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4 Signs My Bosses Pretend Lover

My bosses pretend lover:

“A person can pretend to be happy, but the voice can not pretend, listen carefully to know.”

Similarly, a man actually loves you, is not pretending to love you, without checking the constellation pairing, without counting rose petals, and without all kinds of verbal probing, just through some of this behavior, you can see the signs.


My bosses pretend lover:

“I never seem to have been for what must be how how, never so passionate, even to write you a love letter, but also to write with pressure on the wrist. I mean, words can’t be too full, and people can’t live too full. Sure, you’re fine. It’s nice that you’re so straightforward, and I like that about you, but I can’t, so I’ll just be your retreat.”

It’s like that.


Really like someone, will think of becoming her “retreat”, and no regrets.

But this kind of love is based on willingness.

And if there is a person, without your knowledge, you will be his “retreat”.

There is no doubt that this is not love.

The “retreat” of the relationship is, in other words, the “alternative” of the relationship.

My bosses pretend lover: Have you seen the TV show “I May Not Love You”?

The lead actor, Lee Daren, and the lead actress, Cheng Yau Ching, did not like each other in high school, but because of various misadventures, the two have been together, so they became good friends who talked about everything.

Li Daren once said to Cheng Youqing, “I may not love you.”

Another interpretation of this statement is: I have long been in love with you.

Yes, Li Daren loved Cheng and Qing.

He knew it, but Cheng and Qing did not.

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My bosses pretend lover book: If this were just a story of two people, there would be many people, who would be deeply moved by it. Unfortunately, this story also has an extremely innocent “third party”.

When Cheng Youqing was thirty years old, the two had a bet on who would get married first before the age of thirty-five, and to their surprise, not long after the bet was made, Li Daren fell in love.

My bosses pretend lover book: The object of love is called Maggie, is a very sweet and well-behaved, but also very much in love with Daren Lee girl.

But her appearance did not dilute Li Daren’s liking for Cheng and Qing, and even after already having each other, Li Daren still got very close to Cheng and Qing.

The time has passed, Li Daren and Cheng Youqing, deeply hurt Maggie.

It was then that she finally realized that she had no “name” in this three-person movie.

So she said to Cheng and Qing.


My bosses pretend lover:

“I hate people like you, who obviously have ghosts in their hearts, but use the title of ‘good friends’, thinking that you can go up the ladder and let us be your ‘pads’ to prove how suitable, tacit understanding and special you are for each other. special, and then what, if we are jealous, we are jealous, that is we are not tolerant enough, we are careful, we are shallow, we do not know how to respect your ‘noble friendship’.”


Once, she was Daren Li’s second best.

Later, Li Daren did not even want such a “second choice”.

After all, the man who takes you as a “retreat”, how much can he love you?


My bosses pretend lover book: Men love you or not, there is no you in the heart, can be seen, because the difference between love and non-love is great! Really love you man, will give you company, give you a sense of security, give you the happiness you want, and pretend to love you man is not going to give you these things.


1. Say a lot of love words to you

My bosses pretend lover: A man who really loves you, will not say a lot of love to you, will not use sweet words to fool you, he will do a lot of things for you, he will use action to prove that he loves you! And the man who pretends to love you, will not do a thing for you, he will only say a lot of love words to you! You silly smile, think he is the right person, but in fact, he is just fooling you, he did not give you a little sincere!


2. Across the screen to coax you to laugh

My bosses pretend lover: The man who loves you, will spend time and energy on your body, every day after work, he will immediately go home, will not stay outside, and will not waste time on others! And do not love you man, is rarely spend time with you, he does not want to leave time for you, and you do not want to get tired together, he will only talk to you for a while, only across the screen to coax you to laugh! The man who does not want to accompany you, does not want to be with you, is not truly love you!


3. Give you the feeling of uneasiness

My bosses pretend lover: If a man loves you, then he will always be behind you to protect you, will not let you suffer any harm, will not let you suffer any aggression, will give you a very reassuring feeling, will not let you have a little uneasy, not to let you feel the same without him! But if the man just home pretending to love you, then he will not protect you, he will only give you a feeling of unease, will only make you spend every day unhappy!


4. Constantly arguing every day

My bosses pretend lover: If a man is deeply in love with you, then he will let you, spoil you, spoil you, no matter what you do, are right, no matter what you say, are right, he never because what you do and you argue, nor because you make mistakes and criticize you! But if a man is pretending to love you, then every day with him, will be constantly arguing, he will not spoil you, will not care about your feelings, and you together, just playing!

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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