a very obvious Signs of obsessive love.


10. Signs of obsessive love-The person you love is always by your side.

No matter what he is doing, no matter where he is, he is always with you invisibly. You met him in a huge crowd, and you passed him many times in different places. You have heard about him from an acquaintance, and his face will always make you shocked. Perhaps this is exactly what fate pushed him to you deliberately. This is mostly love. This is a signs your obsessed with someone.


11. Signs of obsessive love-When he is not around, you will feel that something is missing, and you don’t want to be separated from him when he is by your side. You will forget everything when you are with him. You will forget all your friends, your free time will be occupied by him. All holidays will be arranged and planned to spend with him. You will dream of him at night. This is a signs a guy is obsessed with you.


13. Signs of obsessive love-You usually like heavy metal music or rock, but now you start to listen to love songs.

Remember, music reflects the state of the mind. He is like a stubborn thought, the magic of temptation, like a thought or a virus. You always think of him and talk to him silently in your heart. He is so handsome and clear in your heart. He always appears in your dreams.


14. Signs of obsessive love-He is perfect in your heart.

No one knows that he is the best man in the world. He combines wisdom, handsomeness, charisma, kindness and sexiness. There is no way you can not fall in love with such a person.


15. If one person is willing to change for another person, then it must be love.

There are not many things that can make us change ourselves, and there are even fewer people who make us willing to change ourselves. If you change yourself, then you are in love. If you have changed a lot, then you will fall in love.


16. If you start to solicit the opinions of friends, or find ways to get a man’s heart online.

If you start telling your friends how you feel about him, you will even talk about him with passers-by if you want to keep him in your life. Then this is love.

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